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Episode 1 - Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

Two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, witness their mother's paranormal death as children and grow up trained to fight by a distraught father who wants nothing more than to hunt down the thing that killed his wife. Sam escapes to college to start a new, normal life, but gets pulled back in after Dean shows up on his doorstep to tell him their father is missing. Following clues from their father's eerie phone message, the boys travel to a small town and encounter a violent and vengeful spirit called the "Woman in White."


Episode 1 - Pilot

Sam escapes to college to start a new, normal life, but gets pulled back in after Dean shows up on his doorstep to tell him their father is missing.


Episode 2 - Wendigo

Sam and Dean follow the coordinates left in their father's journal and land in the middle of the Colorado woods where they investigate the disappearance of several campers.


Episode 2 - Season 1, Episode 2: Wendigo

Sam and Dean follow the coordinates left in their father's journal and land in the middle of the Colorado woods where they investigate the disappearance of several campers. The two brothers soon learn that they are dealing with a Wendigo, a creature made famous in Native American legends. A Wendigo is a former human whose cannibalism has transformed him into a creature with superhuman strength and speed.


Episode 3 - Dead In the Water

In a small town in Wisconsin, Sam and Dean investigate a series of mysterious drownings officially explained as suicides.


Episode 3 - Season 1, Episode 3: Dead In the Water

In a small town in Wisconsin, Sam and Dean investigate a series of mysterious drownings officially explained as suicides. They discover that the spirit of an angry little boy with the power to travel through water is taking revenge on certain town inhabitants for a dark secret buried long ago. Dean forms a bond with another young boy who seems to have the power of premonition.


Episode 4 - Phantom Traveler

On TransNational flight 2485, a man possessed by the spirit of the Phantom Traveler causes the plane to crash, leaving only five survivors.


Episode 4 - Season 1, Episode 4: Phantom Traveler

On TransNational flight 2485, a man possessed by the spirit of the Phantom Traveler causes the plane to crash, leaving only five survivors. Sam and Dean must exorcise the angry spirit before it attacks the survivors. The brothers realize the only way to vanquish the Phantom Traveler is to battle it on another flight.


Episode 5 - Season 1, Episode 5: Bloody Mary

In suburban Nebraska, several partying high school teens jokingly dare their friend Charlie (MARNETTE PATTERSON) to look into a mirror and repeat "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary," not knowing that this will unleash a series of mysterious murders. Sam and Dean realize that Bloody Mary has the power to travel through all reflective surfaces when she is hunting a victim. Worried that teens are accidentally summoning Bloody Mary, Sam and Dean race to destroy the violent spirit before she can kill again.


Episode 5 - Bloody Mary

In suburban Nebraska, several partying high school teens jokingly dare their friend Charlie to look into a mirror and repeat "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary."


Episode 6 - Skin

Sam and Dean help Sam's old college buddy after he is accused of a murder he swears he didn't commit.


Episode 6 - Season 1, Episode 6: Skin

Sam and Dean help Sam's old college buddy after he is accused of a murder he swears he didn't commit. The brothers discover a shape-shifter is adopting the likenesses of others and murdering people. The brothers' race to stop the killing spree takes a terrifying turn when the shape-shifter morphs into the likeness of Dean.


Episode 7 - Season 1, Episode 7: Hook Man

In a small college town in Iowa, Sam and Dean encounter the infamous "Hook Man," a vengeful spirit who kills his victims with a shiny hook that serves as his hand. Sam and Dean learn that all the victims are connected to the daughter of a local minister. They race to find and destroy the Hook Man's bones before he comes after them.


Episode 7 - Hook Man

In a small college town in Iowa, Sam and Dean encounter the infamous "Hook Man," a vengeful spirit who kills his victims with a shiny hook that serves as his hand.


Episode 8 - Bugs

After a construction worker is killed by insects burrowing into his brain, Sam and Dean investigate a town's history and find that the new housing development is being built on sacred land.


Episode 8 - Season 1, Episode 8: Bugs

After a construction worker is killed by insects burrowing into his brain, Sam and Dean investigate a town's history and find that the new housing development is being built on sacred American Indian land. The Native Americans put a curse on the land after their reservation was ravaged and destroyed. Sam and Dean must find a way to survive and kill the deadly swarm of bees, locusts, spiders and beetles.


Episode 9 - Season 1, Episode 9: Home

Sam is haunted by a vision of a woman trapped in the brothers' childhood house and convinces a reluctant Dean that they need to go home. Upon arrival, they meet the woman in Sam's premonition, and she reveals that the house is haunted. The brothers discover that their father visited a psychic, Missouri Mosley (LORETTA DEVINE - "Waiting to Exhale," "Crash"), after their mother's death, and they seek insight from the same woman. Together, the three discover that a malevolent poltergeist has inhabited the house and set out to exorcise it but are blindsided when another unseen spirit steps in.


Episode 9 - Home

Sam is haunted by a vision of a woman trapped in the brothers' childhood house and convinces a reluctant Dean that they need to go home.


Episode 10 - Asylum

Sam and Dean investigate an abandoned sanitarium and discover that the patients had held a revolt against the cruel and unusual punishments inflicted by the head doctor.


Episode 10 - Season 1, Episode 10: Asylum

Sam and Dean investigate an abandoned sanitarium and discover that the patients had held a revolt against the cruel and unusual punishments inflicted by the head doctor. While the brothers search the premises for four lost college students, the tortured spirits cause Dean and Sam to go insane, turning the brothers against each other.


Episode 11 - Scarecrow

Sam and Dean finally make contact with their father, but he tells them to stop looking for him and sends them on another ghost-hunting job.


Episode 11 - Season 1, Episode 11: Scarecrow

Sam and Dean finally make contact with their father, but he tells them to stop looking for him and sends them on another ghost-hunting job. Frustrated with their father's evasiveness, Sam sets out alone to find him while Dean obeys his father and stays. Dean investigates a small town in Indiana where couples have gone missing the same day each year and discovers the farmers are sacrificing them to a pagan god who takes the form of a scarecrow. While en route to California, Sam meets Meg (recurring guest star NICKI AYCOX), a young backpacker, who unbeknownst to Sam is working for a demon.


Episode 12 - Faith

While battling a demon, Dean is electrocuted, resulting in permanent damage to his heart and leaving him with only a couple of months to live.


Episode 12 - Season 1, Episode 12: Faith

While battling a demon, Dean is electrocuted, resulting in permanent damage to his heart and leaving him with only a couple of months to live. A despondent Sam searches desperately for a way to save his brother and believes he may have found an answer through a preacher who claims to heal the incurable. However, Dean and Sam discover that the preacher is getting help from the Grim Reaper, who is trading one life for another he feels is less worthy.


Episode 13 - Season 1, Episode 13: Route 666

Dean is contacted by his first love, Cassie (recurring guest star MEGALYN ECHIKUNWOKE), an African-American girl who asks him to come to Mississippi to investigate a string of racially motivated murders. Each murder is linked to a mysterious truck that seems to have no driver and leave no tracks. Sam is stunned to see this new side of his brother as Dean struggles to come to grips with the residual feelings he has for Cassie.


Episode 13 - Route 666

Dean is contacted by his first love, Cassie, an African-American girl who asks him to come to Mississippi to investigate a string of racially motivated murders.


Episode 14 - Season 1, Episode 14: Nightmare

Sam has a premonition in which a man is killed, but the murder is made to look like a suicide. Sam convinces Dean that they must investigate the case, but the two are puzzled when they fail to find anything that indicates that the death was supernatural in nature--that is, until they find out that Max (BRENDAN FLETCHER), the reclusive son of the first victim, has been using his recently acquired power of telekinesis to kill the family members that once abused him. Sam also discovers that Max's mother was killed by the same fiery demon that took Sam and Dean's mom.


Episode 14 - Nightmare

Sam has a premonition in which a man is killed, but the murder is made to look like a suicide.


Episode 15 - The Benders

Sam and Dean head to Minnesota where a young boy witnesses a man vanishing into thin air.


Episode 15 - Season 1, Episode 15: The Benders

Sam and Dean head to Minnesota where a young boy witnesses a man vanishing into thin air. While searching for clues, Sam is abducted by what he assumes is a supernatural being, and Dean is left to search frantically for his brother. However, both are stunned when they realize the kidnappers are human and are using the captives as human prey for a twisted hunting expedition.


Episode 16 - Shadow

While investigating a mysterious death in Chicago, Sam and Dean run into Meg (recurring guest star Nicki Aycox), who is thrilled to see Sam again.


Episode 16 - Season 1, Episode 16: Shadow

While investigating a mysterious death in Chicago, Sam and Dean run into Meg (recurring guest star NICKI AYCOX), who is thrilled to see Sam again. But the brothers soon discover that Meg is responsible for several murders and attempt to catch her. Unfortunately, Meg remains one step ahead of them and unleashes shadow spirits to ambush the brothers. Sam and Dean ultimately realize the trap isn't for them but for their father, John (recurring guest star JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN).


Episode 17 - Season 1, Episode 17: Hell House

Sam and Dean investigate a house haunted by the ghost of a man who killed his six daughters during the 1930s. The brothers discover a web site dedicated to the legend and realize the town is unknowingly conjuring up the evil spirit through the site.


Episode 17 - Hell House

Sam and Dean investigate a house haunted by the ghost of a man who killed his six daughters during the 1930s.


Episode 18 - Season 1, Episode 18: Something Wicked

Sam and Dean investigate a small town in Wisconsin where children are falling into comas for no apparent reason. The brothers discover that a witch is creeping into the bedrooms of the children and stealing their "life force." While battling the witch, Dean recalls a past mistake that almost cost Sam his life at the hands of the very same witch, an event that has fueled Dean's protectiveness over Sam and his blind obedience to his father.


Episode 18 - Something Wicked

Sam and Dean investigate a small town in Wisconsin where children are falling into comas for no apparent reason.


Episode 19 - Season 1, Episode 19: Provenance

A young husband and wife are killed in their home shortly after buying an antique painting of a family portrait from around 1910. Upon reviewing the painting's history of ownership, Sam and Dean learn that everyone who has ever bought it has been murdered, and they race to discover how the portrait is causing the deaths before it can claim its next victim.


Episode 19 - Provenance

A young husband and wife are killed in their home shortly after buying an antique painting of a family portrait from around 1910.


Episode 20 - Season 1, Episode 20: Dead Man's Blood

After a vampire hunter who was John's (recurring guest star JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN) mentor is murdered, Sam and Dean are surprised when John himself shows up to solve the case. When John discovers that vampires have stolen an antique gun that has the power to kill all supernatural beings, the Winchester family sets out to retrieve the weapon so they can destroy the demon that took Sam and Dean's mother.


Episode 20 - Dead Man's Blood

After a vampire hunter who was John's (recurring guest star Jeffrey Dean Morgan) mentor is murdered, Sam and Dean are surprised when John himself shows up to solve the case.


Episode 21 - Salvation

After Sam has a vision of a family being attacked in the same manner as his mom was, the brothers and their father, John (recurring guest star Jeffrey Dean Morgan), head to Salvation, Iowa.


Episode 21 - Season 1, Episode 21: Salvation

After Sam has a vision of a family being attacked in the same manner as his mom was, the brothers and their father, John (recurring guest star JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN), head to Salvation, Iowa, to save the family Sam dreamed of and finally kill the demon using the antique gun they recently acquired. However, Meg (recurring guest star NICKI AYCOX) warns that she will start killing the Winchesters' friends unless they return the gun. John meets Meg to deliver a fake gun while the boys are left to deal with the demon.


Episode 22 - Devil's Trap

On a mission to save their father, John (recurring guest star Jeffrey Dean Morgan), from Meg (recurring guest star Nicki Aycox), Sam and Dean seek help from an old family friend, Bobby (Jim Beaver).


Episode 22 - Season 1, Episode 22: Devil's Trap

On a mission to save their father, John (recurring guest star JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN), from Meg (recurring guest star NICKI AYCOX), Sam and Dean seek help from an old family friend, Bobby (JIM BEAVER). When Meg shows up on Bobby's doorstep, the brothers lure her into a trap and exorcise the demon from her body after learning where John is being held prisoner. During the rescue attempt, a major battle ensues between the Winchesters and the demon they have been searching for all their lives.


Episode 23 - Season 2, Episode 1: In My Time of Dying

In the season premiere, Sam, Dean and John have been left for dead after the Demon plowed a truck into the Impala. Now, as one of the Winchesters hovers between life and death, the surviving family members must face an old and powerful adversary.


Episode 24 - Season 2, Episode 2: Everybody Loves a Clown

After listening to a message on John's, cell phone from a woman named, Sam and Dean decide to track her down. They are shocked to discover that Ellen runs a roadhouse that also serves as a gathering place for hunters like themselves. Meanwhile, at a small town carnival, a clown is persuading children to let him into their home so he can murder their parents.


Episode 25 - Season 2, Episode 3: Bloodlust

When Sam and Dean encounter Gordon, a fellow demon hunter who has been systematically killing vampires in a small town, Dean immediately bonds with the older man. However, after Sam meets with the lead vampire, Lenore, and discovers they are actually peaceful creatures who survive on cattle blood, he realizes that not all supernatural beings are evil and tries to convince Dean.


Episode 26 - Season 2, Episode 4: Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things

Dean and Sam investigate the murder of a college student who has come back from the dead seeking revenge on those who mistreated her while she was alive. When confronted, the ghost savagely attacks Sam, leaving him injured. While in town, the brothers visit their mother's grave to pass along something from their father.


Episode 27 - Season 2, Episode 5: Simon Said

Sam and Dean meet Andy, a slacker who has psychic powers of persuasion that he uses to gain favors from people. When Andy's friends start dying, the brothers think Andy may actually be using his powers to kill. Also, after learning that Andy's family was visited by the Demon 22 years ago, Sam wonders if Andy is part of the group of children the Demon told him about--and if that means Sam himself will eventually turn evil.


Episode 28 - Season 2, Episode 6: No Exit

Sam and Dean investigate the brutal slayings of blond women from the same apartment building and discover that the demon responsible is the ghost of the country's first serial murderer, H. H. Holmes. Meanwhile, roadhouse owner Ellen orders her daughter, Jo, not to follow the Winchesters on their hunt, but Jo defies her and ends up getting captured by the ghost and buried alive.


Episode 29 - Season 2, Episode 7: The Usual Suspects

Sam and Dean investigate the murders of a lawyer and his wife who, right before they died, claimed to have seen a ghost. Before the brothers are able to find the ghost, however, local detectives Ballard and Sheridan uncover the Winchesters' records and arrest them for a double homicide. When the ghost begins to visit Ballard, she wonders if Sam and Dean really are telling the truth--and if she might be the next to die.


Episode 30 - Season 2, Episode 8: Crossroad Blues

When two highly successful professionals die after claiming to be haunted by hellhounds, Sam and Dean investigate a local bar and discover that it sits upon a site where a deal-making demon has been making people's dreams come true in exchange for their souls. Dean summons the demon to exorcise it but is horrified after it reveals the painful truth about his father's death and tempts Dean by offering him the one thing he wants more than anything--his father.


Episode 31 - Season 2, Episode 9: Croatoan

When Sam has a vision of Dean killing a young man who seems to be possessed by a demon, the two brothers head to Oregon to search for answers. They come across a town contaminated by a deadly virus that drives people to kill. Sam becomes infected and prepares for his deadly fate, but after nothing happens to Sam, Dean decides to reveal what the boys' dying father whispered to him.


Episode 32 - Season 2, Episode 10: Hunted

After Dean (Jensen Ackles) tells Sam (Jared Padalecki) what their father told him before he died, a distraught Sam sneaks off to Indiana without Dean. While there, Sam runs into Eva (guest star Katherine Isabelle), a psychic who confesses to Sam she sought him out to warn him of his impending death. Dean discovers Gordon (guest star Sterling K. Brown) is after Sam and races to find his brother in time to save him.


