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My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Knocked Up?

Newly single, blonde, and a homeowner, Whitney takes a fresh approach to the challenges faced by a 370-pound dancer. But an unfortunate fight with her new "tenant" topped with the most shocking news imaginable leads to catastrophe.


Episode 2 - Immaculate Misconception

Whitney settles into the grave reality of being pregnant at 370 lbs., and now she must find the courage to break the news to her child's father. But when Lennie asks for proof that the pregnancy is legit, Whitney's flabbergasted.


Episode 3 - Baby Fat

Glenn has a conniption when he learns of Whitney's pregnancy, and Babs spills the beans to everyone at the worst possible moment. Kiss FM has Whitney cover Charlotte's gay pride festival, but nothing could prepare her for fat-shaming at its worst.


Episode 4 - Judging Whitney

Whitney's big festival performance leads to a cat fight with a rival dancer; then her world gets rocked when Lennie shows up with a new woman. Forced to get real with Roy, Whitney lays everything on the table in hopes that he returns her affections.


Episode 5 - How Low Can Whit Go?

Whitney attends rival Jiya's dance class, and when her skills get tested and she refuses to get low, things get nasty. Then Jiya and her Trophy Wives step onto Whitney's turf, where Whitney serves up a surprise. Roy puts Whitney on the spot - on the air.


Episode 6 - I Kissed a Girl

Whitney runs into a female friend from high school who invites her horseback riding. By the time Whitney realizes she's on a romantic date, there's no turning back. Babs plans a bombshell of a surprise for Glenn on their wedding anniversary.


Episode 7 - Whitney Calls in Backup

With the dance battle looming Whitney can't afford to mess around. But bringing in cutthroat choreographer Jenzi to help with the class' routine proves disastrous when she gives Whitney a dark ultimatum. Will poses a new challenge for Buddy.


Episode 8 - Big Girl Dance Battle

It's time to battle! Whitney's Big Girls gear up for the most intense performance of their lives. The Trophy Wives come packing a secret weapon that has Whitney calling foul and when an injury plagues her star dancer Whitney loses her mind.


Episode 9 - Whitney Gets a Date

Whitney dives back into online dating, but a new type of suitor raises ample concern. Whitney and Buddy gear up for a fitness competition, but when they arrive Will drops a bomb. Meanwhile, Whitney comes upon the scorecards from the dance battle.


Episode 10 - Belly Up

Whitney attends a belly dancing class with a judge from the dance battle, but when a harmless lesson turns into a public performance with a sword, panic sets in. Online date Nathan divulges information that throws Whitney's world into a tailspin.


Episode 11 - Big Girl in the Big Apple

Whitney tags along on Todd's New York trip to attend a dance workshop with The Fitness Marshall. But when she accepts an offer to be in a music video the following day, Todd goes into an angry tirade and abandons her in Central Park.


Episode 12 - Toe to Toe

With the dance battle rematch looming, Whitney's friends attempt to repair her relationship with Todd, but an untimely injury leads to an even bigger problem. Whitney learns that Babs has been rushed to the emergency room.


Episode 13 - Whitney Steps Up

In the wake of Babs' stroke, the family struggles to hold it together. Whitney offers to help with Babs' recovery, but when she receives an unexpected offer, she must choose between her family and her dance career.


Episode 14 - The Skinny

Whitney and cast look back on the most outrageous moments of the season. Whitney comes clean to Roy about her feelings, and a visit from Jiya causes temperatures to rise. When host Shaun Robinson rubs Buddy the wrong way, he storms off the set.


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