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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - I Wanna Be Fat

Whitney's excitement over her first dance-a-thon takes a dark turn when she realizes that her 370 lb. body is not as healthy as she thinks it is. Meanwhile, Whitney's not sure how to feel about the reveal of Buddy's new girlfriend.


Episode 2 - A Brush With Death

After collapsing at the dance-a-thon, Whitney's rushed to the hospital. But even the E.R. doctor can't scare her into making a big change, and a trip to the snow turns disastrous when she finds herself screaming at the television crew to help her.


Episode 3 - Speechless

After receiving grim news from a cardiologist regarding her collapse, Whitney must take a break from dancing. But she is blindsided when she learns that one of her fellow big girls is trying to hijack her class in her absence.


Episode 4 - Losing at Love

Whitney wants Lennie to move in, but her couples' game night with Heather and Buddy foreshadows a disastrous reality that she hadn't considered. High hopes of getting back into radio are crushed when Whitney bombs in an interview.


Episode 5 - (Fat Girl) Spread Thin

It's one thing to throw her back out at 370 lbs., but when Whitney's only option is to ride a mobility scooter in the St. Patty's Day parade, she experiences fat-shaming like never before.


Episode 6 - Cereal Stalker

Whitney hits the pool with transgender pal Mattie, only to find she's withheld something significant. When Whitney gives trainer Will excuses for her recent gym absence, she gets a lashing over her diet. Lennie goes MIA and Whitney turns to stalking him.


Episode 7 - Fat Jokes

Between her parents' upcoming birthday party and Will's disapproval of her eating habits, Whitney is stressed. Then, she's blindsided at her radio job when a female comedian targets fat people. When Whitney jumps on the air, things get heated!


Episode 8 - Flirting with Disaster

Whitney gets a chance to make her own dance DVD, but her reputation is at stake when her backup dancers fail her. Whitney's lack of commitment has Will fed up. Glenn threatens to get rid of Allister.


Episode 9 - Big Fat Breakup

Despite the harsh setback of being fired by her trainer Will, Whitney must get her life together in time for the big ballroom competition in Charlotte. A surprising twist in her love life has everyone caught off guard - especially Lennie.


Episode 10 - The Skinny Part 1

Whitney and the entire cast dish on the highs and lows of the past season, from Whitney's real feelings about the funeral intervention to the beef between her and Caitie. Plus, Lennie and Whitney meet again for the first time since breaking up.


Episode 11 - The Skinny Part 2

The entire cast dishes up a second helping of The Skinny! Lennie and Whitney talk for the first time since breaking up. Whitney finally confesses her true feelings about Roy and sparks fly when Whitney confronts her nemesis, comedian Kerryn Feehan.


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