Episode 33 - Season 2, Episode 11: Playthings

Sam and Dean investigate two strange deaths at a small Connecticut inn run by a single mom whose young daughter plays with an imaginary friend. The brothers find evidence of voodoo around the inn, and they soon realize that the little girl's imaginary friend may in fact be a demon who is killing the townspeople.


Episode 34 - Season 2, Episode 12: Night Shifter

Sam and Dean investigate a string of robberies with a disturbing pattern: In each incident, a trusted employee holds up a bank and then commits suicide. When autopsy reports show the employees' actual time of death as several days before the robberies, Sam and Dean realize that a shape-shifter they have encountered before has returned.


Episode 35 - Season 2, Episode 13: Houses of the Holy

Sam and Dean investigate the murders of several people by individuals who claim they were visited by an angel and were carrying out God's will. After the brothers learn that the victims actually were secretly guilty of crimes, Sam begins to believe the angel really does exist. But Dean maintains his stance that a demon is behind the slayings--until he sees something even he can't explain.


Episode 36 - Season 2, Episode 14: Born Under a Bad Sign

After receiving a frantic call from Sam, who has been missing for over a week, Dean races to his brother's side. He finds Sam covered in blood but unable to remember anything that happened. Upon further investigation, the brothers are horrified to discover a tape that shows Sam killing another hunter in cold blood, causing Sam to believe that his evil side is finally taking over.


Episode 37 - Season 2, Episode 15: Tall Tales

Sam and Dean call upon their family friend and fellow hunter Bobby (JIM BEAVER) for help after they are stumped by violent and inexplicable happenings on a local college campus. Bobby arrives with a suspicion as to the culprit behind the killing spree--and the brothers' escalating feud.


Episode 38 - Season 2, Episode 16: Road Kill

While driving down a deserted road, Sam and Dean are startled when a bloody woman, Molly (TRICIA HELFER - "Battlestar Galactica"), bolts in front of the Impala, screaming for help from the crazy farmer who is chasing her. After investigating, Sam and Dean discover that the man is actually an angry spirit that kills one person at the same time every year and has decided Molly will be his next victim.


Episode 39 - Season 2, Episode 17: Heart

While investigating the death of a lawyer who appeared to have been killed by a wild animal, Sam and Dean realize they are actually tracking a werewolf. When it seems as if the lawyer's secretary, Madison (EMMANUELLE VAUGIER), will be the werewolf's next victim, Sam--who is immediately attracted to Madison--offers to stay overnight to protect her. Dean heads out to hunt the animal and is stunned by what he finds.


Episode 40 - Season 2, Episode 18: Hollywood Babylon

Sam and Dean travel to Hollywood to investigate the death of an actor on a horror film set, after rumors spread that he was killed by a ghost. They discover the death was a publicity hoax, but when the executive producer and a studio executive really are killed, Sam and Dean realize that they are dealing with a haunted set. GARY COLE ("Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby") guest stars as Brad Redding, one of the stars of the horror film.


Episode 41 - Season 2, Episode 19: Folsom Prison Blues

After hearing about a ghost that has been killing off inmates one by one, Sam and Dean decide the best way to investigate is from the inside--so they allow themselves to be thrown into a state penitentiary.


Episode 42 - Season 2, Episode 20: What Is and What Should Never Be

While hunting a djinn, or genie, Dean is attacked and transported to an alternate world. There, his mother, Mary (recurring guest star SAMANTHA SMITH), is alive; Sam is in law school and engaged to Jessica (recurring guest star ADRIANNE PALICKI); and Dean lives a very normal life with his girlfriend, Carmen (MICHELLE BORTH). However, after he starts seeing a strange girl, Joy Nicholson (MELANIE NEIGE SCROFANO), and learns that all the people he has saved in the past have died, Dean must decide whether he wants to stay in this safe, new life where everyone he loves is alive--or if he wants to return to the hunt.


Episode 43 - Season 2, Episode 21: All Hell Breaks Loose Pt.1

Sam is abducted by the yellow-eyed demon and finds himself in a ghost town with children who have special abilities. They learn that the demon has brought them together to initiate his endgame: an all-out war against the human race. In an effort to encourage Sam to fight, the demon shows him what really happened to one of his parents. Dean enlists the help off fellow hunter Bobby (recurring guest star JIM BEAVER) to find Sam before the battle begins.


Episode 44 - Season 2, Episode 22: All Hell Breaks Loose Pt.2

While dealing with the aftermath of the fight between Sam and Jake (recurring guest star ALDIS HODGE), one of the powerful people from the ghost town, Dean pays a steep price for his involvement. The demon and his spirits threaten to overtake the hunters--until they receive help from an unexpected ally. Recurring guest star JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN appears as John Winchester.


Episode 45 - Season 3, Episode 1: The Magnificent Seven

In the third season premiere, bracing themselves for the possibility of an apocalyptic war, Sam and Dean realize they have an enormous task: hunting down the hundreds of demons that escaped from the Devil's Gate. Dean decides to live life to the fullest and exhibits a carefree attitude that troubles Sam, who is trying to find a loophole in the deal. Meanwhile, fellow demon hunter Bobby (recurring guest star JIM BEAVER) tells the brothers about a sighting in Nebraska that turns out to be seven demons that are manifestations of the seven deadly sins.


Episode 46 - Season 3, Episode 2: The Kids Are Alright

Dean pressures Sam into traveling to Cicero, Indiana, so Dean can visit an old flame named Lisa (CINDY SAMPSON), with whom he had a tryst nine years ago. Dean is stunned to meet not only Lisa but also her 8-year- old son, Ben (NICHOLAS ELIAS), who bears a striking resemblance to Dean. When Ben goes missing, Sam and Dean discover that a changeling -- a demonic parasite -- is snatching kids from the small town and taking on their form. Meanwhile, a woman named Ruby (recurring guest star KATIE CASSIDY) contacts Sam and reveals some startling information about his mother.


Episode 47 - Season 3, Episode 3: Bad Day At Black Rock

Sam and Dean answer a call on their father's old cell phone, alerting them that someone has broken into their dad's secret storage room in New York. They discover that a cursed rabbit's foot has been stolen and call Bobby (recurring guest star JIM BEAVER) for help. He advises them to beware of the foot, because anyone who touches it will receive an extreme amount of good luck -- but once it is lost, that person will die. Unfortunately, Sam has already handled the foot, which causes an overjoyed Dean to buy lottery tickets. But a thief, Bela (recurring guest star LAUREN COHAN), steals the foot from Sam, causing his luck to plummet and putting his life in danger.


Episode 48 - Season 3, Episode 4: Sin City

Sam and Dean investigate a rash of violent deaths in Elizabethville, Ohio, a once-sleepy town that has become a haven for gamblers and drinkers. Dean discovers that demons have infiltrated Elizabethville and are using powers of persuasion to make the townspeople succumb to their basest instincts. Meanwhile, Ruby (recurring guest star KATIE CASSIDY) helps Bobby (recurring guest star JIM BEAVER) rebuild the Colt from scratch, and stuns him with some news.


Episode 49 - Season 3, Episode 5: Bedtime Stories

Sam and Dean investigate a small town that has been plagued by a number of strange murders resembling fairytales like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Hansel and Gretel. Meanwhile, Sam summons the Crossroad Demon (SANDRA McCOY) and threatens to kill her with the newly rebuilt Colt unless she releases Dean from his deal.


Episode 50 - Season 3, Episode 6: Red Sky At Morning

Sam and Dean investigate the mysterious demise of drowning victims who were nowhere near water at the time of their death. The brothers learn that each of the victims saw a ghost ship shortly before they died. Upon investigation, Sam and Dean cross paths with Bela (recurring guest star LAUREN COHAN), who is being paid handsomely by one of the murder victim's family members to solve the case. The guys warn her to stay out of their way, but she has other plans.


Episode 51 - Season 3, Episode 7: Fresh Blood

Sam and Dean capture a female vampire named Lucy (MERCEDES McNAB - "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") who claims to have no knowledge of how she became a vampire. The guys discover that Dixon (MATTHEW HUMPHREYS), a male vampire, is feeding human blood to unsuspecting females in bars, telling them it is the “latest drug” and turning them all into vampires. Meanwhile, fellow demon hunter Gordon Walker (recurring guest star STERLING K. BROWN - "Army Wives") escapes from jail and goes after Sam -- and after being intercepted and turned into a vampire by Dixon, Gordon's a much more formidable adversary."


Episode 52 - Season 3, Episode 8: A Very Supernatural Christmas

It's Christmas time and, as Sam and Dean investigate a series of murders where the victims have been pulled up through the chimney, Sam realizes they are dealing with a sort of anti-Santa, a demon with roots in pagan lore. Sam flashes back to a certain Christmas when he waited for his father to come home and give him a special gift. Meanwhile, Dean knows this is his last Christmas and wants to celebrate the old-fashioned way; Sam refuses, not wanting to accept that Dean won't be around next year.


Episode 53 - Season 3, Episode 9: Malleus Maleficarum

Sam and Dean travel to Sturbridge, Massachusetts, and discover a coven of witches that has killed two people. Ruby (recurring guest star KATIE CASSIDY) warns the brothers to stay away; the demon that controls the witches is very powerful, and Ruby fears the demon will try to kill them. Ignoring her plea, Sam and Dean go in after the coven and confront the head witch, who reveals Ruby's past.


Episode 54 - Season 3, Episode 10: Dream a Little Dream of Me

When Bobby (recurring guest star JIM BEAVER) falls into a coma and can't be awakened, Sam and Dean race to his side. While unconscious, Bobby battles his personal demons, and it is revealed why he became a hunter. Sam and Dean discover someone poisoned Bobby with a potion that will kill him if he doesn't wake soon. The brothers decide to take the potion themselves to enter Bobby's dream and try to save him, and come face to face with their own personal nightmares.


Episode 55 - Season 3, Episode 11: Mystery Spot

While Sam and Dean are investigating the disappearance of a man from a tourist location, Dean is shot and killed. Sam is devastated; but, when he wakes up the next morning, he is stunned to find Dean alive and well. As the day unfolds, Sam realizes he is reliving the previous day and tries to prevent Dean's death, but to no avail. Dean dies again and Sam must learn to live life without his brother by his side.


Episode 56 - Season 3, Episode 12: Jus In Bello

Sam and Dean break into Bela's (recurring guest star LAUREN COHAN) apartment in order to get the Colt back, but she has tipped off Agent Henricksen (recurring guest star C. MALIK WHITFIELD) to their whereabouts, and the brothers are arrested. Sam and Dean are locked in a cell in Colorado when a demon breaks in. It kills some of the sheriff's men and possesses Henricksen. After Sam and Dean vanquish the demon, Henricksen realizes the boys were telling the truth and prepares to release them. Ruby (recurring guest star KATIE CASSIDY) shows up to warn Sam and Dean that a band of demons is surrounding the jailhouse; with the demons is a powerful new leader who wants Sam dead.


Episode 57 - Season 3, Episode 13: Ghostfacers!

Sam and Dean stumble into starring roles on a gritty reality show called "Ghostfacers," which chronicles the pursuit of the paranormal. Ed Zeddmore (guest star A. J. BUCKLEY - "CSI: NY," "The Box," "Entourage") and Harry Spengler (guest star TRAVIS WESTER - "Dirt," "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"), with whom Sam and Dean once had a run-in, have created this radically different show -- full of profanity -- that takes them to the Morton Mansion, an abandoned estate. Once every four years, the mansion becomes one of the most haunted places in America. As the team attempts to document this paranormal occurrence, they begin to get picked off in grisly manner, and soon realize they are in over their heads.


Episode 58 - Season 3, Episode 14: Long-Distance Call

Dean is stunned after he receives a phone call from his dad, John (recurring guest star JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN), who says he has a solution to get Dean out of his deal. Sam and Dean fight because Sam is skeptical that it is really John on the other end of the phone and warns Dean not to listen to him. Dean disagrees and sets off on his own path to follow his father's orders.


Episode 59 - Season 3, Episode 15: Time Is On My Side

As time runs out for Dean, Sam convinces him to head to Erie, Pennsylvania, to investigate a possible zombie case. Instead, they discover Doc Benton (guest star BILLY DRAGO - "Charmed"), a real-life doctor who, in 1816, abandoned his medical practice to follow his obsession with finding the key to eternal life by drugging people and stealing their vital organs. Meanwhile, Bobby (recurring guest star JIM BEAVER) finds out where Bela (recurring guest star LAUREN COHAN) is hiding, and Dean heads out to confront her, leaving Sam behind to deal with the good doctor. Dean and Bela battle it out for the last time, and Dean leaves Bela in a desperate, possibly fatal, position.


Episode 60 - Season 3, Episode 16: No Rest for the Wicked

Dean's deal with the crossroads demon is up in 30 hours and Dean, Sam and Bobby (recurring guest star JIM BEAVER) search for Lilith, who holds the contract. They discover her location and Sam summons Ruby (recurring guest star KATIE CASSIDY) for help, despite Dean's protests. Ruby warns them that they aren't yet ready to fight Lilith, but they steal her knife and depart for New Harmony, Indiana. In a battle to the death, Sam, Dean and Bobby take on Lilith and all her demons in a last ditch effort to save Dean's life.


Episode 61 - Season 4, Episode 1: Lazarus Rising

In the fourth season premiere, it's been four months since Dean was dragged away by the hounds of Hell, the result of a deal he made with the Crossroads Demon in exchange for his brother's life. Now, Dean wakes up in a pine box. He's been freed from Hell, but he doesn't know how or why. He has a joyful reunion with Sam and fellow demon hunter Bobby (recurring guest star JIM BEAVER), but it isn't long before the three start to really wonder what exactly pulled Dean from Hell -- and what it will want in return.


Episode 62 - Season 4, Episode 2: Are You There God? It's Me Dean Winchester

Sam and Dean are stunned when the spirits of Meg (recurring guest star NIKKI AYCOX - "Cold Case," "Ed") and Agent Henricksen (recurring guest star C. MALIK WHITFIELD - "The Guardian") appear and accuse the Winchesters of failing them. Although rattled, the brothers must pull together to save Bobby (recurring guest star JIM BEAVER), who is too crippled with guilt to fight off the angry ghosts of the young children he couldn't save.


Episode 63 - Season 4, Episode 3: In the Beginning

Dean is transported back in time and is shocked when he lands in Lawrence, Kansas. However, that shock turns to amazement after he runs into a young John Winchester (guest star MATTHEW COHEN - "South of Nowhere," "Medium") and Mary (guest star AMY GUMENICK - "Greek") who have just fallen in love. Dean isn't sure why he was sent back so he begins to enjoy the time with his parents and newfound grandfather (guest star MITCH PILEGGI - "The X-Files," "Stargate: Atlantis"), who may be hiding a secret that is key to Sam and Dean's entire predicament.


Episode 64 - Season 4, Episode 4: Metamorphosis

Sam and Dean find that a family man (guest star DAMEON CLARK - "24," "Prison Break," "Dragon Ball Z" series), is turning into a flesh-eating monster, and argue about killing him.


Episode 65 - Season 4, Episode 5: Monster Movie

Shown entirely in black and white, Dean and Sam investigate several murders at Oktoberfest. The first victim was found with bite marks on her neck, much like a vampire would leave, while the second victim has wounds that look like a werewolf attack. After a mummy rises from his crypt, Dean determines that a shape-shifter demon is terrorizing the town as iconic monsters from the old Hollywood movies.


Episode 66 - Season 4, Episode 6: Yellow Fever

Dean is infected with an illness that starts as anxiety, but moves to full-blown terror that stops the heart. Sam and Bobby (JIM BEAVER) must find the root before Dean dies.


