SAS: UK Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - 1. Resilience

Twenty-one men and women, including an ex-Special Forces operator working as a mole, face an intense start to the newest SAS: Who Dares Wins course.


Episode 2 - 2. Fear

The seventeen remaining recruits are sent deeper into the wild and unforgiving terrain of the Isle of Raasay in Scotland. Do they have the mental and physical robustness required to pass?


Episode 3 - 3. Control

Fifteen recruits remain in this phase that focuses on ‘control’, beginning with the recruits being woken in the dead of the night and asked to perform the backwards dive into pitch-black waters.


Episode 4 - 4. Oppos

There is no place for conflict within a squadron in the special forces - so recruits are asked which of the others they trust the least and using this information are paired with their least favoured.


Episode 5 - 5. Leadership

Heading into the final phases the Directing Staff work the recruits to their absolute limits. Sleep deprived and with restricted rations, who will crack under the pressure?


Episode 6 - 6. Interrogation

Over the next 48 hours the remaining seven recruits go into the most psychologically demanding of all the phases: interrogation. Only the physically and mentally elite will have what it takes to pass


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