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Tyler Perry's House of Payne Season 7 Episodes

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 0 - A Wise Man's Opinion

Malik unexpectedly returns home from college to tell his family life-changing news, but before he spills his secret, he turns to Calvin for advice.


Episode 1 - Delicious

Curtis and Ella react to Malik's surprising confession, and Malik's girlfriend Lisa makes quite an impression on his aunt and uncle.


Episode 2 - By Your Side

Malik's parents try to keep calm after finding out about Lisa's pregnancy, but Curtis and Ella are eager to gloat about the situation.


Episode 3 - The Old People Game

After Janine lets slip about a baby on the way, Jazmine tries to coax the whole story out of Ella.


Episode 4 - Women of Today

Jazmine confides in Ella that she's feeling pressured to have sex, and Ella gives her a lesson in love, relationships and self-respect.


Episode 5 - Mixed Emotions

Calvin and Miranda's long, dragged-out divorce leads Malik to declare that he'll never get married, and Miranda confides in Janine about her own frustrations with the court proceedings.


Episode 6 - Love and Hate

Curtis gets upset at Ella for counselling Miranda about her divorce, and Miranda tries to engineer an accidental run-in with Calvin.


Episode 7 - From Heart to Heart

Calvin confronts his mom about taking to Miranda, and C.J. reveals that he's upset about how Lisa has taken over the house.


Episode 8 - Someone

Miranda turns to Ella for advice, and Calvin introduces his new girlfriend Laura to his parents.


Episode 9 - Something's Rotten

Miranda has an uncomfortable encounter with Laura, and C.J. urges Calvin to have a much-needed conversation with Ella.


Episode 10 - Hard Lessons

A fight over breakfast leaves Ella feeling unappreciated, the house becomes a mess when Curtis is left to fend for himself, and Miranda confesses her feelings for Calvin.


Episode 11 - Lucky Cards

Curtis looks for his lucky playing cards in anticipation of a game with the guys, and Ella's relationship advice creates an awkward confrontation.


Episode 12 - Moving On

Ella accuses Miranda of trying to make Calvin jealous by going on a date with a professional football player, and Curtis hopes to use the athlete to get free tickets to games.


Episode 13 - Been a Long Time

Curtis enlists C.J. and Calvin to help plan a surprise birthday party for Ella, and Janine discovers a vape pen and weed mints in Jazmine's pockets.


Episode 14 - J. Boogie

Jazmine's insolent new boyfriend causes C.J. to lose his cool, and when Curtis is left alone with a vape pen, he decides to see what all the fuss is about.


Episode 15 - The Dinosaur and the Rabbit

After trying Jazmine's vape pen, Curtis gets extremely high, and Ella is confused by his odd behavior.


Episode 16 - Dark Thirty

Curtis and Ella continue to deal with their accidental highs, and C.J. confronts the dealer who gave the vape pen and weed mints to Jazmine in the first place.


Episode 17 - Out of Character

As Curtis and Ella's high lingers, Floyd, C.J. and Kaleb look for the vape pen and weed mints they used, and the next morning, Curtis and Ella make a promise to one another.


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