Episode 67 - Season 4, Episode 7: It's the Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester

The brothers deduce a witch is sacrificing people to summon a dangerous demon. ROBERT WISDOM ("The Wire," "Prison Break") guest stars as Uriel, a specialist angel.


Episode 68 - Season 4, Episode 8: Wishful Thinking

Sam and Dean investigate a small town where a wishing well works so well that a teddy bear comes to life, someone wins the lottery and the town geek gets a hot girlfriend. The brothers realize, however, that while everyone is happy now, the end result could be disastrous.


Episode 69 - Season 4, Episode 9: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Ruby (GENEVIEVE CORTESE - "Wildfire"), Sam and Dean look for a girl (JULIE McNIVEN - "Mad Men") who hears the angels. Castiel (MISHA COLLINS) and Uriel (ROBERT WISDOM) return.


Episode 70 - Season 4, Episode 10: Heaven and Hell

Anna (JULIE McNIVEN) recalls her past and Sam and Dean understand why Castiel (MISHA COLLINS) and Uriel (ROBERT WISDOM) want her dead. Alastair (MARK ROLSTON) gets closer.


Episode 71 - Season 4, Episode 11: Family Remains

Sam and Dean investigate the appearance of a young female ghost in an abandoned house, but things become more complicated when a family moves in.


Episode 72 - Season 4, Episode 12: Criss Angel Is a Douche Bag

BARRY BOSTWICK, JOHN RUBENSTEIN and RICHARD LIBERTINI guest star as three friends who used to be famous magicians but have since been replaced by younger and flashier tricks.


Episode 73 - Season 4, Episode 13: After School Special

Sam and Dean go undercover at their old high school, causing them to flash back to the time they spent there, when Sam was picked on by the school bully and Dean was Mr. Popular.


Episode 74 - Season 4, Episode 14: Sex and Violence

Sam and Dean find three small town men have beaten their wives to death. Behind the murders is a siren, who puts the brothers under her spell and pits them against each other.


Episode 75 - Season 4, Episode 15: Death Takes a Holiday

Pamela (TRACI DINWIDDIE) sends the boys to the spiritual world when they find people cheating death. They must face Alastair (CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL), who is kidnapping the Reapers.


Episode 76 - Season 4, Episode 16: On the Head of a Pin

Castiel (MISHA COLLINS) and Uriel (ROBERT WISDOM) capture Alastair (CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL), and ask Dean to torture him with skills he learned in Hell.


Episode 77 - Season 4, Episode 17: It's a Terrible Life

What would happen if the Winchesters weren't hunters? In this alternate life, Dean is a corporate man who enjoys health drinks and listens to news radio and Sam is in tech support


Episode 78 - Season 4, Episode 18: The Monster at the End of This Book (fka Stranger Than Fiction)

Sam and Dean discover "Supernatural," a series of comic books that accurately detail their lives as demon hunters. Lilith (KATHERINE BOECHER) is coming and she has plans for Sam.


Episode 79 - Season 4, Episode 19: Jump the Shark

A 19-year-old boy named Adam (guest star JAKE ABEL - "Flash of Genius") calls Sam and Dean looking for John Winchester; the boy claims to be his son. Dean and Sam meet Adam, assuming he's a demon trying to lure them into a trap. However, they find out that John was, indeed, the boy's father and Dean is infuriated when he hears Adam tell of his "normal" upbringing.


Episode 80 - Season 4, Episode 20: The Rapture

Castiel (recurring guest star MISHA COLLINS) appears to Dean in a dream and says he has something important to tell him but they need to meet somewhere private. Dean and Sam go searching for Castiel, but instead find Castiel's human vessel, who has only a spotty recollection of being an angel and wants to return to his family and normal life. Dean and Sam, however, are concerned about his safety.


Episode 81 - Season 4, Episode 21: When the Levee Breaks

Dean and Bobby (recurring guest star JIM BEAVER) lock Sam in Bobby's panic room so he can detox from the demon blood. However, as Bobby sees more seals are being broken he tells Dean they should let Sam out to help them fight the impending apocalypse. Dean disagrees and goes to Castiel (recurring guest star MISHA COLLINS) for help. Sam and Dean have a big blowout confrontation.


Episode 82 - Season 4, Episode 22: Lucifer Rising

The apocalypse is coming, and Sam and Dean prepare for the fight in very different ways. Sam joins Ruby (recurring guest star GENEVIEVE CORTESE) on a final run to kill Lilith (recurring guest star KATHERINE BOECHER), while Castiel (recurring guest star MISHA COLLINS) and Zachariah (guest star KURT FULLER) tell Dean it's time to play his part in stopping Lucifer.


Episode 83 - Season 5, Episode 1: Sympathy for the Devil

Twenty-six years ago, Sam Winchester (series star JARED PADALECKI) and Dean Winchester (series star JENSEN ACKLES) lost their mother to a mysterious and demonic supernatural force. Subsequently, their father raised them to be soldiers. He taught them about the paranormal evil that lives in the dark corners and on the back roads of America... and he taught them how to kill it. Now, the Winchester brothers crisscross the lonely and mysterious back roads of the country in their '67 Chevy Impala hunting down every evil supernatural force they encounter along the way. Picking up where last season’s finale left off, Dean and Sam watch as the Devil (guest star MARK PELLEGRINO – Lost) emerges from Hell. In the fifth season premiere, the Winchester brothers and Bobby (series star JIM BEAVER) must deal with the aftermath of Lucifer rising and the stunning news from Chuck the Prophet (guest star ROB BENEDICT) that Castiel (series star MISHA COLLINS) was blown to bits by the archangels.


Episode 84 - Season 5, Episode 2: Good God Y'all!

Castiel tells Sam and Dean that he is going to search for God – who will be able to defeat Lucifer. Bobby’s old hunter friend, Rufus (guest star STEVEN WILLIAMS), is panicked about demons attacking his town, and begs Bobby for help. Sam and Dean arrive at the town and realize there is a spell over the townspeople, making them hallucinate that they are demons and causing them to kill one another.


Episode 85 - Season 5, Episode 3: Free to Be You and Me

Not sure he trusts himself anymore, Sam decides to give up hunting, but a latenight visit from Jessica (guest star ADRIANNE PALICKI) won’t let him off the hook that easily. Meanwhile, Dean, intent on stopping the Apocalypse, continues hunting on his own and teams up with Castiel to find the Archangel Raphael – as Castiel believes Raphael knows God’s location.


Episode 86 - Season 5, Episode 4: The End

Sam tells Dean he wants to rejoin with him in the battle of the Apocalypse, but Dean tells Sam that they are better off apart. Later, Dean awakens five years in the future in an abandoned city and is attacked by humans who have been infected with a demonic virus that turns humans into Zombies. Zachariah (guest star KURT FULLER) appears to Dean and explains that this is the world that exists as a result of Dean saying no to helping the angels fight Lucifer. Dean meets up with the “Future Dean,” who tells him that the virus is the Devil’s endgame for destroying mankind.


Episode 87 - Season 5, Episode 5: Fallen Idols

Sam and Dean decide to start hunting together again and their first case leads them to a small town whose inhabitants are being killed by famous dead icons like Abraham Lincoln and James Dean’s car. However, after two teenage girls come forward and claim their friend was kidnapped by PARIS HILTON (in a cameo role as herself), the brothers aren’t sure what they are hunting anymore.


Episode 88 - Season 5, Episode 6: I Believe the Children Are Our Future

Fairy tales do come true! Sam and Dean investigate a series of odd murders that strangely resemble fairytales and urban legends. The brothers track down an 11-year-old boy named Jesse (guest star GATTLIN GRIFFITH) and realize that whatever Jesse believes is coming true. Castiel tells Sam and Dean that Jesse is a serious threat and needs to be eliminated.


Episode 89 - Season 5, Episode 7: The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

Sam and Dean discover a witch (guest star HAL OZSAN) is running a high-stakes poker game where the currency is life years – not money. Bobby sees the game as a chance to get out of the wheelchair and bets 25 years, but loses. As Bobby begins to age rapidly, Dean steps in to save him but also ends up turning into an old man, leaving Sam holding the bag for their survival.


Episode 90 - Season 5, Episode 8: Changing Channels

Sam and Dean get stuck in TV Hell, when The Trickster (guest star RICHARD SPEIGHT JR.) imprisons them in an alternate universe where they are characters in different television series – including a sexy medical show, a Japanese game show, a forensics show and a sitcom. The brothers realize the only way to get out of this world is to play along and become the characters in the shows. However, Castiel appears and warns them this universe is dangerous and they must get out before they become forever trapped.


Episode 91 - Season 5, Episode 9: The Real Ghostbusters

Super fan Becky (guest star EMILY PERKINS) uses Chuck’s (guest star CHUCK BENEDICT) phone to trick Sam and Dean into attending a “Supernatural” fan convention – complete with fans dressed up as Sam and Dean. One of the activities is a live-action role-playing game, but things quickly turn scary after a real ghost appears on the scene.


Episode 92 - Season 5, Episode 10: Abandon All Hope

Sam, Dean and Castiel track down the Colt and head off to find Lucifer to send him back to Hell. It’s a hunters’ reunion when the crew joins forces with Bobby, Ellen (guest star SAMANTHA FERRIS) and Jo (guest star ALONA TAL) for what could be their last night on Earth.


Episode 93 - Season 5, Episode 11: Sam Interrupted

A former hunter named Martin (guest star JON GRIES), who is currently institutionalized, calls Sam and Dean for help investigating a case in the mental hospital. The brothers get themselves admitted as patients to check out the mysterious monster that is attacking the patients, but their incarceration pushes both to the breaking point as they unleash their inner demons against each other.


Episode 94 - Season 5, Episode 12: Swap Meat

Sam’s bodysnatched! Gary (guest star COLTON JAMES), a teenage nerd, conjures up a body-switching spell and changes bodies with Sam. Thrilled by his new handsome and built body, Gary (now Sam) investigates a case with Dean and takes advantage of his good looks and age by hitting on women and getting drunk. Meanwhile, Sam is stuck in Gary’s teenage body, dealing with intrusive parents and high school.


Episode 95 - Season 5, Episode 13: The Song Remains the Same

John Winchester is back! The angels send Anna (guest star JULIE MCNIVEN) back in time to kill John (guest star MATTHEW COHEN) and Mary (guest star AMY GUMENICK) Winchester before they can conceive Sam – knowing that if Sam was never born, then Lucifer won’t be able to use him as his vessel. Castiel sends Sam and Dean back to 1978 so they can stop Anna – and the two brothers are reunited with their parents. Mary recognizes Dean as a hunter since he visited her in the past once before but tries to keep the truth from John.


Episode 96 - Season 5, Episode 14: My Bloody Valentine

Castiel helps Sam and Dean hunt down Cupid (guest star LEX MEDLIN) on Valentine’s Day after townspeople start to kill each other for love. However, after Cupid tells them he’s innocent, they discover Famine (guest star JAMES OTIS), the second of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, has arrived in town.


Episode 97 - Season 5, Episode 15: Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

Sam and Dean investigate Bobby’s hometown where the dead are rising from the grave – but instead of attacking humans, they are happily reuniting with their families. The brothers turn to Bobby for help but he tells them not to worry about it and to leave town. Suspicious, Dean investigates and comes face to face with Bobby’s dead wife (guest star CARRIE ANNE FLEMING) who has no memory of what happened to her. Once the zombies start turning evil, however, the boys tell Bobby he has to kill his wife – but he refuses.


Episode 98 - Season 5, Episode 16: Dark Side of the Moon

Ambushed by angry hunters, Sam and Dean are shot and killed and sent to Heaven. Castiel warns Dean that Zachariah (guest star KURT FULLER) is looking for them in Heaven so they need to lay low while searching for an angel named Joshua (guest star ROGER AARON BROWN) who can help them since he talks directly to God. While searching for Joshua, the Winchester brothers run into some old friends and family members.


Episode 99 - Season 5, Episode 17: 99 Problems

Outnumbered by demons, Sam and Dean are saved at the last minute by a hunter named Rob (guest star MICHAEL SHANKS) and his townspeople – all of them aware of the Apocalypse and trained to fight and kill demons. The small town is very religious and Sam and Dean meet Pastor Gideon (guest star LARRY POINDEXTER), who introduces them to his daughter Leah (guest star KAYLA MAE MALONEY), whom he claims is a prophet. Leah tells the townspeople they must obey her orders if they want a spot in Heaven – but when she starts turning the townspeople against each other in the name of the Lord, the brothers realize they must kill her.


Episode 100 - Season 5, Episode 18: Point of No Return

In the series’ 100th episode, Dean begins to think the only way to stop Lucifer is to say yes to Michael – but the angels decide they don’t need him anymore. Dean, Sam and Castiel are horrified at the angels’ new game plan and take on Zachariah (guest star KURT FULLER) to prevent an all out war on Earth. Meanwhile, a familiar face returns.


Episode 101 - Season 5, Episode 19: Hammer of the Gods

Sam and Dean are kidnapped by a group of gods, including Kali (guest star REKHA SHARMA), Ganesh (guest star KEITH BLACKMAN DALLAS) and Bladur (guest star ADAM CROASDELL) and held hostage in a small hotel. The gods want to use Sam and Dean as bargaining chips to stop the Apocalypse, but Gabriel (guest star RICHARD SPEIGHT, JR.) shows up and warns them that if Lucifer finds them he will kill them all. Unfortunately, one of the gods turns on the rest and Lucifer (guest star MARK PELLEGRINO) appears.


Episode 102 - Season 5, Episode 20: The Devil You Know

Sam and Dean face off against the Horsemen! The demon Crowley (guest star MARK SHEPPARD) tells Sam and Dean he can help them find the remaining Horsemen rings so they can trap Lucifer. The brothers are doubtful until Crowley leads them to Brady (guest star ERIC JOHNSON), the Handler for Pestilence (guest star MATT FREWER) and Death. However, Brady refuses to give up their locations and sets Pestilence after the Winchesters.


Episode 103 - Season 5, Episode 21: Two Minutes to Midnight

Crowley (guest star MARK SHEPPARD) tells Bobby he will give him the location of Death (guest star JULIAN RICHINGS), the fourth horseman, in exchange for his soul. Knowing Sam and Dean need that fourth ring to stop the Apocalypse, Bobby reluctantly agrees. Sam and Dean confront Pestilence (guest star MATT FREWER), but he unleashes a deadly virus upon them – so Castiel must intervene on their behalf. Dean has a meeting with Death to discuss Lucifer, and an unholy alliance is formed at a very high price for Dean.


Episode 104 - Season 5, Episode 22: Swan Song

The Apocalypse arrives in the season five finale! The entire season has been leading up to this showdown between good and evil. With the Apocalypse looming, Sam and Dean realize they are out of options and make heartbreaking decisions that will change their lives forever. In the epic struggle, a beloved character is killed.


Episode 105 - Season 6, Episode 1: Exile On Main St.

In the sixth season premiere, it’s a year after Sam and Dean faced the Apocalypse. Dean has given up hunting and is living with Lisa (guest star CINDY SAMPSON) and her son Ben (guest star NICHOLAS ELIA). Mysteriously freed from his cage in hell, Sam finds Dean and tells him he needs to rejoin the fight and introduces Dean to a world – and a family — he never even knew existed: the Campbells, his mother’s family, lead by none other than their Grandfather Samuel (guest star MITCH PILEGGI).


Episode 106 - Season 6, Episode 2: Two and a Half Men

Sam investigates a case about missing babies whose parents are being murdered. At one of the crime scenes, he discovers a baby that was left behind and calls Dean for help. Reluctant to leave Lisa and Ben, Dean finally agrees to meet Sam and surprises his brother with how parental he has become. The brothers take the baby to Samuel, who decides to raise it as a hunter, which infuriates Dean. However, before they can decide the baby’s future, a shapeshifter breaks in and attempts to kidnap the baby.


