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Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - British Invasion

In this special, the guys cross the pond for the first-ever international episode of Impractical Jokers. Joe, Murr, Q and Sal may be up to their old tricks, but the clueless people on the receiving end of those tricks won't be the typical "marks" they're used to dealing with. Will these four fish out of water go with the flow, or will they drown in a sea of awkwardness and humiliation?


Episode 2 - The Coward

The guys show who's boss at a fast food joint, and whisper sweet nothings at a grocery store. Then, the big loser helps a cow in labor, and almost buys the farm.


Episode 3 - Virtual Insanity

The guys bark up the wrong tree as employees at a pet store, then head to the market for a game that throws everything up in the air. And the big loser virtually loses his mind after entering a world he's never visited before.


Episode 4 - Laundry Day

The guys look for partners in crime at a supermarket and throw caution to the wind as helpless romantics. And the loser has a serious wardrobe malfunction.


Episode 5 - Water Torture

Joe, Q, Sal and Murr spin a wheel and creep out shoppers at the mall. And the punishment leaves one Joker soaked, enraged, and totally shocked.


Episode 6 - Hitting the Wrong Note

The guys dress to the nines, but act like zeroes while trying to get sympathy, and the big loser faces the music in a tone-deaf punishment.


Episode 7 - Heckle and Hide

Heckle and Hide: The guys ask strangers for a little help with big items at the grocery store, and give entrepreneurial tips to some unfortunate souls. Plus, the big loser strikes out at a little league softball game while posing as "that dad."


Episode 8 - The Chairman

The guys shock shoppers by going footloose and fancy-free in a discount store, then pose insane questions to strangers in the park. And the big loser is taken for a wild ride in a tricked-out wheelchair he can't possibly control.


Episode 9 - Wrapper's Delight

The guys make a mockery of each other as restaurant managers, name that (made up) tune with strangers, and then head to the park for some awkward fun in the sun. Plus, the big loser gets wrapped up in a birthday surprise.


Episode 10 - Ash Clown

The guys give customers an eye-opening experience at a glasses store, and then convince grocery shoppers to pass ridiculous messages while shopping. Plus, tonight's loser gives back at a Career Day assembly that's divorced from reality.


Episode 11 - Spider Man

Sal, Murr, Joe and Q give all-you-can eat buffet customers all they can handle, and turn into real power tools while teaching workshops at a hardware store. Then, the big loser suffers a punishment that will make your skin crawl.


Episode 12 - Stage Fright

The guys serve up raw deals while working the counter at a pawn shop and try to convince strangers in the park to give them hugs after incredibly bizarre apologies. Then, the big loser performs his own life story through song.


Episode 13 - Training Day

Joe, Sal, Murr and Q show up to a supermarket with bells on, and then it's d?j? vu in the park as the guys try to reminisce with total strangers. And later, the three big losers are put through an epic trial by fire.


Episode 14 - Impractical Jokers Live: Nitro Circus Spectacular

The IMPRACTICAL JOKERS team with NITRO CIRCUS for a two-hour event, featuring obstacle courses, high-flying jumps, and a punishment unlike anything you've seen before.


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