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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Z28 Engine Swap

To preserve the drivetrain on an original numbers matching Z28, Jared and Lou swap out the original DZ302 engine for a more powerful small block chevy.


Episode 2 - Nomad Floor

Don't miss Jared and Lou replacing a one-piece floor panel on a 1955 Nomad Wagon.


Episode 3 - Toyota Rock Racer

Everything is made to order on our Toyota Rock Racer. Lou and Jared modify the hood and floor and Jared builds a set of custom headers.


Episode 4 - Le Mans GTO

Lou and Jared find a 1972 Le Mans GTO Convertible. This factory option car may be rare, but the parts are easy to find. Jared and Lou restore the car's entire interior in this episode of Car Fix.


Episode 5 - All About the Details

Watch what it takes to body work interior parts on a 1998 355F1 Spider and take a trip to Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance to see the greatest cars in the world.


Episode 6 - Trans Am Part 2

After the All Girls Garage team took out the original engine on a Y88 Trans Am. Jared and Lou prep the new LS3 engine and do the installation.


Episode 7 - F100 Transformed

A 1966 F100 gets transformed when Jared relocates a gas tank from the cab to under the bed. Plus, Lou stays in the Zone with brake and under the hood maintenance.


Episode 8 - Blown 67 Camaro

Jared and Lou cut a hole in the hood of a '67 Camaro to make room for a 671 blower.


Episode 9 - JK Supercharged Pt. 1

Jared and Lou bolt-on some supercharged power to a sluggish Jeep JK engine.


Episode 10 - JK Four-Linked Part 2

Jared and Lou fabricate a new pair of super duty truck axles to fit under a Jeep JK's four-link suspension.


Episode 11 - Cut Low

Jared and Lou bring in a friend's 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass to get it running again and rework the hydro system in time for local low-rider show.


Episode 12 - Drag Duster

A 10-sec car is cool, but Jared and Lou make a Plymouth Duster even better by getting rid of the carburetor and going EFI. Plus, they fix some exhaust leaks and spark problems.


Episode 13 - Top End Kit

Lou and Jared tear down a very nice 1965 Impala to install an Edelbrock top end kit with an upgraded cam.


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