Episode 107 - Season 6, Episode 3: The Third Man

Sam and Dean call Castiel (series star MISHA COLLINS) for help when they investigate a case about several dead police officers who seem to have been killed by the plagues of Egypt. Castiel confirms the staff of Moses was used to kill the cops and tells Sam and Dean that Heaven is in a state of chaos and God’s weapons have been stolen. The three head off to find the thief and come face to face with an old enemy.


Episode 108 - Season 6, Episode 4: Weekend At Bobby's

After Bobby (recurring guest star JIM BEAVER) discovers Crowley (guest star MARK SHEPPARD) has no intentions of returning Bobby’s soul, the hunter takes matters into his own hands. He calls on Sam and Dean for help after he unearths one of Crowley’s deepest secrets. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean learn what Bobby does all day when they are not around. Series star Jensen Ackles makes his directorial debut.


Episode 109 - Season 6, Episode 5: Live Free or Twi-hard

After a group of young girls go missing, Sam and Dean realize that a group of vampires have taken up residence in the small town. After a fight with two of the blood-suckers, Dean is bitten and turns into a vampire. Samuel tells Dean he can change him back but he’d have to get the blood of the vampire who turned him. Dean infiltrates the nest and runs into the Alpha.


Episode 110 - Season 6, Episode 6: You Can't Handle the Truth

The truth hurts! Sam and Dean investigate a series of suicides and discover the victims were being told brutal truths that drove them crazy. They find out someone is invoking Veritas, the Goddess of Truth, forcing people to be cruelly honest against their will – and Dean is the next victim. Dean is forced to tell Sam the truth about how he feels about his return from Hell.


Episode 111 - Season 6, Episode 7: Family Matters

Does Samuel have a secret? Dean becomes suspicious of Samuel’s motives – but Sam isn’t sold on the idea that their grandfather is doing anything wrong. The brothers go along on a hunt with Samuel and the other Campbells, but things go terribly awry.


Episode 112 - Season 6, Episode 8: All Dogs Go to Heaven

Dean and Sam investigate what seems to be a werewolf killing but turns out to be a skinwalker (guest star ANDREW ROTHENBERG) posing as a family dog who is taking revenge on his owner’s enemies. After capturing the dog, he turns human and tells Sam and Dean that an Alpha skinwalker has created many sleeper cells that will rise on his command and kill their families. The only way to stop the mass murders is to find and kill the Alpha.


Episode 113 - Season 6, Episode 9: Clap Your Hands If You Believe

While Sam and Dean are investigating a UFO sighting, Dean is abducted from a crop circle. However, when he awakens, he discovers he isn’t dealing with aliens, but fairies! Unfortunately, only Dean can see the fairy that keeps attacking him which makes tracing and stopping them difficult. The brothers become even more perplexed when Sam’s investigation leads them to a world full of elves, gnomes and a leprechaun.


Episode 114 - Season 6, Episode 10: Caged Heat

The demon Meg (guest star RACHEL MINER) kidnaps Sam and Dean and tries to force them to tell her where Crowley (guest star MARK A. SHEPPARD) is hiding. Sam makes her a deal – they will help her find Crowley if she promises to torture him for information about how to get Sam’s soul back. Castiel joins the fight but finds it difficult to work with Meg.


Episode 115 - Season 6, Episode 11: Appointment In Samarra

Dean seeks out Death (guest star JULIAN RICHINGS) to help get Sam's soul back. Death tells Dean he will help Sam if Dean will agree to act as Death for 24 hours. Meanwhile, Sam decides he doesn't want his soul back and asks Balthazar (guest star SEBASTIAN ROCHÉ) for a protective spell to keep his soul out of his body. Balthazar tells Sam he needs the blood of his father for the spell to work and since John Winchester is dead, Sam decides Bobby is the next best thing.


Episode 116 - Season 6, Episode 12: Like a Virgin

Death returns for a meeting with Dean! Dean and Bobby anxiously wait for Sam to wake up to see if Death was able to restore his soul without causing Sam to lose his mind. Meanwhile, Dean and Bobby investigate a disappearance of virgins and discover dragons are behind the kidnappings. Bobby sends Dean to a doctor who owns the only weapon in the world that can slay a dragon, but Dean must prove himself worthy enough to take it.


Episode 117 - Season 6, Episode 13: Unforgiven

Sam starts to have flashbacks to a case he worked on with Samuel before he reconnected with Dean. When Sam receives a mysterious text with coordinates to a small town, the brothers decide to investigate and Dean is surprised when the townspeople start telling him some of the things Sam did while he lived there.


Episode 118 - Season 6, Episode 14: Mannequin 3: The Reckoning

Ben (guest star NICOLAS ELIA) calls Dean and tells him Lisa (guest star CINDY SAMPSON) is in trouble. Dean leaves Sam to investigate a case alone and rushes home to rescue Lisa, however, he’s not prepared for what meets him at the door. Meanwhile, Sam discovers the men that were murdered were all a part of a cruel practical joke played on a female co-worker who went missing.


Episode 119 - Season 6, Episode 15: The French Mistake

Raphael (guest star LANETTE WARE) launches an attack on Castiel and his allies, sending a particularly frightening angelic hitman (guest star CARLOS SANZ) after Balthazar, Sam and Dean. In an effort to protect the brothers, Balthazar sends them to an alternate universe where they are the stars of a TV show called “Supernatural” and they are actors named “Jensen Ackles” and “Jared Padalecki.” The brothers are confused when Castiel appears to be a tweet-happy actor named Misha Collins and Sam is married to Ruby (guest star GENEVIEVE CORTESE).


Episode 120 - Season 6, Episode 16: ...And Then There Were None

Sam, Dean and Bobby set out in search of The Mother of All’s (guest star JULIA MAXWELL) latest monster. While investigating, they run into Samuel and Gwen Campbell (guest star JESSICA HEAFEY), who are also hunting the creature. Samuel and Bobby get into a heated fight about how to handle the case.


Episode 121 - Season 6, Episode 17: My Heart Will Go On

After Balthazar changes history and keeps the Titanic from sinking, Fate (guest star KATIE WALDER) intervenes and begins killing those that would have died on the ship. Castiel tells Sam and Dean that Fate is very upset with the two of them and the only way they can stay alive is to kill her.


Episode 122 - Season 6, Episode 18: Frontierland

While searching for a way to defeat Eve, Dean stumbles upon the journal of Samuel Colt (guest star SAM HENNINGS) journal in the Campbell library. Realizing Samuel might have the answer to their problems, Sam and Dean ask Castiel to send them back in time so they can meet the man himself. While Sam is a bit reluctant to time travel, Dean is beside himself with excitement to return to the Wild, Wild West.


Episode 123 - Season 6, Episode 19: Mommy Dearest

Sam, Dean, Bobby and Castiel track Eve (guest star JULIA MAXWELL) to a small town in Oregon. The guys discover the townspeople have been converted to demons, but surprisingly, they all appear to be dying. When they finally do meet Eve, she decides to torture the brothers by bringing back their mother, Mary Winchester (guest star SAMANTHA SMITH), as a demon.


Episode 124 - Season 6, Episode 20: The Man Who Would Be King

In this episode written and directed by executive producer Ben Edlund, Castiel tells Sam, Dean and Bobby about the war in Heaven and how he and Raphael (guest star DEMORE BARNES) became enemies. Bobby believes Castiel is hiding something, but Dean refuses to believe it.


Episode 125 - Season 6, Episode 21: Let It Bleed

Dean’s worst nightmare comes true when a demon kidnaps Ben (guest star NICHOLAS ELIA) and Lisa (guest star CINDY SAMPSON) to get to him. Consequently, Sam and Dean are forced to join with an unlikely ally to free them.


Episode 126 - Season 6, Episode 22: The Man Who Knew Too Much

In the sixth season finale, the wall comes down in Sam’s mind…and all hell breaks loose. Dean and Bobby are, for once, at a total loss on how to help him and are forced to stand by and do nothing while Sam breaks. The battle for heaven comes to a head in this episode written by series creator Eric Kripke.


Episode 127 - Season 7, Episode 1: Meet the New Boss

In the seventh season premiere, Castiel assumes his new role as God. Although he doesn’t kill Sam, Dean and Bobby, he warns them not to interfere in his business. Taking on the mantle of the Almighty, Castiel sets out to right some of the wrongs in the world. While Sam struggles to deal with the broken mental wall in his head, Dean decides to bind Death (guest star JULIAN RICHINGS) and order him to stop Castiel. But the former angel is one step ahead of them, leaving Dean to face a very angry Death.


Episode 128 - Season 7, Episode 2: Hello Cruel World

While Castiel continues to struggle with the burdens that come with his new-fangled absolute power, the broken psychological wall in Sam’s mind causes him to have hallucinations, flashbacks from Hell, and difficulty discerning what’s real and what’s not. Bobby worries that Dean is beginning to stumble under the weight of fighting Castiel and keeping an eye on Sam.


Episode 129 - Season 7, Episode 3: The Girl Next Door

Dean is furious after Sam disappears to follow a lead on a case with clues that are identical to a case Sam solved as a kid. The demon turns out to be Amy (guest star JEWEL STAITE), who has been preying on low-life thugs and eating their brains for dinner – the same demon Sam found as a kid.


Episode 130 - Season 7, Episode 4: Defending Your Life

Dean is put on trial for his past sins! Sam and Dean investigate a string of gruesome murders and discover the Egyptian god Osiris (guest star FARAN TAHIR) is behind the deaths. The vengeful god is putting people on trial for their past mistakes and killing them if found guilty. Osiris hones in on Dean’s guilt and decides he’s the next to stand trial. Sam steps in as Dean’s lawyer, but both brothers are unprepared when Osiris calls an unexpected witness – Jo Harvelle (guest star ALONA TAL).


Episode 131 - Season 7, Episode 5: Shut Up Dr. Phil

Buffy the Vampire Slayer stars Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters guest star as a pair of married witches. Sam and Dean meet Maggie Stark (guest star CHARISMA CARPENTER), a witch who has unleashed her wrath on a small town, resulting in numerous deaths. Sam and Dean track down her husband, Donald (guest star JAMES MARSTERS), to see if he can help. Donald tells the brothers that Maggie is mad at him for having an affair and is taking it out on the townspeople.


Episode 132 - Season 7, Episode 6: Slash Fiction

Double the Winchesters, double the fun! Sam and Dean are once again on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list when two Leviathans clone the brothers and go on a killing spree. The subject of a nationwide manhunt, Sam and Dean need to drop off the grid allowing Bobby to send them to Frank Deveraux (guest star KEVIN R. MCNALLY), a quirky surveillance expert, for help. Meanwhile, Bobby continues to search for a way to kill the Leviathans – or at least slow them down – so the real Winchesters can stop their evil doppelgangers.


Episode 133 - Season 7, Episode 7: The Mentalists

Sam and Dean investigate the gruesome murders of resident mediums in Lily Dale, the most “psychic” town in America. They discover that an angry spirit is killing off the psychics one by one; but in a town full of people who claim to be summoning spirits, they have a little trouble identifying the medium controlling the ghost.


Episode 134 - Season 7, Episode 8: Season Seven Time for a Wedding!

Here comes the groom! While on a hunt, Sam becomes entangled with someone from his past and a confrontation ensues. Meanwhile, Dean reluctantly teams up with a quirky, laid-back hunter named Garth (guest star DJ QUALLS), when he finds himself in a situation that he just cannot explain.


Episode 135 - Season 7, Episode 9: How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

Sam, Dean and Bobby become actual hunters, in the true sense of the word, when they set up camp in a New Jersey state park to track a creature that has been attacking people in the woods. The townsfolk claim it is the real “Jersey Devil.” Meanwhile, Dean is beyond thrilled to find a Biggerson’s restaurant in town, but is devastated when he discovers the restaurant’s signature sandwich seems to have some adversely monstrous side effects.


Episode 136 - Season 7, Episode 10: Death's Door

As Sam and Dean race the clock on a high-stakes mission, Bobby seeks the help of an unlikely old friend to solve one of the most personal cases of his life.


Episode 137 - Season 7, Episode 11: Adventures in Babysitting

Still reeling after what happened to Bobby, Dean becomes dangerously obsessed over finding a way to take down Dick Roman (guest star JAMES PATRICK STUART). Meanwhile, Sam decides to help a teenage girl (guest star MADISON McLAUGHLIN) look for her father (guest star IAN TRACEY), a hunter who has gone missing. Sam traces his last steps to a truck stop where the help (guest star MEGHAN ORY) turns out not to be so friendly.


Episode 138 - Season 7, Episode 12: Time After Time After Time

Sam and Dean tangle with Chronos, the God of Time (guest star JASON DOHRING), who sends Dean back to 1944, where he is immediately arrested by none other than legendary organized crimefighter (and hunter) Eliot Ness (guest star NICHOLAS LEA). While trying to figure out how to retrieve his brother, Sam is surprised by the reappearance of an old friend.


Episode 139 - Season 7, Episode 13: The Slice Girls

Sam and Dean investigate a case where the victims’ hands and feet have been severed and each of them has been branded with a strange symbol. While Sam does some research at a local university, Dean heads to one of his favorite places to investigate – the town bar. Dean strikes up a conversation with a local named Lydia (guest star SARA CANNING), and the two go back to her place. Sam discovers the symbol on the bodies is a sign of Amazon warriors. And Dean’s one night stand could have serious complications.


Episode 140 - Season 7, Episode 14: Plucky Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie

Clowns, Unicorns and Sharks, oh my! Sam is forced to confront a childhood fear when a case takes him and Dean to Kansas to investigate “Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie,” a local pizza chain that hosts children’s birthday parties. Sam and Dean discover that the victims’ children had recently been to the restaurant and drawn a picture of their worst fear, which then came to life to kill their parent. While Dean confronts the man behind the magic, Sam is left to deal with some very angry clowns!


Episode 141 - Season 7, Episode 15: Repo Man

Four years ago, Sam and Dean helped a woman named Nora (guest star NICOLE OLIVER) exorcise a demon that was systematically killing women in a small town. They managed to save the postal worker, Jeffrey (guest star RUSSELL SAMS), while vanquishing the demon but now it seems the black-eyed monster has reared his ugly head and returned for a second helping. The brothers visit Jeffrey, who has been locked in a psych ward since the incident, to see if he can remember any of the demon’s plans while he was possessed.


Episode 142 - Season 7, Episode 16: Out With the Old

After a ballerina is found dead from dancing herself to death, Sam and Dean look into the case and discover the ballet slippers she wore were cursed. When Dean accidentally touches the shoes, the power of the curse starts to take hold of him.


Episode 143 - Season 7, Episode 17: The Born-Again Identity

Misha Collins returns! Lucifer drives Sam to the breaking point… and Sam ends up in a mental hospital. Desperate to save his brother, Dean calls every hunter he knows for help. One of the hunters gives him the name of a healer who turns out to have a very familiar face (guest star MISHA COLLINS).


Episode 144 - Season 7, Episode 18: Party On Garth

Dean is surprised when he gets a call from Garth (guest star DJ QUALLS) asking for the Winchesters’ help on a case. Sam and Dean discover they are battling a Shojo – a Japanese creature sent to seek revenge on enemies. The worst part about fighting a Shojo? You can only see it when you’re drunk!


Episode 145 - Season 7, Episode 19: Of Grave Importance

Sam and Dean get a call from Annie Hawkins (guest star JAMIE LUNER), an old hunter friend, asking for help on a case. When they arrive in town, they find out Annie has disappeared. They trace her last whereabouts to an old abandoned house that is haunted by a powerful ghost.


