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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Voicemail

Exiled to a quiet Staten Island firehouse as a result of his responsibility for Franco's injuries, Tommy looks for a way to get back to 62 Truck.


Episode 2 - Harmony

Tommy joins a fireman's barbershop quartet as a way to track down Janet and the kids.


Episode 3 - Balls

Chief Perrolli agrees to take Tommy back, on the condition that all of 62 Truck's firefighters want him.


Episode 4 - Twat

As Laura files a formal complaint against Lou, Tommy returns to 62 Truck.


Episode 5 - Sensitivity

With Chief Perrolli looking to make sure Tommy stays clean, the Gavin brothers learn about their dad's secret family.


Episode 6 - Reunion

As Tommy learns the truth about Sheila's pregnancy, Sean discovers that the woman he's dating is a firebug.


Episode 7 - Shame

After stashing his kids with his father, Tommy looks for a place to live and a new drug supply.


Episode 8 - Believe

As a party forces Jerry to face his feelings about his gay son, Tommy's efforts to hide his children unravel.


Episode 9 - Rebirth

Stealing Janet's antidepressants transforms Tommy into a new man.


Episode 10 - Brains

Tommy and Mickey uncover proof that their half-brother is a child molester.


Episode 11 - Bitch

Tommy is enlisted to talk his nephew, Damien, out of becoming a firefighter.


Episode 12 - Happy

The prospect of their dad inheriting a fortune brings Tommy's estranged sister, Maggie, back home.


Episode 13 - Justice

As Janet holds him responsible for their son's death, Tommy hatches a deadly revenge scheme with his dad and Uncle Teddy.


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