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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - A Fat Girl Dancing

After a health disorder caused her to gain more than 230 pounds, Whitney was forced to give up her one, true love: dancing. But after encouraging news from a doctor, she's determined to show the world she can still move, even at 380 pounds.


Episode 2 - Hate Mail

At 380 lbs. Whitney is working hard to make her Big Girl dance classes a success. But as things seem to be looking up, the hateful jeers of a complete stranger deliver her a crushing blow.


Episode 3 - The Say-Yes Philosophy

After saying no' to life for the past ten years, Whitney's new Say-Yes Philosophy' lands her in a plus-sized fashion show, an institution she resents as an overweight woman.


Episode 4 - More than a Buddy

Since teaching dance has not led to weight loss, it's time to take things up a notch with a personal trainer. And her mom's suggestion that Buddy is "the one" has Whitney questioning everything.


Episode 5 - Doing the Beach

A poor body image has prevented Whitney from going to the beach for almost 20 years. And while her insecurities have never been higher, she wants to overcome her fears with an epic return in a bold bathing suit.


Episode 6 - A Fling Thing

While her parents prepare for their big wedding anniversary, Whitney entertains the idea of a fling with an old friend. But trouble brews when he shows up to the party and meets Buddy.


Episode 7 - The Wedding Job

A bride hires Whitney to choreograph her destination wedding but when everything goes wrong, Whitney panics. After calling in Ashley as a reinforcement, their day turns into something completely unexpected.


Episode 8 - The Double Blind Date

In effort to help Ashley find love, Whitney creates an online dating profile which ensues a tangle of lies.Buddy comes to Whitney's rescue and a proposal of marriage ensues.


Episode 9 - Leaving the Nest

Whitney's dance career hits an all-time high as she prepares to lead a giant dance class. Meanwhile, she and Buddy go house hunting. But just as things are looking up, devastating news puts Whitney's future in peril.


Episode 10 - The Skinny

Whitney looks back at all the big fat fabulous moments this season & shares insights into her most intimate relationships and answers viewers' provocative questions.


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