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Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - "Public Enemy" '33 Hot Rod

Bryan Fuller has been working on a '33 hot rod for over 10 years, and now all his hard work is paying off because he has a buyer. He shows off some amazing fabrication to finish the headers and other sheet metal work on the body.


Episode 2 - Project FJ40

Vintage Land Cruisers still bring a pretty penny when they are all-original. Bryan and Jeremy tear the original drum brakes off and create a power braking system. It's always fun putting parts where they don't belong.


Episode 3 - Fuller Daily Driver

When Bryan needs a new daily driver, he doesn't go hunting on a dealership lot. He builds what he wants, and today, he and Jeremy bring in a '69 Lincoln Continental and slam it to the ground.


Episode 4 - LS3 Stepside

The guys bring in not just any C10 stepside. Its LS3 powered with a 4-link suspension and a Ford 9inch rear end. Now, they have to adapt headers to fit a stock exhaust. Plus, Fuller fixes a broken latch while putting the door panels together. Its more custom fab inside the CarFix shop.


Episode 5 - Project Deceptive

Bryan and Bumpus take an F100 restoration that was supposed to be all original and switch gears. With a new Coyote engine and a supercharger under this hood. This project is destined for more custom touches.


Episode 6 - Supercharged Studebaker

Watch as the guys adapt a supercharger to look period correct under the hood of a rare and unusual 302 Studebaker engine. They create custom accessory mounts for the supercharger and finish it all up with a hidden EFI setup.


Episode 7 - 73 Challenger Hellcat

What happens when you put a 6.2L Supercharged Hellcrate engine in a 73 Challenger? The factory rear end explodes for one thing. So Fuller and Jeremy swap it out for an upgrade rear end, with the right gear setup.


Episode 8 - Crazy Cutlass

Fuller brings in a twin-turbo, thousand-horsepower Cutlass to do some custom fabrication and build an all-new interior.


Episode 9 - International Scout

Fuller and Jeremy take a first-generation Scout apart and put an all-new chassis, drivetrain and 4-link suspension underneath, making it one bad off-road rig.


Episode 10 - Fastback Mustang

The guys bring in a very clean '69 fastback Mustang, and since the owner has added extra power under the hood, Bryan and Jeremy need to upgrade the rear end with a Posi unit. They also upgrade the transmission to give the owner a few extra gears.


Episode 11 - Finishing Firebird

Fuller brings in a classic Firebird that has just been painted and is ready for final assembly. The guys rebuild the front end and add the period-correct decals.


Episode 12 - Bucking Colt

The guys find a very clean Dodge Colt that is having a no-start issue. First they need to figure out where the problem is coming from, and then they fabricate some other fixes under the hood.


Episode 13 - Patina Truck

Jeremy brings in a classic Chevy that has all the goodies. LSX engine, custom chassis and a supercharger.


Episode 14 - Corvette Chassis

How do you put a modern chassis under a classic Corvette? Jeremy and Fuller will show you how to separate the stock frame and roll under an all-new custom chassis with upgraded axles, suspension and room for an LS power plant.


Episode 15 - Paint Prep Project

Bumpus and Fuller teach you everything you need to know to prep your next paint project for the booth. From setting up the paint gun to laying on final paint, you'll see all the steps to a perfect paint job.


Episode 16 - Chevelle Ac Repair

There are a number of complicated components to a car's AC System. Jeremy and Bryan show you how the system works and teach you how to convert an old R12 system to an updated R134a.


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