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Episode 1 - Babyface

Tommy (Denis Leary) comes under suspicion when he can't piece together the events that led to the beach house fire that nearly killed him. The entire crew finds themselves trapped during an unusual rescue. Janet (Andrea Roth) begins to worry that her newborn son prefers Tommy to her. Sean (Steven Pasquale) agrees to take part in Maggie's (Tatum O'Neal) private hobby.


Episode 2 - Tuesday

After finally getting the full story about how the beach house fire started, Tommy (Denis Leary) is embarrassed to come clean to the investigators. Teddy (Lenny Clark) is released from prison and makes an unfortunate discovery about his wife. Mike (Michael Lombardi) considers an unthinkable request from his mother. Tommy and Janet (Andrea Roth) learn just how out of touch they are with their daughter Colleen (Natalie Distler).


Episode 3 - Commitment

The crew helps Tommy (Denis Leary) devise a plan to win back Colleen's (Natalie Distler) affection. Mike (Michael Lombardi) convinces Tommy to spend time together outside the firehouse. Jerry (Jack McGee) faces bad news about his future while planning his role in his gay son's commitment ceremony.


Episode 4 - Pussified

Emotions flare up when the crew learns of Jerry's (Jack McGee) tragic decision. Tommy's (Denis Leary) manhood is called into question after some embarrassing romantic encounters. Lou (John Scurti) resorts to blackmail as he tries to recruit a new probie for the house's basketball team.


Episode 5 - Black

After the death of Chief Reilly, the crew of 62 Truck gets a new chief. Tommy (Denis Leary) suffers embarrassment during a hockey game against the NYPD. Franco (Daniel Sunjata) works up the nerve to propose to Natalie, while Sean (Steve Pasquale) tries to talk Maggie (Tatum O'Neal) out of a divorce. As Janet's (Andrea Roth)( depression deepens, Sheila (Callie Thorne) makes a surprising proposition.


Episode 6 - Balance

Tommy (Denis Leary) and Janet (Andrea Roth) cope with revelations about the baby. Garrity (Steve Pasquale) finds out a secret about Mike (Michael Lombardi). New probie Black Shawn (Larenz Tate) holds the guys to their agreement. Cousin Mike (Artie Lange) pays a visit to Lou.


Episode 7 - Seven

A devastating fire has a profound effect on the members of 62 Truck. Tommy (Denis Leary) wrestles with his feelings about the baby. Alicia (Susan Sarandon) returns with a propositions for Franco (Daniel Sunjata). Lou (John Scurti) makes a tough decision about Theresa.


Episode 8 - Solo

Janet (Andrea Roth) plans for revenge when she learns Tommy (Denis Leary) gave her baby to Sheila (Callie Thorne). Franco (Daniel Sunjata) questions his marriage proposal to Natalie (Sherri Saum) in light of Alicia (Susan Sarandon) and Keela's (Cailin Stollar) return. Tommy faces his ghosts.


Episode 9 - Animal

The Gavin family stages a duo intervention after several disturbing family calls. The mysterious girl from the restaurant (Gina Gershon) leaves Tommy (Denis Leary) wanting for much more. In order to get her baby back, Janet (Andrea Roth) must take matters into her own hands. A depressed Mike (Michael Lombardi) calls Tommy in a moment of despair. Written by Evan Reilly. Directed by Ken Girotti.


Episode 10 - High

The Gavin family AA group's first meeting doesn't go exactly as planned. Tommy (Denis Leary) bribes Colleen (Natalie Distler) for information on Janet (Andrea Roth). Franco (Daniel Sunjata) learns the truth about Natalie (Sherri Saum) from Richie (Cornell Womack) while Lou (John Scurti) contemplates revenge on Cousin Mike (Artie Lange). Written by Peter Tolan & Denis Leary. Directed by John Fortenberry.


Episode 11 - Cycle

Tommy (Denis Leary) goes on another memorable date with Beth (Amy Sedaris) for the sake of the crew. Black Shawn (Larenz Tate) proves himself in an unexpected arena. Franco (Daniel Sunjata) realizes what he's really lost while Latrina shows she knows how to keep Lou (John Scurti) happy. Dad (Charles Durning) gives Tommy some insight into his childhood. Written by John Scurti. Directed by John Fortenberry.


Episode 12 - Keefe

Tommy (Denis Leary) plays hero in someone else's uniform which causes confusion in the firehouse. Colleen (Natalie Distler) suffers heartbreak and takes it out on Tommy. Natalie (Sherri Saum) asks Franco (Daniel Sunjata) for a favor. A rift between Mike (Michael Lombardi) and Black Shawn (Larenz Tate) nearly leads to blows. Tempers flare between Tommy and the Chief Feinstein (Jerry Adler) after Tommy makes a move on his daughter. Written by Denis Leary & Peter Tolan & Evan Reilly. Directed by Jace Alexander.


Episode 13 - Yaz

The spotting of Jimmy's "ghost" is the talk of the firehouse. Colleen (Natalie Distler) blames Tommy (Denis Leary) for her failed relationship, while Tommy figures out a way to fix his own. Franco (Daniel Sunjata) and Natalie (Sherri Saum) come to an understanding, while Lou (John Scurti), Mike (Artie Lange), and Latrina come to an understanding of their own. Tommy and his father (Charles Durning) take in a ballgame. Written by Peter Tolan & Denis Leary & Evan Reilly. Directed by Jace Alexander.


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