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Episode 1 - Hair Comes the Judge

Brent accepts the offer of a haircut from Karen, only to find out that Emma is territorial about her hair cuts. Hank promises to stain Lacey's deck but doesn't, forcing Lacey to get Wanda's help to settle it. And Davis is after Oscar to replace his muffler, which is as loud as it is old.


Episode 2 - Dog River Dave

When a morning radio DJ starts impersonating Brent on his show, Brent tries to prove to the people of Dog River – and especially Oscar – that it’s not actually him. Lacey's upset when her new delivery service proves more popular than she'd like. And Davis and Karen find out that their work-to-rule campaign is a lot more work than they thought.


Episode 3 - Two Degrees of Separation

Hank installs a new digital thermostat for Oscar and Emma, only to be drawn into their battle over the perfect temperature for the room. Karen makes Lacey regret disobeying a local yield sign. And when Davis puts up a security height sticker by the door of Corner Gas, Brent makes it his mission to figure out how tall Wanda is.


Episode 4 - Just Brent and His Shadow

Brent and Lacey mentor a couple of high school students in a job shadow program only to prove they’re less than inspirational leaders. Hank gets a fondue pot and inadvertently upsets Davis, an avid fondue enthusiast. And Emma, unnerved by a friend’s recent divorce, decides to be nicer to Oscar with unexpected consequences for Wanda.


Episode 5 - Jail House

In an effort to raise money for charity, Karen locks Davis in the jail cell and won't let him out until she has raised a thousand dollars – a challenge made no less difficult when Hank insists on keeping Davis company. Brent resists Lacey's attempt to "spruce up" Corner Gas. And Wanda won't let a lack of know-how interfere with her attempt to fix Oscar and Emma’s toilet.


Episode 6 - Demolition

Hank and Brent’s plan to tear down a local barn is complicated when Oscar insists on getting involved. Davis, determined to become the local paper’s “Newsmaker of the Year,” hires Wanda to take photos of him on the job. And Lacey is frustrated at Emma for having to continually re-manicure her nails.


Episode 7 - I, Witness

Following an almost-near-death experience, Hank decides to live out his life-long dream of becoming a “professional” rodeo clown. Karen dreads giving a speech for the local police association on the subject of eyewitness testimony – and Wanda’s help isn’t helping. Meanwhile Oscar gives up on being Emma’s bridge partner, leaving an unsuspecting Lacey to take his place.


Episode 8 - Blog River

Brent regrets convincing Hank to start an on-line blog when he realizes that he's actually going to have to read it. And when Lacey gets bummed out over a friend's recent success, the food at the Ruby goes downhill. To take Lacey's mind off it, Emma invites her to a BBQ but things turn ugly when Lacey takes on Oscar on in a friendly game of horseshoes. Meanwhile Wanda gives Davis a hand with his taxes with expensive results.


Episode 9 - Outside Joke

When the police department gets a new global positioning unit, Brent realizes that Corner Gas may not actually be within the town of Dog River. Soon, Brent's the outsider and Lacey is relishing her new "insider" status. Meanwhile Hank’s new job as the garbage man has Oscar and Emma feeling privacy-invaded. And Karen tries to coach Davis in the ways of a proper practical joke.


Episode 10 - One Piano, Four Hands

Wanda's competitive nature comes out when she and Davis both sign up for piano lessons with Emma. Brent and Oscar do battle over a new air pump at Corner Gas. And when Lacey breaks her arm, Hank tries to help her through the recovery process. Meanwhile everyone in town seems eager to sign Lacey's cast – except, for some reason, Karen.


Episode 11 - Kid Stuff

When Emma starts using Brent's old bedroom as a sewing area, she gives his old toys to Hank to free up space – causing Brent to suddenly feel sentimental. Oscar starts selling cookies door-to-door in an effort to make some extra cash and has a surprisingly eager assistant in Karen. Meanwhile Davis frustrates Lacey by trying to order off the new kid’s menu. And Wanda attempts to be more "folksy" with Corner Gas customers.


Episode 12 - Mother's Day

After neglecting to buy Emma a Mother’s Day present, Brent finds himself trying to get back into her good books by crushing Hank’s efforts to be a better son than him. This is nothing but good news to Oscar who realizes that he can now get away with pretty much anything. Over at the Ruby Lacey and Davis try to see who can embarrass the other more by bringing up each other’s inabilities. Meanwhile Karen and Wanda buy a hutch from a Swedish super store and have some problems putting it together.


Episode 13 - Census Sensibility

When Oscar has to find a way to pay for Emma's damaged bushes he takes the job as a census taker. The only problem is he's partnered with Hank, who would prefer to work alone. Meanwhile Wanda and Brent, in an effort to make some extra cash, attempt to sell Meal Replacement bars and a misunderstanding leads Lacey to believe that two of Dog River's finest are involved in a scandalous affair.


Episode 14 - The Good Old Table Hockey Game

When Davis buys a table hockey game for the police station Brent and Karen show down to see who is the ultimate champion. Hank, in seeing how Brent is preparing for the big game decides that maybe Karen is a better role model to follow. Meanwhile, Lacey, thinking Emma is quite deserving of the award, decides to nominate her as a Woman of Distinction.


Episode 15 - Lacey Borrows

When Karen thinks that she and Lacey are past the point of asking to borrow things it becomes open season on each other’s possessions. Meanwhile Oscar, Emma and Wanda are aghast that Brent has never seen a horror movie and set out to scare the crap out of him. Hank, in an effort to save time getting stuff from his truck, starts wearing cargo pants that can hold everything you could ever need... ever.


Episode 16 - Potato Bowl

When Wanda accidentally breaks Emma's famous Potato Bowl the pressure is on for her to amend the situation. Meanwhile Hank tries to become a better story teller by making fun of Brent and Lacey. And Oscar, Karen and Davis start their own secret club.


Episode 17 - Seeing Things

Brent decides to try different alternatives to glasses after his break, something Wanda doesn’t quite believe he’s man enough to do. Karen and Davis take advantage of Hanks newfound talent for writing slogans by putting an original on the Cop Car. The nature of the slogan causes Oscar to take the law into his own hands.


Episode 18 - Happy Campers

Brent and Oscar have to take Davis on their annual camping trip which makes things more complicated than they would have liked. Hank finds himself with a once-in-a-lifetime good hair day and does his best to hold on to it. And in an effort to prove to each other how difficult their jobs are, Lacey and Wanda decide to switch jobs for a while.


Episode 19 - Gopher It

Hank has an idea to increase tourism to Dog River which causes consequences nobody could have foreseen. Oscar also has an idea but is afraid to bring it forward for fear of being labeled a crazy old man. The new found popularity of Dog River causes a business boom at Corner Gas and the Ruby as well as Wanda getting a weekly guest spot on popular Canadian news program. Davis tries to work as Fitzy's personal body guard during the transition while Karen thinks loyal, honest police work is best.


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