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Episode 1 - Ruby Reborn

Dog River, Saskatchewan is a town where not much happens and the locals like it that way. So, when Brent Leroy starts renting videos at his corner gas station and a big city girl from Toronto moves in to run the coffee shop next door it's either a sign of the apocalypse or a chance for Dog River to finally have a decent cup of coffee.


Episode 2 - The Taxman

When a tax man comes to audit the Corner Gas business records, Brent's dad Oscar and friend Hank immediately plot revenge by devising a fool-proof plan to humiliate the auditor. Unfortunately for Hank and Oscar, Emma's excellent record-keeping throws the whole clock-work operation into chaos and Hank learns you shouldn't carry out a humiliation plan after you've been drinking. Meanwhile, Lacey's big city approach to selling coffee doesn't fly with the locals.


Episode 3 - Pilates Twist

Lacey offers free Pilates classes to the people of Dog River but the town is strangely hostile to the idea. Then Brent and Hank's fashion worlds collide; Dog River's not big enough for two sharp-dressed men, so Hank comes up with a way of making sure they never steal each other's fashion thunder again. Meanwhile, Brent's dad Oscar takes steps to avoid being buried in a cheap looking coffin.


Episode 4 - Oh Baby!

In an effort to impress Lacey, Brent agrees to babysit Wanda's troubled six-year-old, Tanner, and the town takes an unusual interest in the outcome. Brent uses his time with Tanner to develop his nurturing side but the results are painful, mostly for Brent. Eventually Lacey does come to Brent's rescue but not for the reasons Brent thinks. Meanwhile Oscar does his best not to destroy the gas station in Brent's absence and Hank tries to deal with his own disturbing memory of babysitting Wanda's kid.


Episode 5 - Grad '68

A poorly spray-painted "Grad 68" on the Dog River water tower has been an eyesore for years. But when rookie cop Karen makes it her mission to crack the graffiti cold case, she finds many of the locals united in a mysterious conspiracy of silence. Meanwhile, Brent throws Dog River into chaos when he tries to end the confusion over the gas station's new bathroom signs. And when Lacey's column is rejected by the town newspaper, she becomes desperate to be published, especially after hearing the paper usually takes anyone.


Episode 6 - World's Biggest Things

Realizing that other prairie towns have attracted tourists by erecting giant statues of eggs, moose and magpies, Dog River decides it should put up its own big tourist magnet. The question is what. Finally the mayor's grandmother comes up with the perfect landmark. The only problem is the name of the landmark has an unfortunate double meaning. But who can argue with the mayor's grandmother? Meanwhile, Brent's dad Oscar gets help from some head cheese to stop a love-struck admirer from ruining his marriage.


Episode 7 - All My Ex's

When Lacey's ex-fiancee from Toronto comes to visit, the people of Dog River take matters into their own hands to protect Lacey from her past. Unfortunately the town's crack system for tracking intruders has a few glitches. Meanwhile Brent's mom Emma uses strong-arm tactics to get her husband to the doctor; the town's policewoman, Karen, gets to know her billy stick; and just about everyone gets a tour of the police station's new interrogation room.


Episode 8 - Cousin Carl

Brent's successful cousin Carl, now working in England, comes back to visit Dog River and everyone seems to love him except for Brent. After a while, even Brent fears his loathing of Carl might be misplaced. Thankfully at the town's talent show, Brent's fears of misplaced dislike are put to rest when Carl proves himself less than perfect. Meanwhile Davis' love of puppetry turns sour after the talent night and Oscar finally figures out a way to make some money from his old beer bottles.


Episode 9 - Cell Phone

When Brent gets a new cell phone, Davis is determined to keep up with him technologically. Then Lacey tries to join the town's exclusive Chamber of Commerce by proving to Dog River that she's got community spirit. When she learns that one of the town's historic landmarks could be torn down, she jumps into action, not realizing there might be a good reason for it. Meanwhile, over at the bar, Hank wonders what actually goes on in the "Chamber" of Commerce and Oscar develops a passion for stuffed toy bunnies.


Episode 10 - Comedy Night

Brent develops a grudge for an out-of-town comedian who performs at a comedy night in Dog River. Hank, on the other hand, is star struck with the guy and arranges to be the M.C. for the night. Unfortunately, Hank gets a little carried away after Lacey gives him a crash course in heckler management. Meanwhile, the women's book club of Dog River expands its reading list when they recruit a man.


Episode 11 - Hook, Line, and Sinker

To drum up business, Brent gets a sign to put up catchy slogans outside the gas station and coffee shop, but Lacey isn't crazy about his pithy catch phrases. Meanwhile Brent and Emma worry about Oscar's memory after Oscar keeps misplacing his can of Alphagetti. And on a fishing trip, Karen doesn't sleep with Hank.


Episode 12 - Face Off

As they kick off their season against a rival team from Stonewood, the local Dog River hockey team finds itself at a crossroads. Brent is a great goalie and is being taken for granted by his teammates, so when an offer from the rival team comes his way, he has to seriously consider his options. Meanwhile the other players are having trouble scoring and might need to take some advice from an unlikely hockey expert. Then team super-fan Emma learns the hard way that you should never mix cars, your husband and a hammer on game night.


Episode 13 - I Love Lacey

On their way to the Grey Cup in Regina, the gang from Dog River hit a few snags. Emma and Wanda get physical with a cashier while shopping at their favourite store. Oscar and Hank visit Oscar's crazy old buddy who's not quite the partier he used to be. Karen and Davis try to buy tickets from a scalper. Lacey discovers that getting roadside assistance isn't that simple when you're traveling with a guy who runs a gas station. Meanwhile Brent realizes there may be more to his relationship with Lacey than he thought.


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