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Episode 1 - Hellcat Danger

When doing body work on any project, you need to know what panels to save and what panels to replace. Fuller and Bumpus give some tips on what to look for on a '69 Charger Hellcat project.


Episode 2 - Classic Thunderbird

The guys bring in a cherry, classic Thunderbird to up the performance under the hood and show how to correct a not-so-perfect paint job.


Episode 3 - Truck Norris

The guys bring in a turbocharged C10 already making over 700hp and add tubular control arms to get that power to the ground. Then they install a line lock for some burnout fun.


Episode 4 - Tesla Tear Down

The guys deliver some answers on what makes a Tesla tick, as they tear down a first-generation Tesla to put the drivetrain in a classic Cougar.


Episode 5 - Dusty Viper

When a car has been sitting for five years, there are certain systems to go through before firing the engine again. Fuller and Bumpus go through the fuel, spark and fluids to get a dusty, thousand-horsepower Viper ready for the track.


Episode 6 - Studebaker Steering

The steering setup on a '51 Studebaker Starlight was all wrong, so the guys go through the system and show the proper angles when it comes to steering geometry.


Episode 7 - Custom Glass

Bumpus and Fuller show how to work with glass on a '35 Hudson. The windows are straightforward, but the one-piece custom roof glass is not.


Episode 8 - Thousand Hp Hellcat

If you ever wondered what it takes to turn a stock Charger Hellcat into a thousand horsepower, 10-sec monster, Fuller and Bumpus will show you in this episode of Car Fix.


Episode 9 - El Marino

Fuller and Bumpus show what it takes to put a marine-grade LS7 into a classic '85 El Camino. There is a difference between engines built for the road and those built for the water.


Episode 10 - Hearse With a Curse

The guys bring in a 1924 Model T hearse to get it running again, after it's spent the last 30 years in a museum. Then Fuller starts mocking up and building his Formula Ford race car.


Episode 11 - Superbird

It's hard not to stop and stare when a Plymouth Superbird drives by. That's why Fuller and Bumpus take the time to show you how to do a period-correct headliner and a factory vinyl top on one of these rare classic race cars.


Episode 12 - Grand National Power

The goal is to make 700 horsepower with an '87 Grand National. Not a problem if you have the right parts, so the guys take you step-by-step on how to upgrade the turbo, manifold, throttle body and much more to create a really fast Grand National.


Episode 13 - Jeep Back Half

Seems like a lot to build the entire rear section of a Jeep TJ. Not for Bumpus and Fuller, theyll weld on a new frame, add some 2x2 square tubing for a rear section, and add new bumpers to allow this Jeep to do any kind of offroading.


Episode 14 - Patina Turner

Fuller gets reunited with an old '65 F-100 he built and helps the new owner make the truck more street-able. The guys convert it to power steering, fix some problems with stock transmission, and totally overhaul the rusty bed.


Episode 15 - Junkyard Ls Rebuild

The guys bring back the International Scout chassis to install a rebuilt LS engine. They tear the engine down to the pistons and completely overhaul it, with paint to match. Then they install the finished engine for good.


Episode 16 - Lowrider - Three Wheel Motion

It's lowrider day at the Car Fix garage. The guys show how easy it is to swap an original Olds 307 engine for a 305. Fuller does some cut and weld tips on a body repair. Then the guys find a pair of lowriders to hop and hit that three wheel motion.


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