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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Sta-Bil 360 Camaro: Part 1

Jared gets the opportunity to build his dream project, but he doesn't have much time to finish the job.


Episode 2 - Sta-Bil 360 Camaro: Part 2

Jared completely redesigns the tail section of our ’71 Camaro project.


Episode 3 - Sta-Bil 360 Camaro: Part 3

’71 Camaro goes through the first test fit of the new 6.8 liter LS3 engine and 6-speed tranny.


Episode 4 - '71 Stabil Camaro Reveal

Final assembly and reveal of the '71 Camaro project.


Episode 5 - EFI/Grundy

An in-depth look at electronic fuel injection and how to get an old carbureted engine to run more efficiently while keeping the same look.


Episode 6 - Ferrari F1 Spider

Lou brings a Ferrari into the shop for "routine" maintenance.


Episode 7 - Skylark Project, Pt. 1

Lou takes to social media to find the guys' next project, a 1970 Buick Skylark with a burn tranny.


Episode 8 - BMW Madness

The guys wake up a stock BMW 335i with a fresh new look and see how it fairs against a new M3.


Episode 9 - Skylark Project, Pt. 2

The big reveal as the guys finish up their 70 Skylark project and give it back to their new number one fan.


Episode 10 - A Picker's Dream

Work on a 67 Shelby GT500 in the shop gets interrupted by a surprise invite to Jared's hometown for a car show. Paola, KS is a shining example of the hidden gems in small town America, which turns out to be a picker's dream.


Episode 11 - Challenging Pair

Lou and Jared get a pair of sweet Challengers in the shop, both old and new. With a little problem solving and a little upgrading, the guys are giving some Mopar love.


Episode 12 - Proven Tough

Jared and Lou welcome Chuck Liddell into the shop, as he brings in a Ford Lightning to get proven Duralast tough.


Episode 13 - LS1 Cam Swap

Lou wants to do a head and cam swap on an LS1 engine, so Jared goes out and gets the perfect car for it: a 1981 Delorean. Let's see how angry they can make this legendary car.


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