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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Long Night's Journey Into Day

In the season premiere things pick up after we last saw the girls in the Lez Girls wrap-up party. Shane tries to deal with her betrayal to Jenny as they both attempt to figure out their feelings. Bette and Tina get anxious when Angelica's fever suddenly peaks. Alice and Tasha don't know whether to break up or stay together. Meanwhile Helena and Kit party as the new club owners of HIT!.


Episode 2 - Least Likely

Old flames popping up for both Bette and Helena complicate their respective lives. Meanwhile Tasha and Alice try couples counseling.


Episode 3 - Lmfao

Tina's troubles with the Lez Girls film continue as the negative for the film is stolen. The group react to Shane and Jenny's shocking news. Bette continues to have trouble at work with Jodi. Alice makes a decision that could affect her career.


Episode 4 - Leaving Los Angeles

Bette and Tina travel out of town to meet with a potential birth mother. Dylan approaches Tina in the hopes that she can help her get back in touch with Helena. The girls on the other hand don't want Helena to have any contact with Dylan and Tasha and Alice take it upon themselves to set Helena up with a blind date. Meanwhile Max and Tom have trouble dealing with the unexpected pregnancy.


Episode 5 - Litmus Test

Jenny manages to sell another movie script which turns out to borrow heavily on someone else's work. The girls realize Alice and Tasha are having a third-wheel-crush on Jamie. Despite the girls protesting profusely Helena plans to go out with Dylan. To test Dylan's character the girls set up a trap but need Niki's help to pull it off.


Episode 6 - Lactose Intolerant

Jenny throws an overwhelming baby shower for Max and spills the beans about the Niki test to Dylan causing Helena to go on a tailspin. Bette and Tina attempt to find ways to work around the Nevada state adoption law. While Tina flies to New York on a new movie project Bette and Kelly throw an opening party at the gallery. Kit meets a handsome stranger but doesn't warm up to his advances. Meanwhile Alice Tasha and Jamie spend increasing amounts of time together.


Episode 7 - Last Couple Standing

HIT! hosts a big dance marathon for charity bringing out the competitive side in every girl. Tina gets a job offer. Jenny spreads malicious rumors about Bette. Alice begins to suspect there's something going on between Tasha and Jamie.


Episode 8 - Last Word

In the series finale as Bette and Tina are ready to start a new life in New York Jenny takes on the task of making a tribute video for the couple. Alice wants Tasha to make a decision regarding their relationship. Helena and Dylan have trust issues. Shane meets a past lover.


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