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Impractical Jokers Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Elephant in the Room

The guys mouth off to patients in a dentist's office, toss popcorn at movie goers in a theater, and take photos for their outrageous blogs in a public park.


Episode 2 - The Stoop Sessions, Pt. 1

Joe, Murr, Q, and Sal bring you their favorite moments from season one. The guys discuss their most shocking incidents, the best reactions, and reveal never before seen moments from the cutting room floor.


Episode 3 - Art Attack

Four friends compete to embarrass each other in the ultimate hidden camera showdown. The guys polish their skills as manicurists in an unsuspecting nail salon, get touchy feely with patrons in a comic book store, and race through the aisles of a grocery store.


Episode 4 - The Stoop Sessions, Pt. 2

Joe, Murr, Q, and Sal bring you more of their favorite hilarity from season one. The guys relive the moments that made them cringe, crack under pressure, and reveal behind the scenes info on the surprises that came out of left field.


Episode 5 - Strip High Five

The guys say all the wrong things when conducting sensitivity training, have unexpected celebrity sightings on the street, and are forced into being unreceptive receptionists in a busy office.


Episode 6 - Birds and the Bees

The guys share shameful secrets in the park, don headsets at a fast food drive-through, and try to convince unsuspecting strangers to dance with them.


Episode 7 - Sound EffeXXX

The guys debut uninspiring inventions to stunned focus groups, use people for pillows as they fall asleep in the park, and talk shoppers out of their desired products in a grocery store.


Episode 8 - Do Something To My Face

The guys enlist shoppers to settle senseless debates in the mall, scream for ice-cream as patrons in a parlor, and protest unconventional causes in the park.


Episode 9 - Psychotic Not-line

The guys endure a shakedown in a discount store, put their fate in the hands of the "Wheel of Doom," and try to hack it as Hibachi chefs without going up in flames.


Episode 10 - The Truth Hurts

The guys search for imaginary places with a little help from strangers, pick their own poison in the park, and there's a surprise behind every door in the horrifying hunt for a house-sitter.


Episode 11 - Get Out of Dodge

It's an eye for an eye when the guys face off as optometrists, they break each others' banks giving bad financial advice, and push outrageous political platforms in a fruitless hunt for votes.


Episode 12 - Love Expert

The guys lose their rhythm while teaching dance class, try to hock tickets to fantastical Broadway plays, and demand a rematch in their sudden death debates.


Episode 13 - Out of Fashion

The guys host a taste test with embarrassing survey questions, haggle over priceless pieces of junk at a flea market, and tank as attendants at a gas station.


Episode 14 - Scaredy Cat

The guys advertise incompetence to a group of agency executives, are forced into dirty deeds as custodians in a mall food court, and tempt their fates by returning to the wheel of doom!


Episode 15 - Joker vs. Joker

Joe, Sal, Murr and Q face off in special Joker versus Joker challenges. They try their hands at giving palm readings, manicures and much more in a humiliating quest to avoid facing the ultimate punishment.


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