Episode 146 - Season 7, Episode 20: The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

Dick Roman acquires Frank’s hard drive that contains sensitive information about the Winchesters and gives it to an unsuspecting brilliant hacker named Charlie (guest star FELICIA DAY) telling her she has 48 hours to crack the firewall or she is fired. Sam and Dean are tipped off that Dick has the hard drive and race to get to Charlie before she breaks the code. Meanwhile, Bobby tries to help the brothers, but his rage towards Dick for killing him starts to get in the way.


Episode 147 - Season 7, Episode 21: Reading Is Fundamental

Meg (guest star RACHEL MINER) calls Dean and Sam to alert them that Castiel is awake and talking. Meanwhile, a teenager named Kevin (guest star OSRIC CHAU) gets hit by a bolt of lightening and is transformed into a reluctant prophet. Believing that Kevin holds the key to defeating the Leviathans, Sam and Dean must fight off two Archangels who want him for their own purposes.


Episode 148 - Season 7, Episode 22: There Will Be Blood

In order to defeat Dick Roman and the Leviathans, Sam and Dean must locate three key items. Castiel helps with one but for the last objects, the Winchesters must face two of their strongest opponents – an Alpha (guest star RICK WORTHY) and Crowley (guest star Mark Sheppard). Meanwhile, Bobby (guest star Jim Beaver) tries out a new ghost trick that ends up being very dangerous.


Episode 149 - Season 7, Episode 23: Survival of the Fittest

Sam and Dean prepare for battle with Dick Roman, who’s in the final phase of his plan. In order to stop him, the Winchesters must team up with Castiel, Bobby, Meg and Kevin, the prophet. Dick, however, is one of the smartest enemies they’ve ever faced so it’s a mind game to see who can keep the upper hand.


Episode 150 - Season 8, Episode 1: We Need to Talk About Kevin

After a year apart, Sam and Dean are reunited in the eighth season premiere. After escaping from Purgatory (but not alone), Dean heads straight for Sam, but the reunion isn’t exactly everything he imagined it would be. Although Sam drops everything to join his brother, leaving the life he had grown accustomed to enjoy turns out to be harder than he imagined. Together, the Winchesters go in search of the prophet Kevin Tran (guest star OSRIC CHAU) who has managed to escape the clutches of Crowley (guest star MARK A. SHEPPARD) and his minions, but things quickly escalate when Kevin tells them what it is that Crowley is after.


Episode 151 - Season 8, Episode 2: What's Up Tiger Mommy?

Kevin’s mom, Mrs. Tran (guest star LAUREN TOM) joins Sam and Dean on the road. Checking in on Kevin’s mother, the Winchesters discover that Crowley has surrounded her with demons – so they rescue her and take her along on their quest to find the tablet. They soon discover, however, that Kevin wasn’t kidding when he said his mother was a strong-willed woman – after she tries to take on Crowley!


Episode 152 - Season 8, Episode 3: Heartache

Sam and Dean investigate a string of unusual murders where the victims were all recipients of organs from the same donor. The killer is captured, but things become even more complicated when the brothers find their killer in a trance mumbling an ancient prayer. Series star Jensen Ackles directs.


Episode 153 - Season 8, Episode 4: Bitten

Sam and Dean investigate a bizarre murder in a college town. Close on the tail of their suspect, they bust into an apartment to find two dead bodies and a laptop cued up to some disturbing video footage. The footage begins with Brian (guest star LEIGH PARKER), Mike (guest star BRANDON W. JONES) and Kate (guest star BRITNI SHERIDAN) hearing about an unusual animal attack in their town and the rest of the story is revealed through their eyes. Sam and Dean become unknowing participants in a unique student film.


Episode 154 - Season 8, Episode 5: Blood Brother

After Dean’s vampire companion in Purgatory, Benny (guest star TY OLSSON) gets brutally beat up by his own kind, he calls Dean for help. Dean abruptly packs up and tells a confused Sam that he’s taking a “personal day.” Benny confesses that he’s going after his Maker (guest star PATRICK STAFFORD) so Dean offers to help, flashing back on the many times Benny helped him and Castiel in Purgatory. Meanwhile, Sam uses his solo time to reflect on the life he left behind with Amelia (guest star LIANE BALABAN). However, when things go bad for Dean and Benny, Dean summons Sam for help… making everything very complicated.


Episode 155 - Season 8, Episode 6: Southern Comfort

Investigating a murder, Sam and Dean find that Garth (guest star DJ QUALLS) is already on the case. While Dean’s not happy to learn that Garth has assumed Bobby’s duties, Garth points out that both Sam and Dean have been missing for the last year and someone needed to do it. They guys discover an “avenging ghost” is responsible for the murders and they need to find the source before the killings starts again.


Episode 156 - Season 8, Episode 7: A Little Slice of Kevin

Sam and Dean are stunned when Castiel suddenly appears back on Earth with no memory of how he escaped from Purgatory. Meanwhile, Mrs. Tran enlists a witch (guest star CYRINA FIALLO) to concoct a demon bomb… but the witch double-crosses Mrs. Tran and turns her and Kevin over to Crowley.


Episode 157 - Season 8, Episode 8: Hunteri Heroici

Castiel tells Sam and Dean that he’s decided to become a hunter like them. Sam and Dean aren’t sold on the idea but agree to investigate a case Cas found where a man’s heart literally burst through his chest. The guys discover there has been more than one odd murder in the small town…and all of them resemble cartoon deaths!


Episode 158 - Season 8, Episode 9: Citizen Fang

Sam and Dean are at odds after Sam asks a hunter named Martin (guest star JON GRIES) to keep an eye on Benny without telling Dean. However, when Martin tells Sam that Benny, might be responsible for a string of vampire-drained bodies in a small Louisiana town, Dean defends his friend. When Martin decides to take things into his own hands, things get messy and Dean is forced to make a very hard decision.


Episode 159 - Season 8, Episode 10: Torn and Frayed

Naomi (guest star AMANDA TAPPING) tells Castiel that Crowley is holding an angel captive and Castiel must rescue him before Crowley’s torture reveals their secrets. Castiel turns to Dean for help. Meanwhile, Sam reconnects with Amelia who asks him to make a choice: stay with her or leave and never contact her again.


Episode 160 - Season 8, Episode 11: Larp and the Real Girl

FELICIA DAY returns! Sam and Dean investigate the mysterious deaths of two LARPers (Live Action Role Players) who were engaged in a game entitled Moondoor. The guys are thrilled to discover the Queen of Moondoor is none other than Charlie Bradbury (guest star FELICIA DAY), their quirky hacker friend who helped them fight Dick Roman last season. The three learn that an actual fairy (guest star TIFFANY DUPONT) has been enslaved and commandeered to harm people – and the only way to stop her is to find her master, an overzealous participant in the game.


Episode 161 - Season 8, Episode 12: As Time Goes By

Sam and Dean are stunned when a man who claims to be their grandfather, Henry Winchester (guest star GIL McKINNEY), suddenly appears in their hotel room demanding to know where he can find John Winchester. Henry has time-traveled to stop a demon named Abbadon (guest star ALAINA HUFFMAN) and was looking for John’s help. Through Henry, Sam and Dean learn more about their father and the Winchester blood line.


Episode 162 - Season 8, Episode 13: Everybody Hates Hitler

Sam and Dean investigate the death of a Rabbi (guest star HAL LINDEN), who spontaneously combusted. The case becomes ever more confusing when they learn that the Rabbi was researching Nazi Necromancers. The Winchesters are attacked by a Golem (guest star JOHN DeSANTIS) who turns out to belong to the Rabbi’s grandson, Aaron (guest star ADAM ROSE). The key to the case lies with the Golem…but Aaron doesn’t know how to control him – leaving everyone in danger.


Episode 163 - Season 8, Episode 14: Trial and Error

Kevin finally deciphers the God tablet and figures out how to close the gates of Hell. He tells Sam and Dean that, according to the tablet, one person must face a series of three tests designed by God. The first one – kill a hellhound! Sam and Dean argue over who should complete the trials.


Episode 164 - Season 8, Episode 15: Man's Best Friend With Benefits

Dean really doesn’t like witches! A police officer (guest star CHRISTIAN CAMPBELL), who turned to witchcraft after working a case with Sam and Dean, is plagued by nightmares in which he murders innocent people. However, when the murders actually happen, Sam and Dean are called in by the witch’s “familiar” (guest star MISHAEL MORGAN) to help – but the brothers aren’t sure they want to save a witch.


Episode 165 - Season 8, Episode 16: Remember the Titans

Sam and Dean are stumped when they investigate a possible zombie case where an amnesiac man (guest star JOHN REARDON) dies and then revives himself once a day. After the guy is attacked by the goddess Artemis (guest star ANNA VAN HOOFT), Sam and Dean realize he’s not a zombie but instead a titan – more specifically, Prometheus.


Episode 166 - Season 8, Episode 17: Goodbye Stranger

Castiel reappears in Sam and Dean’s life and tells them Crowley has unleashed several demons into a small town. The demons are looking for Lucifer’s Crypt, which holds a valuable asset, but Castiel lies to Sam and Dean about what it is. While interrogating a demon, the three discover Crowley has been torturing Meg (guest star RACHEL MINER), who knows the exact location of the crypt. Sam and Meg fight to hold Crowley off while Dean and Castiel go in search of the crypt.


Episode 167 - Season 8, Episode 18: Freaks and Geeks

Sam and Dean investigate some recent vampire kills and are surprised to learn that teenage hunter (and fan favorite) Krissy Chambers (guest star MADISON McLAUGHLIN) is involved. They find Krissy and learn her father was killed and trhat she’s been taken in by a man named Victor (guest star ADRIAN HOUGH) – who has taken in a group of orphan kids to teach them how to hunt. Victor is helping the teenagers find the vampires who took their parents so they can get revenge. While Sam is intrigued by Victor’s method of giving the teenagers a home life as well as a hunting life, Dean is suspicious of Victor’s motives.


Episode 168 - Season 8, Episode 19: Taxi Driver

Sam and Dean respond to a call from Kevin, who is terrified because he’s hearing Crowley’s voice in his head. After hearing Kevin’s news, Sam and Dean team up with reaper named Ajay (guest star ASSAF COHEN), who helps them deal with the second trial from the Tablet. Meanwhile, Dean receives a visit from the angel Naomi and realizes he must find his Purgatory friend Benny and ask for a huge favor.


Episode 169 - Season 8, Episode 20: Pac-Man Fever

Concerned about the physical toll the second trial took on Sam, Dean benches his brother from hunting until he heals up. So, when geektastic hacker Charlie Bradbury (returning guest star FELICIA DAY) stumbles upon a case and finds the boys, Dean decides it’s time to teach Charlie how to be a hunter-in-training. While happy to see “her highness,” the boys suspect Charlie is hiding something – a secret that could get her killed.


Episode 170 - Season 8, Episode 21: The Great Escapist

When Sam and Dean receive a distressing video message from Kevin Tran, they set about trying to uncover the Third Trial. The boys make a discovery that sends them to a casino in Colorado, to find a mysterious recluse (guest star CURTIS ARMSTRONG) who may be able to fill in the holes in Kevin's research. And while Crowley is on a winning streak, Castiel tries to elude Naomi and the angels hunting him.


Episode 171 - Season 8, Episode 22: Clip Show

As the Third Trial nears, Sam and Dean reunite with Castiel. Digging through the Men of Letters’ files, they stumble upon an undiscovered film, which could be the key to the third trial. Metatron (CURTIS ARMSTRONG) enlists Cass to mull over problems at home in Heaven – but things are not what they seem. Meanwhile, Crowley digs up some familiar faces from Sam and Dean's past.


Episode 172 - Season 8, Episode 23: Sacrifice

What must Sam, Dean and Castiel sacrifice in order to forever seal the gates of Hell? With Crowley poised to undo all the good they’ve ever done as hunters, Sam and Dean find themselves cornered. But with Kevin’s help, the Winchester brothers bound into one last play against The King of Hell. Meanwhile, Metatron initiates a plan with Castiel to take on Naomi and the bureaucracy of Heaven.


Episode 173 - Season 9, Episode 1: I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

In the ninth season premiere, Dean is frantic after Sam collapses and the doctor tells Dean his brother won’t make it. Desperate, Dean sends out an “All Points Bulletin” via prayer to every angel in the area – asking them to help his brother. In exchange, Dean will owe that angel a favor. Numerous angry angels race to find and kill Dean, but one, Ezekiel (guest star TAHMOH PENIKETT), gets to him first. Meanwhile, Sam fights for his life, facing some familiar demons in the struggle; and Castiel struggles to survive without powers.


Episode 174 - Season 9, Episode 2: Devil May Care

Abaddon Rises! Dean shocks Sam by popping open the trunk of the Impala and showing him that he has kidnapped Crowley. Kevin freaks out when he sees the King of Hell, but Sam and Dean convince him that they need Crowley to find the demons on Earth. Meanwhile, Abaddon re-emerges and plans to take over Hell.


Episode 175 - Season 9, Episode 3: I'm No Angel

After Ezekiel tells Dean a group of angels is hunting Castiel, he and Sam race to find their friend before the vengeful angels do. Meanwhile, a homeless Castiel is trying to make his way through the city and comes across some unexpected surprises.


Episode 176 - Season 9, Episode 4: Slumber Party

Sam and Dean discover that the table in the Men of Letters house (the one that lit up like a Christmas Tree when the angels fell), has an ancient computer attached to it. They figure if they can get the computer on, they can track the angels. Who better to call for help than the best IT girl there is, Charlie Bradbury (guest star FELICIA DAY)? While moving the massive computer, they dislodge a hidden hexbag that unleashes a magical green-webbed wall. Sam and Dean break through it and discover the one and only Dorothy (guest star TIIO HORN) from Oz. She had trapped herself and the wicked witch (guest star MAYA MASSAR) in the web years ago to stop the witch from finding the key that would open the gate that connected their world with Oz. With the wall broken, a massive and magical fight ensues that threatens to destroy the Men of Letters bunker.


Episode 177 - Season 9, Episode 5: Dog Dean Afternoon

While investigating two bizarre murders, Sam and Dean realize there is an eyewitness to both gruesome deaths – a German Shepherd. Anxious to find out if they are dealing with a witch, a skinwalker or other supernatural monster, the guys look up a spell that could let Dean “communicate” with the dog. Unfortunately, the spell comes with side effects that no one saw coming.


Episode 178 - Season 9, Episode 6: Heaven Can't Wait

Exiled from the bunker, Castiel gets a job at a Gas-N-Sip and actually starts to enjoy life as a human. A headline in the local newspaper about some disappearances in the area catches his eye, so he calls Dean to help him investigate the case. Dean knows he needs to keep Sam/Ezekiel away from Castiel, so he tells Sam that he and Kevin need to stay and work with Crowley to decipher the tablet. Crowley agrees to help Sam and Kevin… but in return he wants one phone call to Hell.


Episode 179 - Season 9, Episode 7: Bad Boys

Dean gets a call from an old friend named Sonny (guest star BLAKE GIBBONS) asking for help with a ghost. Sonny runs a home for delinquent boys, and Dean was sent there for stealing food when he was younger. Sam is stunned he never knew this about his brother and asks for more information, but Dean dodges his questions. Another murder occurs while Sam and Dean are at the house, so they scramble to find the culprit before anyone else dies. Meanwhile, Dean looks up an old girlfriend (guest star ERIN KARPLUK) and recalls his time at the house.


Episode 180 - Season 9, Episode 8: Rock and a Hard Place

Sheriff Mills (recurring guest star KIM RHODES) calls Sam and Dean for help investigating multiple murders in her small town. Discovering all four victims belonged to the same church chastity group, Sam and Dean decide to infiltrate by joining the group themselves. When Dean disappears, Sam and Sheriff Mills realize whatever they are hunting has taken Dean too… and they team up to rescue him.


