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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Omega

When Lydia goes missing from the hospital werewolves and hunters alike begin a search to discover not only where she is but what she's become.


Episode 2 - Shape Shifted

The night before the new full moon Isaac's father is murdered. When he's taken into custody Scott Stiles and Derek resolve to break him out before the Argents get to him first and before the newly bitten teen turns into a werewolf.


Episode 3 - Ice Pick

Scott struggles to stop Derek from creating new werewolves while Argent decides to officially begin Allison's training and the new creature in town takes another victim.


Episode 4 - Abomination

When the new shapeshifter strikes again Scott has to recruit a reluctant Allison to acquire a rare book in Gerard's collection while also once again surviving dinner with the family.


Episode 5 - Venomous

Derek becomes convinced that Lydia is the shapeshifter they're after forcing Scott to gather his friends and even some enemies to protect her.


Episode 6 - Frenemy

With startling new information about the shapeshifter Scott and Stiles hurry to protect their friends while Allison is given an investigative task by her family.


Episode 7 - Restraint

As Lydia begins to make connections about the bite from Peter Jackson causes new problems for Scott and Stiles while Derek has a crisis of faith in his leadership as a new Alpha.


Episode 8 - Raving

During a secret concert Scott and Stiles come up with a method to trap the new shapeshifter. At the same time Allison's mother comes up with a plan of her own to take care of Scott once and for all.


Episode 9 - Party Guessed

Even as his relationship with Allison becomes further strained Scott and Stiles must attend Lydia's birthday party while Derek locks his new wolves up to watch after them on their first full moon together.


Episode 10 - Fury

With a shocking secret revealed Scott Stiles Melissa and Stilinski are taken hostage in the Sheriff's Station. Things get completely out of hand when Allison tracks Derek to the station bringing Argent and Gerard with her.


Episode 11 - Battlefield

Scott must help win the championship lacrosse game while also trying to figure out how to stop Gerard. At the same time Allison and Argent continue their hunt of Derek and his wolves.


Episode 12 - Master Plan

With a shocking death on the lacrosse field Scott and his friends rush to figure out Gerard's master plan while Derek plots to take him down using his own methods.


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