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Season 8 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Now four months into their engagement, Whitney and Chase are no closer to living together, but wedding plans need to be made. During a mountain weekend getaway with their friends, will Whitney's new boundaries with Buddy be put to the test?


Episode 2 - Whitney's Long-Distance Relationship

Agonizing over his blow up with Whitney, Buddy seeks her out to apologize but scares her with the intensity of his reaction. When Whitney visits Chase in Wilmington, North Carolina, for the weekend, he gives her an unexpected surprise.


Episode 3 - Slipping Through My Fingers

During a weekend trip to Wilmington, Chase shocks Whitney by asking her to move in with him, but is she flattered or annoyed? When Covid-19 hits too close to home after some scary news from Buddy, Whitney fears for the safety of her parents.


Episode 4 - Safer at Home

While isolated at home due to the spread of Covid-19, Whitney struggles with her growing resentment toward Chase. Will this quarantined couple come to an agreement over their living situation, or will the pandemic drive a bigger wedge between them?


Episode 5 - My Big Fat Broken Heart

After months of quarantine and struggling with panic attacks, Whitney is still reeling after hearing that Chase is having a baby with another woman. She turns to Buddy for comfort. When Chase asks to see her again, will she have the courage to face him?


Episode 6 - Whitney Confronts Chase

Whitney finally has a face-to-face confrontation with Chase, but will she get the closure she so desperately needs? Also, after Buddy steps up to console Whitney, he finds himself sidelined by another man from her past.


Episode 7 - Sex, Lies and Sandwiches

After a close encounter with an ex-boyfriend, Whitney wonders if she's ready to move on from Chase. She escapes quarantine for a fun weekend friends' trip, but will she be crushed when she discovers Buddy's been keeping a new girlfriend from her?


Episode 8 - Sink or Swim

During a weekend trip to the lake, Whitney and Ryan clash as her friends beg her to ditch him and move back to Greensboro. When Buddy's new girlfriend crashes the party, Whitney worries about losing her "quarantine husband" to another woman.


Episode 9 - The Buddy System

Wary of being alone in Charlotte, Whitney convinces Buddy to move in with her. With Buddy's new girlfriend taking up his time, however, she finds herself lonelier than ever. When Buddy moves too fast in love, will it all blow up in their faces?


Episode 10 - A Big Fat Ultimatum

With Chase long gone and Buddy on the fence about staying with her, Whitney considers packing it all in and heading home to Greensboro. When Ryan finds out, however, he throws down a pretty hefty ultimatum, threatening her to stay in Charlotte -- or else!


Episode 11 - Weight-Loss Surgery

While Whitney is undecided about where to live, the Greensboro crew hatches a plan to lure her back home and away from Ryan -- for good. With the fate of the business in jeopardy and her love life in ruins, Whitney faces some tough decisions.


Episode 12 - Whitney Gets Her Groove Back

In an attempt to rebuild their shaky relationship, Ryan invites Whitney and her friends to Asheville for a weekend getaway. Whitney consults a doctor about moving forward with weight loss surgery, but will the benefits outweigh the risks?


Episode 13 - Big Fat Brawl

During a weekend trip to Asheville, all eyes are on Ryan for possible sabotage, but no one is expecting Whitney and Buddy to lash out at each other. Then, when Whitney tests her stamina on a treacherous waterfall hike, will she push herself too hard?


Episode 14 - Big Fat Baby News

Things are looking up for Whitney during an Asheville getaway, but when she discovers Ryan has been keeping devastating news from her, will she ever be able to trust him again? Then, Whitney is shocked by a surprise call from Chase and his baby daughter.


Episode 15 - The Skinny

Host Sukanya Krishnan takes Whitney, her friends and her family back through some of the most memorable and traumatic moments of the past year. Also, Chase comes face to face with everyone for the first time since the breakup.


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