Rescue Me Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Guts

New York City firefighter Tommy Gavin wrestles with his own personal demons and haunting memories of a cousin who died at the World Trade Center.


Episode 2 - Gay

A retired fireman's coming out as gay rocks the NYFD.


Episode 3 - Kansas

As Jerry faces some harsh discipline, Tommy discovers that harassing Janet's boyfriend comes with a price.


Episode 4 - DNA

As Franco is accused of fathering an ex-girlfriend's child, Tommy gets some devastating news at the site of a car accident.


Episode 5 - Orphans

As Franco considers being a single dad, Tommy has second thoughts about standing in Janet's way.


Episode 6 - Revenge

Tommy has Roger arrested in connection with his assault, while Franco kidnaps Keela from an abusive home.


Episode 7 - Butterfly

Tommy seeks a therapist's advice on what to do about Janet.


Episode 8 - Inches

During a contest to crown the best-endowed fireman, Tommy becomes the object of a 9/11 widow's fantasies.


Episode 9 - Alarm

As he learns that a woman is being assigned to the firehouse, Tommy looks to avenge Billy Warren's death.


Episode 10 - Immortal

As he tries keeping his affair with Sheila a secret from Jimmy's ghost, Tommy struggles to meet his financial obligations to Janet.


Episode 11 - Mom

The death of his mother forces Tommy to take responsibility for his increasingly unstable dad.


Episode 12 - Leaving

As another plea for money reveals that Janet has been lying to Tommy, Sean tries to make amends with Laura.


Episode 13 - Sanctuary

As Tommy prepares for a hockey game against the police, suspicions at work about him and Sheila are confirmed; Sean looks for a way to dump a bad kisser, while Jerry learns the truth about his wife's ill health.


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