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Rescue Me Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Devil

Tommy struggles with his impending divorce, drinking and smoking, caring for his dad, and his uncle's legal troubles.


Episode 2 - Discovery

As his dad's birthday approaches, Tommy struggles to keep his life from spinning out of control as both Sean and Johnny do their best to keep him from learning some troubling secrets.


Episode 3 - Torture

Still seething over the discovery that Janet is seeing his brother, Johnny, Tommy finds that getting high school teacher Nell Turbody to end her affair with his nephew comes with a price.


Episode 4 - Sparks

Sean reveals his relationship with his sister to Tommy, only to discover that he already knew; Sheila presses Tommy to use a sperm bank to ensure the survival of the Gavin family's legacy.


Episode 5 - Chlamydia

Tommy tries to enlist his former sister-in-law in a scheme to take revenge on Johnny and Janet, while Franco panics after discovering that his new girlfriend has kidnapped his daughter.


Episode 6 - Zombies

Tommy conspires with Johnny's ex-wife to make his brother and Janet jealous, while an accidental overdose of a powerful sleeping pill sends Sean on a sleepwalking rampage.


Episode 7 - Satisfaction

Tommy fights his survivor's guilt depression as Sheila sets out to get revenge for his affair with Angie.


Episode 8 - Karate

As Sean proposes to Maggie and Lou tries yoga to get his life back on track, Tommy struggles to keep things going with the three women in his life – Sheila, Angie, and Janet.


Episode 9 - Pieces

Tommy's concerns about his own safety grow as he discovers that the firefighters of 62 Truck are preparing to move on.


Episode 10 - Retards

Sheila gives Tommy a Cadillac to encourage him to consider her marriage proposal, while Franco's effort to make a good impression on Natalie backfires and Mike's transfer is upended by his gay affair.


Episode 11 - Twilight

As caring for his aging father creates even more pressure for Tommy, Lou admits to dating a nun while Jerry looks for something to help his performance in bed.


Episode 12 - Hell

With Johnny's murder coming on the heels of Jerry's near-fatal stroke, the wheels of change are set into motion for Tommy, his family, and his friends.


Episode 13 - Beached

Following Johnny's funeral, Tommy wrestles with how he's going to care for his family and deliver on his promise to retire and live with Sheila.


Episode 14 - Heroes

The night before receiving a commendation for bravery from the mayor, Tommy, Franco, Lou, Sean and Mike are anything but brave when they are stalked by a strange animal in the firehouse.


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