Episode 181 - Season 9, Episode 9: Holy Terror

The Angel War begins! After a massive angel slaughter occurs, Sam and Dean arrive at the scene to investigate and are surprised to run into Castiel. While investigating, Castiel is captured and tortured. Meanwhile, Dean questions Ezekiel’s demands and wonders if it might be time to tell Sam the truth.


Episode 182 - Season 9, Episode 10: Road Trip

Dean's best chance of saving Sam lies with Crowley. Devastated after Kevin's death, Dean vows to find the angel that killed him, not only to free Sam, but to seek revenge. Castiel arrives at the bunker and suggests they try to separate Sam's brain from the angel's so they can talk to Sam and have him expel Gadreel. However, there's one small problem: the only person who knows how to do that is Crowley.


Episode 183 - Season 9, Episode 11: First Born

Looking to reclaim his place as King of Hell, Crowley asks Dean for help finding “The First Blade,” the only blade that can kill Abbadon. Knowing he owes Crowley a favor for helping Sam, and also wanting Abaddon dead himself, Dean reluctantly agrees and the two set off on a road trip. However, Dean and Crowley are completely unprepared when they find out who has the blade – Cain (guest star TIM OMUNDSON), the first son. Meanwhile, Sam is back at the bunker with Castiel who notices there is some leftover grace inside Sam. If they can extract it, they can use the grace to track Gadreel. The only problem is the procedure may do permanent damage to Sam.


Episode 184 - Season 9, Episode 12: Sharp Teeth

After finding out that Garth (guest star DJ QUALLS) is in the hospital, Sam and Dean go to check on him. Still carrying the guilt over Kevin, Dean lays into Garth about disappearing and demands to know where he’s been. Garth makes an excuse and then hightails it away from the guys. Confused as to why Garth would run from them, Sam and Dean do some investigating and are stunned by what they find.


Episode 185 - Season 9, Episode 13: The Purge

Sam and Dean investigate recent murders where the victims were hundreds of pounds lighter after their deaths. Suspecting witches, the Winchesters go undercover at a fancy day spa that all of the victims had attended for weight loss. While Sam is hired as a fitness instructor, Dean takes kitchen duty. After Dean swipes some tainted food and passes out, the guys realize someone is drugging the guests and literally sucking all of the fat out of them until they die.


Episode 186 - Season 9, Episode 14: Captives

Sam and Dean are stunned to discover that the Men of Letters’ bunker is haunted. Their investigation leads them to a storage facility where the demons have been keeping a prized possession. Meanwhile, Castiel is captured by Bartholomew (guest star ADAM HARRINGTON).


Episode 187 - Season 9, Episode 15: #THINMAN

When a teenage girl (guest star ALI WEBB) is killed, the final selfie she took before the attack shows a ghostly figure in the background. Looking for something to keep them busy, Dean and Sam head to Washington to find the ghost. While the two interview the girl’s mother, Betty (guest star MARIA MARLOW), they are surprised when she starts talking about cold spots and fritzing. When they ask her about bringing up paranormal signs, Betty replies that the “supernaturalists” who called earlier brought it up. Enter Harry Spangler (guest star TRAVIS WESTER) and Ed Zeddmore (guest star A.J. BUCKLEY), the famous supernaturalist Ghostfacers!


Episode 188 - Season 9, Episode 16: Blade Runners

Dean is frustrated when he can’t reach Crowley, who has promised to find The First Blade. When Crowley finally calls Sam and Dean, he tells them he fell off the wagon and has been injecting human blood and needs their help. To make matters worse, he had a demon (guest star REBECCA MARSHALL) helping him find blood, but she sold him out and told Abaddon that he and the Winchesters were searching for The First Blade. The brothers need to find the blade before Abaddon does, so they enlist the help of a former member of the Men of Letters (guest star KAVAN SMITH). Meanwhile, NICOLE “SNOOKI” POLIZZI appears in a cameo role.


Episode 189 - Season 9, Episode 17: Mother's Little Helper

Series star Misha Collins makes his directing debut. While Dean struggles with the aftereffects of the Mark of Cain, Sam hears about a case where straight-laced people are turning into violent murderers. Sam suspects possession and suggests to Dean that they investigate, but Dean tells him to go without him. While interviewing the local townsfolk, Sam meets an elderly woman named Julia (guest star JENNY O’HARA), who tells him the Men of Letters came to town in 1958. Julia tells Sam the story of a young man named Henry Winchester (guest star GIL McKINNEY) and his female companion, Josie Sands (guest star ALAINA HUFFMAN). While Sam is away, Crowley tests Dean.


Episode 190 - Season 9, Episode 18: Meta Fiction

The angel scribe Metatron, who’s had exclusive reign over Heaven, attempts to get Castiel to join forces with him. Still furious with Metatron, Castiel refuses, setting a surprising plan in motion. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean capture Gadreel.


Episode 191 - Season 9, Episode 19: Alex Annie Alexis Ann

Sheriff Mills (KIM RHODES) calls Sam and Dean after she kills a vampire who attacked a prisoner named Alex (guest star KATHERINE RAMDEEN). They discover Alex was kidnapped by a family of vampires who use her as bait to lure in humans they can then feed on. Sheriff Mills tries to rescue Alex from her captors, but finds out the hard way that family always comes first.


Episode 192 - Season 9, Episode 20: Bloodlines

Sam and Dean investigate a case in Chicago, where they discover that various mafia-esque monster families are, unknown to humans, running Chicago’s criminal underworld. One is a family of shapeshifters run by Margo Lassiter (guest stars DANIELLE SAVRE), whose leadership is thrown into question when her brother David (guest star NATHANIEL BUZOLIC) returns home. The other reigning family in town is made up of werewolves, lead by Julian Duval (guest star SEAN FARIS). While in Chicago, Sam and Dean meet Ennis (guest star LUCIEN LAVISCOUNT), a man with a personal vendetta against the monsters. The Winchesters warn Ennis about heading into the hunter lifestyle, but Ennis refuses to listen and starts down a dangerous path.


Episode 193 - Season 9, Episode 21: King of the Damned

Castiel captures one of Metatron’s angels (guest star GORDON WOOLVET) and asks Sam and Dean for help with the interrogation. Dean eagerly accepts, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Sam. Meanwhile, Abaddon demands Crowley help her kill Sam and Dean. When he refuses, she reveals her shocking bargaining chip. Also, Castiel sets a meeting with Gadreel.


Episode 194 - Season 9, Episode 22: Stairway to Heaven

After a massive attack on the angels, Castiel calls Sam and Dean for help. As they leave, Dean’s eagerness to bring the First Blade doesn’t go unnoticed by Sam who is worried about the cost to his brother whenever he uses the Blade. Meanwhile, Castiel is shocked when he learns the angel that caused the attack was one of his followers and did it in his name. Dean discovers there is a conspiracy amongst Castiel’s angel followers and at the heart of it is Tessa, the Reaper (guest star LINDSEY McKEON).


Episode 195 - Season 9, Episode 23: Do You Believe in Miracles

In the shocking ninth season finale, Dean feels the effects of the First Blade, and Metatron makes his move against humanity. Meanwhile, Sam Dean and Castiel face shocking consequences when taking the fight to Metatron.


Episode 196 - Season 10, Episode 1: Black

In the season premiere, Dean is living it up as a demon and running amok with Crowley, while Sam hits rock bottom in the search for his brother. Castiel, meanwhile, suffers from his diminishing grace.


Episode 197 - Season 10, Episode 2: Reichenbach

Crowley notices Dean is becoming more and more aggressive. Dean tells him that’s the side effect of being a demon, but Crowley knows it’s something more - the Mark of Cain needs to be fed. Meanwhile, Sam is captured by Cole (guest star TRAVIS AARON WADE), an angry man who blames Dean for his father’s death years ago and wants revenge. Cole tortures Sam, hoping he’ll tell him where Dean is hiding. Hannah (guest star ERICA CARROLL) sees how weak Castiel is becoming as his grace continues to fade, so she makes a bold choice and asks Metatron for help.


Episode 198 - Season 10, Episode 3: Soul Survivor

Sam continues his efforts to save Dean from the Mark of Cain. Crowley realizes Dean’s demonic antics are starting to cause problems for him in Hell so he searches out an unlikely ally – Castiel. Jensen Ackles returns to the helm as director.


Episode 199 - Season 10, Episode 4: Paper Moon

A recent string of werewolf attacks points to a surprising culprit – Kate (guest star BRIT SHERIDAN), the werewolf Sam and Dean let live.


Episode 200 - Season 10, Episode 5: Fan Fiction

Supernatural celebrates its 200th episode. When Sam and Dean investigate the disappearance of a teacher, they are stunned to discover that the school is putting on a musical based on their lives. Familiar faces abound in this milestone episode.


Episode 201 - Season 10, Episode 6: Ask Jeeves

Dean is surprised when he checks Bobby’s cell phone and hears a message that says Bobby or his next of kin have been named as a beneficiary in an heiress’s will. Hoping that means extra money, Dean talks Sam into hitting the road to claim their fortune. What they encounter at the house, however, is far from a treasure chest.


Episode 202 - Season 10, Episode 7: Girls Girls Girls

Sam and Dean stumble upon a demon who is running from Crowley. Before they have a chance to shut him down, Rowena (recurring guest star RUTH CONNELL) steps in and takes things into her own hands. Realizing that Rowena is trying to recruit and train followers in the art of witchcraft, Sam and Dean come up with a plan to catch her before she can do much damage. Meanwhile, Hannah runs into a blast from her vessel’s past, which complicates things for her and Castiel.


Episode 203 - Season 10, Episode 8: Hibbing 911

Sheriff Jody Mills (recurring guest star KIM RHODES) reluctantly attends a mandatory sheriff’s retreat and is partnered with an overeager sheriff named Donna (guest star BRIANA BUCKMASTER) who wants to bond. Just as Jody thinks things can’t get any worse, a body with just strings of meat and skin hanging off the bones is discovered. While the local sheriffs blame an animal attack, Jody knows better and calls Sam and Dean.


Episode 204 - Season 10, Episode 9: The Things We Left Behind

Castiel finds (his vessel) Jimmy’s daughter Claire Novak (guest star KATHYRN LOVE NEWTON) in a group home and she convinces him to break her out. After she runs away from him, Castiel calls Sam and Dean to help find her before she gets in trouble. Meanwhile, Crowley faces his biggest challenge yet.


Episode 205 - Season 10, Episode 10: The Hunter Games

After the massacre at the ranch, Dean, Sam and Castiel double their efforts to find a cure for the Mark of Cain but there is nothing in the lore that can help them. Desperate, Castiel comes up with an idea that Sam deems the “single worst idea I’ve ever heard.” Meanwhile, Rowena continues to plot against Crowley, and Castiel tries to mend his relationship with Claire who is plotting revenge against Dean for killing her friend.


Episode 206 - Season 10, Episode 11: There's No Place Like Home

While scanning the Internet for suspicious paranormal activity, Sam comes across a video of Charlie Bradbury (recurring guest star FELICIA DAY) beating up a district attorney. Dean suspects she’s back from Oz and hunting on her own – assuming the district attorney must have been a demon. When they do find Charlie, however, they’re shocked to learn the real reason why she came back from Oz.


Episode 207 - Season 10, Episode 12: About a Boy

Looking to get Dean out of the bunker, Sam finds a case for him and Dean to investigate – people are disappearing into thin air with only their clothes left behind. Sam and Dean suspect fairies or angels, but the truth turns out to be much more shocking – Hansel (guest star MARK ACHESON), from Hansel and Gretel lore, is kidnapping people and turning them into their younger selves to placate the evil witch (guest star LESLEY NICOL). Unfortunately, Dean finds this information out the hard way after he becomes Hansel’s next victim and reverts to his 14-year-old self.


Episode 208 - Season 10, Episode 13: Halt & Catch Fire

A vengeful spirit starts killing people through various electronic devices. Sam and Dean discover who was accidentally killed and why this ghost is seeking revenge on a group of college students but what they can’t figure out is how he’s doing it. With three dead, the brothers must stop the ghost before he claims his next victim.


Episode 209 - Season 10, Episode 14: The Executioner's Song

While Sam, Dean and Castiel deal with the return of Cain (recurring guest star TIMOTHY OMUNDSON), Crowley and Rowena continue to grow closer. But when Crowley abandons plans with his mother to help the Winchesters, Rowena lets him have it.


Episode 210 - Season 10, Episode 15: The Things They Carried

Despite Dean’s directive to forget about looking for a cure for the Mark of Cain, Sam continues to do research. Dean suspects Sam is hiding something but decides to focus on a new murder case where they run into Cole. The three team up and learn a Khan worm is infecting men and turning them into murderers. Unfortunately, the worm makes its way into Cole.


Episode 211 - Season 10, Episode 16: Paint It Black

Sam and Dean investigate a string of suicides committed by people with little in common other than the identical, grisly method of death – slow, self-administered disembowelment. All of the victims were members of a Catholic church and had recently given confession, leading the brothers to suspect the priest (guest star STEPHEN DANIEL CURTIS) is somehow involved. Meanwhile, when Crowley captures Olivette (guest star TERYL ROTHERY), the leader of the Grand Coven, Rowena pleads her case to be allowed to practice magic freely again.


Episode 212 - Season 10, Episode 17: Inside Man

While Sam and Castiel follow up on a lead about the Mark of Cain, Dean and Rowena face off against each other.


Episode 213 - Season 10, Episode 18: Book of the Damned

Charlie (FELICIA DAY) calls Sam and Dean to tell them she found the Book of the Dead, which might help remove the Mark of Cain. The Winchesters race to find her after she tells them she’s been shot by a man named Jacob Styne (guest star JEFF BRANSON) who says the book belongs to his family and he won’t rest until he gets it back. Castiel and Metatron (guest star CURTIS ARMSTRONG) take a road trip to find Castiel’s grace… but they hit a couple road bumps along the way.


Episode 214 - Season 10, Episode 19: The Werther Project

Sam learns that former Men of Letters member, Magnus (guest star KAVAN SMITH), once built a magical box and Sam sets out to find it in the hopes that it can cure Dean of the Mark of Cain. What he’s not prepared for, however, is the deadly alarm system Magnus set up on the box, which puts his and Dean’s life in danger when he opens the box.


Episode 215 - Season 10, Episode 20: Angel Heart

When Claire Novak gets a lead on her mother, Amelia (guest star LEISHA HAILEY), who’s been missing for years, Castiel asks Sam and Dean to help her. Feeling guilty for what he did to the Novak family, Castiel wants to make amends by reuniting Claire with her mom. However, when they find out what took Amelia, they realize there is a chance Claire may not get her happy ending.


Episode 216 - Season 10, Episode 21: Dark Dynasty

Sam and Dean investigate a bizarre murder and realize the killer bears the same tattoo as those from the Styne family. Eldon Styne (guest star DAVID HOFLIN) attacks Dean and a brutal fight ensues. Meanwhile, Castiel acts as referee when Charlie and Rowena are forced to work together on the Book of the Damned. Crowley discovers his mother is missing and knows she’s up to something, so he turns to an old enemy for help.


Episode 217 - Season 10, Episode 22: The Prisoner

When it comes to the Stynes, Dean decides to take matters into his own hands, while Sam tries to come to terms with his decision.


Episode 218 - Season 10, Episode 23: Brother's Keeper

In the Season Ten Finale, Dean makes a shocking decision regarding the Mark of Cain that would change not only his life, but Sam’s as well. Meanwhile, Crowley and Rowena face off – with Castiel caught in the middle.


Episode 219 - Season 11, Episode 1: Out of the Darkness Into the Fire

In the eleventh season premiere, Sam (JARED PADALECKI) and Dean (JENSEN ACKLES) must contend with The Darkness that’s been unleashed upon the earth.


Episode 220 - Season 11, Episode 2: Form and Void

After Dean helps Jenna (guest star LACI J. MAILEY), the nurse he met after the Darkness fell, get back home safely, he sets off to help Sam deal with a town infected by a mysterious and deadly gas. When Jenna falls into dangerous hands, however, she calls Dean for help and Sam tells him to go back to her. Unfortunately for Sam, he isn’t able to handle the townspeople turned monsters as easily as he thought.


Episode 221 - Season 11, Episode 3: The Bad Seed

While Rowena tries to consolidate her power to protect herself from the Winchesters, Sam and Dean search for a missing baby connected to the Darkness. Meanwhile, Castiel struggles to heal and Crowley tries to find a way to use the Darkness for his own personal gain. Series star Jensen Ackles directs.


Episode 222 - Season 11, Episode 4: Baby

Nobody puts Baby in a corner! Seen entirely from the point of view of the Winchesters’ Impala, Sam and Dean embark on a typical roadtrip to hunt demons and monsters – but the story is told in a decidedly atypical manner.


Episode 223 - Season 11, Episode 5: Thin Lizzie

Sam and Dean investigate a series of murders at a small-town Maine B&B that was once home to Lizzie Borden. When a local man, Len (guest star JARED GERTNER), tells them he saw a little girl around the B&B around the time of the murders, the brothers realize Amara (guest star YASMEENE BALL) may be responsible.


Episode 224 - Season 11, Episode 6: Our Little World

Castiel seeks the help of Metatron (guest star CURTIS ARMSTRONG) to stop the Darkness. Metatron, however, is pretty happy with his new life as a freelance videographer for the local news and isn’t inclined to help Castiel or the Winchesters. Meanwhile, Crowley is losing his hold on Amara.


Episode 225 - Season 11, Episode 7: Plush

Minnesota Sheriff Donna Hanscum (recurring guest star BRIANA BUCKMASTER) calls Sam and Dean for help after a horrific murder with supernatural elements occurs in her town. Meanwhile, Sam continues to have visions and asks God for help, which frustrates Dean.


Episode 226 - Season 11, Episode 8: Just My Imagination

Sam is shocked when his childhood imaginary friend, Sully (guest star NATE TORRENCE), makes an unexpected appearance. Sam can’t understand why he’d see Sully now but what’s even more surprising is that Dean can see him, too. Flashbacks reveal young Sam’s friendship with Sully and why he needed him, in this episode directed by recurring Supernatural guest star Richard Speight, Jr.


Episode 227 - Season 11, Episode 9: O Brother Where Art Thou?

In the midseason finale, Amara (guest star EMILY SWALLOW) unleashes her power on the local townspeople as she issues a shocking challenge. Dean tries to better understand the hold Amara has on him, while Sam and Crowley come up with a plan that could have disastrous consequences.


Episode 228 - Season 11, Episode 10: The Devil in the Details

Now that he has Sam in the cage with him, Lucifer offers Sam a way out but it comes with a steep price. Dean and Castiel look into the angel smiting that could have killed Amara.


Episode 229 - Season 11, Episode 11: Into the Mystic

Sam and Dean investigate a case where people are suffering violent deaths after hearing a mysterious song.


Episode 230 - Season 11, Episode 12: Don't You Forget About Me

Sam and Dean drop in on Jody Mills (recurring guest star KIM RHODES), Claire (recurring guest star KATHRYN LOVE NEWTON) and Alex (guest star KATHERINE RAMDEEN) after receiving a panicked phone call from Claire. She believes the recent murders in town are supernatural and wants the boys’ help. However, Sheriff Mills tells Sam and Dean that Claire has been getting into trouble lately as she’s been attacking normal people and accusing them of being monsters.


Episode 231 - Season 11, Episode 13: Love Hurts

Sam and Dean investigate a set of murders on Valentine’s Day and discover they are dealing with an ancient curse – once kissed by the curse, the person is marked to die.


Episode 232 - Season 11, Episode 14: The Vessel

Hoping to find a weapon powerful enough to defeat Amara, Dean convinces Castiel (who is still Lucifer) to send him back in time to the last reported sighting of The Hand of God. Seeing the potential in getting his hands on the weapon, Lucifer goes along with the plan and sends Dean to 1944 on an ill-fated WWII submarine mission that sunk with the artifact. Meanwhile, Lucifer plans his next move, while maintaining the Castiel charade with Sam while they wait for Dean’s return.


Episode 233 - Season 11, Episode 15: Beyond the Mat

Dean reads an obituary notice for a wrestler he and Sam used to watch when they were kids. Deciding they need a break from tracking The Darkness, the brothers decide to attend the funeral to pay their respects. The funeral is full of wrestlers, including Shawn Harley (guest star MIKE “THE MIZ” MIZANIN), a hotshot new wrestler with a fiery temper who pushes everyone’s buttons, and veteran wrestler Gunner Lawless (guest star ALEKS PAUNOVIC). Sam and Dean attend the next match to re-live one of their fondest childhood memories but when another wrestler turns up dead, play-time quickly turns to work.


Episode 234 - Season 11, Episode 16: Safe House

A dangerous creature is accidentally released into an old house, attacking a mother and her child, leaving them both in a coma. Sam and Dean learn that Bobby (recurring guest star JIM BEAVER) and Rufus (recurring guest star STEVEN WILLIAMS) once tracked the same entity so the Winchesters look to the past to come up with a plan to catch the monster before any one dies.


Episode 235 - Season 11, Episode 17: Red Meat

Sam and Dean battle a pair of werewolves who have captured two victims. Just as the brothers are about to win, one of the werewolves shoots Sam. Dean gets his brother and the victims out of the house, but learns that a pack of werewolves are hot on their tail, hoping to kill them all.


Episode 236 - Season 11, Episode 18: Hell's Angel

The epic battle for power begins when Lucifer takes a trip home to Heaven and tries to assert himself. Meanwhile, Crowley tells Sam and Dean that he has a way to take down Amara.


Episode 237 - Season 11, Episode 19: The Chitters

In a small town in Colorado, mysterious disappearances happen every 27 years. Sam and Dean head to town to investigate and meet a pair of hunters who have a personal vendetta against these once-in-a-generation monsters.


Episode 238 - Season 11, Episode 20: Don't Call Me Shurley

Amara unleashes a dark fog on a small town, causing everyone to go mad. Dean and Sam realize this is a stronger version of the original black vein virus Amara previously unleashed. They team up with the sheriff to protect the town but their old remedy no longer works. Meanwhile, Chuck Shurley (recurring guest star ROB BENEDICT) returns with an interesting proposal.


Episode 239 - Season 11, Episode 21: All in the Family

Amara shows Dean how she’s torturing Lucifer. Worried for Castiel, Sam and Dean come up with a plan to rescue him from Amara’s clutches.


Episode 240 - Season 11, Episode 22: We Happy Few

In the final countdown, Rowena makes her move, while Sam and Dean face their biggest challenge yet.


Episode 241 - Season 11, Episode 23: Alpha and Omega

In the eleventh season finale, God comes to a decision about The Darkness Amara that has direct repercussions for Sam and Dean.


Episode 242 - Season 12, Episode 1: Keep Calm and Carry On

In the season twelve premiere, Dean is overwhelmed as he comes face to face with his mom. Meanwhile, Sam is fighting for his life after Toni (guest star ELIZABETH BLACKMORE), from the Women of Letters, shot him.


Episode 243 - Season 12, Episode 2: Mamma Mia

Dean, Castiel and Mary have a lead on Sam and set out to rescue him. Dean is uncomfortable with putting Mary in danger but she insists on going along. Meanwhile, Crowley is tipped off that Lucifer has taken over the body of rock star Vince Vicente (guest star RICK SPRINGFIELD).


Episode 244 - Season 12, Episode 3: The Foundry

When a crying baby leads to death in a mysterious abandoned house, Mary, Sam and Dean decide to investigate. Meanwhile, Castiel’s hunt for Lucifer leads him, begrudgingly, to partner up with Crowley.


Episode 245 - Season 12, Episode 4: American Nightmare

Sam and Dean investigate a case that leads them to a devout religious family that lives off the grid. The brothers realize that the parents are hiding a huge secret that could destroy them all. Meanwhile, Dean struggles to accept Mary’s latest decision.


Episode 246 - Season 12, Episode 5: The One You've Been Waiting For

After learning that the soul of Adolf Hitler has been trapped in a 1930’s gold pocket watch, Sam and Dean must act quickly to prevent a group of Nazi necromancers from resurrecting the Führer.


Episode 247 - Season 12, Episode 6: Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

When hunters gather together to celebrate the life and tragic death of one of their own, Sam, Dean and Mary must take action when a demon starts picking off hunters one by one.


Episode 248 - Season 12, Episode 7: Rock Never Dies

Lucifer realizes that as rock star Vince Vincente, he can get his fans to do whatever he wants. Thrilled with this power, Lucifer arranges to play a secret VIP concert in order to kill all of them. In order to stop him, Sam, Dean and Castiel enter the underbelly of the music industry.


Episode 249 - Season 12, Episode 8: Lotus

The chase continues as Lucifer’s search for power and influence in a vessel lands him in the White House. When the President of the United States (guest star DAVID CHISUM) unknowingly makes a deal with the devil, it leads Sam, Dean, Castiel, Crowley and Rowena to band together to fight the Dark Lord.


Episode 250 - Season 12, Episode 9: First Blood

After being arrested for the attempted assassination of the President of the United States, Sam and Dean must find a way out of the underground, government-run, detention facility in the middle of nowhere. Determined to find her sons, Mary and Castiel seek assistance from an unlikely source.


Episode 251 - Season 12, Episode 10: Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets

Lily Sunder (guest star ALICIA WITT) steeps herself in black magic, honing her powers for over a century, waiting to exact revenge on a band of angels that murdered her family. Sam and Dean must work quickly to stop Castiel from becoming her next victim.


Episode 252 - Season 12, Episode 11: Regarding Dean

Sam enlists Rowena’s help to track down an old-world, powerful family of witches after Dean gets hit by a spell that’s rapidly erasing his memory.


Episode 253 - Season 12, Episode 12: Stuck in the Middle (With You)

Mary asks Sam, Dean and Castiel for help on a case she’s working, but neglects to mention that the British Men of Letters are involved. But everything’s revealed when she’s double-crossed. RICHARD SPEIGHT, JR. directs.


Episode 254 - Season 12, Episode 13: Family Feud

When Sam and Dean look into a murder at a museum, they learn a ghost from a merchant ship that sunk in 1723 may be at the heart of the mystery. After realizing “The Star” was the same ship that Crowley’s son Gavin McLeod (guest star THEO DEVANEY) should have been aboard, they enlist help from Rowena to track Gavin down. Meanwhile, Kelly Kline (guest star COURTNEY FORD), still pregnant with Lucifer’s child, takes refuge with a demon after an angel attempts to kill her.


Episode 255 - Season 12, Episode 14: The Raid

A chance to take out a nest of vampires backfires when the Alpha Vamp shows up and turns the tables on Mary and the British Men of Letters, who are doing their best to recruit Sam and Dean.


Episode 256 - Season 12, Episode 15: Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

An attack by an invisible Hellhound at a campsite prompts Sam and Dean to investigate the mysterious circumstances. Meanwhile, Castiel gets a lead on Kelly Kline and two of Crowley’s own personal demons uncover what he’s been hiding.


Episode 257 - Season 12, Episode 16: Ladies Drink Free

Sam & Dean let Mick Davie (guest star ADAM FERGUS) s tag along on a case as they search for a werewolf. The three men run into Claire Novak (guest star KATRHYN NEWTON), also working the hunt. However, the reunion is short-lived after Claire is bitten and the Winchesters race to find a way to help her before she turns.


Episode 258 - Season 12, Episode 17: The British Invasion

Sam and Dean get a lead on Kelly Kline’s whereabouts. Mick drops by the bunker unexpectedly and decides to join the hunt.


Episode 259 - Season 12, Episode 18: The Memory Remains

Sam and Dean investigate a missing person’s case in a small town. The lead witness tells the Winchesters the attacker was a man with the head of a goat. Sam and Dean aren’t sure what to believe but when the witness goes missing they realize the town is hiding a dark secret.


Episode 260 - Season 12, Episode 19: The Future

Sam comes up with a way to stop Lucifer’s baby but Castiel has something else in mind for Kelly. Dean is furious when he finds out someone stole the Colt. Kelly makes a bold choice about the baby’s future.


Episode 261 - Season 12, Episode 20: Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes

Alicia Banes (guest star KARA ROYSTER) calls Mary for help after her mother, Tasha (guest star ALVINA AUGUST), goes missing. Sam answers Mary’s phone and he and Dean head out to help Alicia and her twin brother, Max (guest star KENDRICK SAMPSON), find their mother who was hunting a powerful witch. Meanwhile, Mary starts to have some doubts about the British Men of Letters. RICHARD SPEIGHT, JR. directed the episode.


Episode 262 - Season 12, Episode 21: There's Something About Mary

Sam and Dean are alarmed when they learn hunters are being killed by suspicious “accidents” all over the country. They decide it is best to find Mary and make sure she’s safe. Meanwhile, Toni is back in the states and she and Mary face off.


Episode 263 - Season 12, Episode 22: Who We Are

Caught in a dangerous situation, Sam and Dean have only each other to rely on. Meanwhile, the fight between the American Hunters and the British Men of Letters comes to a head.


Episode 264 - Season 12, Episode 23: All Along the Watchtower

In the epic season twelve finale, Lucifer battles Sam, Dean and Castiel for control of his unborn child.


Episode 265 - Season 13, Episode 1: Lost and Found

Season thirteen begins exactly where we left off, with Sam and Dean left to pick up the pieces after the loss of their mother, the demise of Crowley (MARK A. SHEPPARD) and the heartbreaking death of Castiel (series star MISHA COLLINS). The birth of Lucifer’s son, Jack (new series regular ALEXANDER CALVERT) leaves the Winchester brothers with differing opinions on how to deal with a Nephilim. After being dragged into the breach, Mary (Samantha Smith) must learn to survive Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) and an apocalyptic world.


Episode 266 - Season 13, Episode 2: The Rising Son

Sam and Dean begin to explore what Jack is capable of doing with his powers. An unexpected visit from Donatello (guest star KEITH SZARBAJKA) alerts the boys to the fact that Jack will need more protection than the Winchesters can provide. Meanwhile, there is a new Prince of Hell in town, Asmodeus (guest star JEFFREY VINCENT PARISE), and with Lucifer out of the picture, he sets his sights set on Jack.


Episode 267 - Season 13, Episode 3: Patience

When her friend is murdered by a wraith (guest star JON COR) with a taste for psychics, Missouri Moseley (guest star LORETTA DEVINE) enlists the help of Dean and Jody Mills (recurring guest star KIM RHODES) to protect her granddaughter, Patience (guest star CLARK BACKO), who has no idea she shares her grandmother’s trait and could be next on the wraith’s hit list. Meanwhile, Sam continues to work with Jack on learning how to control his powers.


Episode 268 - Season 13, Episode 4: The Big Empty

When multiple patients of grief counselor Mia Vallens (guest star RUKIYA BERNARD) turn up dead, Sam, Dean and Jack investigate the mystery surrounding the murders and, each inadvertently, are forced to deal with unresolved grief of their own.


Episode 269 - Season 13, Episode 5: Advanced Thanatology

While working on a case involving the ghost of a demented doctor, Sam and Dean get assistance from an unexpected source – the Reaper Billie (recurring guest star LISA BERRY).


Episode 270 - Season 13, Episode 6: Tombstone

Castiel is reunited with Jack and together with Sam and Dean, they head to a sleepy old western town to investigate a murder. Dean gets to live out his boyhood fantasy when he comes face to face with a famous, gunslinging outlaw.


Episode 271 - Season 13, Episode 7: War of the Worlds

As Sam and Dean continue their search for Jack, with Asmodeus (guest star JEFFREY VINCENT PARISE) hot on their trail, they stumble across a familiar foe. Meanwhile, Lucifer manages to escape Michael’s (guest star CHRISTIAN KEYES) grasp and finds himself an unlikely and mostly unwilling ally.


Episode 272 - Season 13, Episode 8: The Scorpion and the Frog

Feeling as if they are running out of options, Sam and Dean agree to steal a mysterious trunk belonging to a demon named Barthamus (guest star DAVID CUBITT) in exchange for a locator spell the Winchesters can use to track down Jack.


Episode 273 - Season 13, Episode 9: The Bad Place

Desperate to prove to Sam and Dean that he is good and that he can control his powers, Jack enlists the help of a dreamcatcher named Kaia (guest star YADIRA GUEVARA-PRIP) to help him find Mary Winchester and save her from the alternate universe. However, when plans go awry, the Winchester brothers are the ones who need saving.


Episode 274 - Season 13, Episode 10: Wayward Sisters

When Sam and Dean go missing, Jody Mills calls Claire Novak (recurring guest star KATHRYN NEWTON), the rebellious rogue hunter, and tells her it is time to come home – they need to find the Winchesters. Claire returns and reunites with Alex Jones (recurring guest star KATHERINE RAMDEEN), who has stayed behind with Jody and tries to balance a “normal” life with being a part-time hunter. While Jody is happy to have Claire home again, she’s plagued by Patience’s disturbing vision involving her adopted daughter. Claire and Alex search for Kaia Nieves, the dreamcatcher responsible for opening the rift that Sam and Dean went through, as she holds the key to their whereabouts. Jody calls her friend, Donna Hanscum (recurring guest star BRIANA BUCKMASTER), to round out the team and the women head off on the most important hunt of their lives.


Episode 275 - Season 13, Episode 11: Breakdown

Donna calls Sam and Dean for help after her niece, Wendy (guest star SARAH DUGDALE), goes missing. The three hunters discover Wendy was kidnapped by a man who sells human parts to monsters in a grotesque online auction and race to save her before it is too late.


Episode 276 - Season 13, Episode 12: Various & Sundry Villains

Dean falls victim to a couple of witches, sisters Jamie (guest star JORDAN CLAIRE ROBBINS) and Jennie Plum (guest star ELISE GATIEN), who manage to steal a powerful book of spells from the Winchester brothers. When Sam and Dean go after the book, they get help from a powerful and surprising ally when Rowena (recurring guest star RUTH CONNELL), back from the dead, intervenes to assist them.


Episode 277 - Season 13, Episode 13: Devil's Bargain

Sam, Dean and Castiel search for Lucifer who, meanwhile, strikes an unlikely deal with a local faith healer named Sister Jo (guest star DANNEEL ACKLES). Meanwhile, Asmodeus inches closer to finding Jack.


Episode 278 - Season 13, Episode 14: Good Intentions

Jack and Mary manage to escape Michael’s clutches and end up finding an ally in “apocalyptic world” – Bobby Singer (JIM BEAVER). Meanwhile, Sam, Dean and Castiel continue to search for a way to open a breach, not realizing that one of their own may be working against them and costing them precious time.


Episode 279 - Season 13, Episode 15: A Most Holy Man

Sam and Dean are close to collecting everything they need to open a rift into the apocalyptic world and possibly rescuing their mother and Jack. The one missing ingredient leads the Winchesters to a black market for religious relics where everything is not always as it seems.


Episode 280 - Season 13, Episode 16: Scoobynatural

Zoinks! Supernatural gets animated when Sam, Dean, and Castiel are transported into the animated world of Scooby-Doo, where they join forces with the Scooby gang to solve a ghostly mystery.


Episode 281 - Season 13, Episode 17: The Thing

Sam and Dean continue to collect the pieces necessary to open a rift to the other world in order to save their family. Their latest quest leads them to a Men of Letters bunker from the 1920s and a hungry God from another dimension. Meanwhile, Ketch (recurring guest star DAVID HAYDN-JONES) makes a shocking decision about Gabriel (recurring guest star RICHARD SPEIGHT, Jr.) after an unruly encounter with Asmodeus.


Episode 282 - Season 13, Episode 18: Bring 'em Back Alive

Lucifer rules over heaven but things aren’t going exactly as planned – exasperating his First Lady, Jo (DANNEEL ACKLES). Sam and Castiel are perplexed by the return of Gabriel. Meanwhile, Dean gets one step closer to finding Mary and Jack.


Episode 283 - Season 13, Episode 19: Funeralia

Sam and Dean must stop Rowena, who is on a deadly mission. Meanwhile, Castiel looks to heaven to recruit angels for an impending invasion but is shocked by not only what he finds, but who.


Episode 284 - Season 13, Episode 20: Unfinished Business

Gabriel (recurring guest star RICHARD SPEIGHT, Jr.) is back and drags Sam and Dean into his plot for revenge on the demigods who sold him to Asmodeus. Meanwhile, Jack’s inflated confidence leads to reckless decisions that could put others in harm’s way.


Episode 285 - Season 13, Episode 21: Beat the Devil

Sam, Dean, Castiel and Gabriel must work together if they have any hope of bringing Mary and Jack home. Meanwhile, Rowena’s encounter with Lucifer may alter the outcome of the journey for one of our heroes.


Episode 286 - Season 13, Episode 22: Exodus

Sam and Dean devise a plan that will save innocent lives. Meanwhile, Jack continues to wrestle with the consequences of his decisions.


Episode 287 - Season 13, Episode 23: Let the Good Times Roll

It all comes down to this. In the epic season thirteen finale, Sam and Dean Winchester continue to be tested in the battle between good and evil, but one impulsive decision could alter the lives of one of the brothers forever.


Episode 288 - Season 14, Episode 1: Stranger in a Strange Land

Sam enlists everyone’s help in trying to track down Dean, who can literally be anywhere. Meanwhile, Castiel may be in over his head after meeting up with an unreliable source. After being drained of his grace last season, Jack is adjusting to life as a human, learning new skills and figuring out how he fits in to this world of hunters.


Episode 289 - Season 14, Episode 2: Gods and Monsters

Sam finds a clue to Dean’s whereabouts, so he, Mary and Bobby (recurring guest star JIM BEAVER) set out to investigate. Castiel imparts some sage advice to Jack, who, still desperate to belong, seeks out a familial connection.


Episode 290 - Season 14, Episode 3: The Scar

Still trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Dean, Sam enlists the help of Sheriff Jody Mills (recurring guest star KIM RHODES), who may unknowingly already be on the case. Meanwhile, Castiel continues to be a father figure to Jack, who surprises even himself when a life is on the line.


Episode 291 - Season 14, Episode 4: Mint Condition

While Dean continues to struggle, Sam must think fast when action figures come to life and our heroes find themselves in a real-life Halloween horror movie.


Episode 292 - Season 14, Episode 5: Nightmare Logic

After a hunt gone wrong leaves Maggie’s whereabouts unknown, Sam, Dean, Mary and Bobby (recurring guest star JIM BEAVER) race to find her. But what they find are their own worst nightmares.


Episode 293 - Season 14, Episode 6: Optimism

Sam and Charlie (guest star FELICIA DAY) team up to get to the bottom of a string of random disappearances. Meanwhile, Jack believe that he has found a case and convinces Dean to partner up with him on the hunt.


Episode 294 - Season 14, Episode 7: Unhuman Nature

Sam and Castiel track down a Shaman (guest star DIMITRI VANTIS), who may be able to help a friend. Meanwhile, Nick continues to spiral down a dark path as he looks for answers surrounding the deaths of his wife and son. And Jack turns to Dean for help enjoying the human experience.


Episode 295 - Season 14, Episode 8: Byzantium

When Sam and Dean join forces with an unexpected ally, the outcome will alter the course of two lives. Meanwhile, Heaven faces an attack from a dark force, driving Castiel to make an enormous sacrifice to make things right.


Episode 296 - Season 14, Episode 9: The Spear

Sam and Dean enlist the help of their pal Garth (recurring guest star DJ QUALLS) to gain inside information on what Michael may be planning. Although the brothers split up to each go after weapons that can aid in their fight against the Archangel, this might be a fight they cannot win.


Episode 297 - Season 14, Episode 10: Nihilism

Michael has retaken control of Dean as his army of monsters continues to move in on our heroes. Sam devises a plan to try and reach Dean and stop Michael before anyone else has to die.


Episode 298 - Season 14, Episode 11: Damaged Goods

While Dean spends some bonding time with Mary and Donna (recurring guest star BRIANA BUCKMASTER), Sam is left to make an unimaginable choice. And Nick finally finds the answer he’s been searching for.


Episode 299 - Season 14, Episode 12: Prophet and Loss

Sam and Dean must figure out how to stop the bloodshed when Donatello (recurring guest star KEITH SZARABAJKA), who, in his current condition, is inadvertently scrambling the order of future prophets. Meanwhile, Nick comes face to face with his past.


Episode 300 - Season 14, Episode 13: Lebanon (300th episode)

Sam and Dean look to occult lore for a solution to their latest problem, but instead of a resolution, they find much more than either of them had anticipated. JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN returns as John Winchester in the 300th episode.


Episode 301 - Season 14, Episode 14: Ouroboros

Sam and Dean enlist the help of Rowena (recurring guest star RUTH CONNELL) to track down a demigod who feasts on human flesh. The challenge of keeping Michael at bay is proving to be more difficult than originally anticipated.


Episode 302 - Season 14, Episode 15: Peace of Mind

Sam and Castiel follow a case to a picturesque little town in Arkansas, only to find out nothing is as idyllic as it appears to be. Meanwhile, Dean and Jack take a road trip to visit an old friend.


Episode 303 - Season 14, Episode 16: Don't Go in the Woods

Sam and Dean are baffled when they come up against a monster they’ve never heard of before. Meanwhile, Jack does his best to impress a new group of friends.


Episode 304 - Season 14, Episode 17: Game Night

Sam and Dean race to help a friend in need. Meanwhile, Mary is concerned for Jack’s well being, and Castiel enlists help from Jo/Anael (recurring guest star DANNEEL ACKLES) to track down a miracle.


Episode 305 - Season 14, Episode 18: Absence

Sam and Dean continue to worry about the condition of Jack’s soul.


Episode 306 - Season 14, Episode 19: Jack in the Box

Sam, Dean and Castiel investigate a string of suspicious deaths that have a Biblical element to them.


Episode 307 - Season 14, Episode 20: Moriah

Sam, Dean and Castiel are thrown into an epic battle as all hell breaks loose in the shocking season fourteen finale. Meanwhile, Jack becomes disenchanted with all the lies… and an old friend from the shadows shows up.


Episode 308 - Season 15, Episode 1: Back and to the Future

The epic journey of the Winchester brothers comes to a close as SUPERNATURAL enters its final season. Sam (series star JARED PADALECKI) and Dean (series star JENSEN ACKLES), along with the angel Castiel (series star MISHA COLLINS) have battled gods, demons, mythical creatures and monsters, in a seemingly unending quest to save the world. But in the final battle of the show’s 14th season, they face off against God Himself (recurring guest star ROB BENEDICT), after refusing to kill their surrogate nephilim son, Jack (series star ALEXANDER CALVERT), and thus bringing about God’s decision to end this reality once and for all... Picking up where we left off last season, Sam, Dean and Castiel are left to defend the world after all the souls in Hell have been released and are now back on Earth and free to kill again.


Episode 309 - Season 15, Episode 2: Raising Hell

Sam, Dean and Castiel call on Rowena (recurring guest star RUTH CONNELL) to help keep the evil souls at bay, and get an unexpected assist from Ketch (recurring guest star DAVID HAYDN-JONES).


Episode 310 - Season 15, Episode 3: The Rupture

Together with Rowena, Sam and Dean work tirelessly to keep all of hell from breaking loose. Meanwhile, Castiel cannot forgive an arrogant betrayal.


Episode 311 - Season 15, Episode 4: Atomic Monsters

Sam and Dean investigate the mysterious death of a girl and the disappearance of another. Series star JENSEN ACKLES directed the episode.


Episode 312 - Season 15, Episode 5: Proverbs 17:3

Sam and Dean’s routine case turns out to be anything but. Recurring guest star RICHARD SPEIGHT, JR. directed the episode.


Episode 313 - Season 15, Episode 6: Golden Time

While Castiel investigates the disappearance of a local teen, Sam and Dean are visited by an old friend.


Episode 314 - Season 15, Episode 7: Last Call

Dean goes off on his own to take on a case. Meanwhile, Castiel has an idea of how he can help Sam track down God.


Episode 315 - Season 15, Episode 8: Our Father, Who Aren't In Heaven

Sam, Dean and Castiel's continued search for a way to defeat Chuck (ROB BENEDICT) leads them to unexpected places and toward unlikely allies.


Episode 316 - Season 15, Episode 9: The Trap

While Sam and Eileen (guest star SHOSHANNA STERN) face the brutal truth, Dean and Cas work together to get a step ahead of Chuck.


Episode 317 - Season 15, Episode 10: The Heroes' Journey

Sam and Dean hit the road to help an old friend, but it appears that their luck may have finally run out when they are the ones who may be in need of rescue.


Episode 318 - Season 15, Episode 11: The Gamblers

Sam and Dean press their luck in a winner-takes-all game of pool. Meanwhile, Castiel hunts down a would-be murderer, but not for reasons one might think.


Episode 319 - Season 15, Episode 12: Galaxy Brain

Sam and Dean respond to a frantic call and – together with Castiel, Jack and Sheriff Jody Mills (recurring guest star KIM RHODES) – assist in an extraordinary and heartbreaking rescue. Then, Billie (guest star LISA BERRY) surprises everyone with a visit to the bunker.


Episode 320 - Season 15, Episode 13: Destiny's Child

A search for the one thing that may give the Winchesters an edge against God leads Sam and Dean to Jo’s (guest star DANNEEL ACKLES) door and to a secret that may have died with Ruby (guest star GENEVIEVE PADALECKI). Meanwhile, Castiel asks Jack to do the unthinkable to help the brothers in their quest.


Episode 321 - Season 15, Episode 14: Last Holiday

Sam and Dean discover a wood nymph (guest star MEAGEN FAY) living in the bunker who’s determined to protect her family at any cost.


Episode 322 - Season 15, Episode 15: Gimme Shelter

While Sam and Dean go off in search of Amara (guest star EMILY SWALLOW), Castiel and Jack work a case involving members of a local church.


Episode 323 - Season 15, Episode 16: Drag Me Away (From You)

Sam and Dean are asked to investigate the murder of a childhood friend, calling them back to a motel from their past, and perplexing the brothers with a case they thought was solved a long time ago.


Episode 324 - Season 15, Episode 17: Unity

Dean hits the road with Jack, who needs to complete a final ritual in the quest to beat Chuck. Meanwhile, a difference of opinion leaves Sam and Castiel behind looking for answers to questions of their own.


Episode 325 - Season 15, Episode 18: Despair

With the plan in full motion, Sam, Dean, Castiel and Jack fight for the good of the common goal.


Episode 326 - Season 15, Episode 19: Inherit the Earth

With everything on the line as the battle against God continues, a familiar face returns to join the fight.


Episode 327 - Season 15, Episode 20: Carry On

After 15 seasons, the longest running sci fi series in the U.S. is coming to an end. Baby, it’s the final ride for saving people and hunting things.


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