Naked and Afraid Season 14 Episodes

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Season 14 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Curse of the Chiapas

A football coach and midwife attempt to overcome the curse of Chiapas, Mexico, a location so daunting that no survivalist has completed 21 days. But their radically different approaches to survival hurt their ability to endure.


Episode 2 - Haunted and Hungry

A former Marine sniper and a Mississippi mom try to endure 21 days in a haunted Colombian swamp. But extreme humidity, insects and infection prove more difficult to endure than any legends.


Episode 3 - Fallen Farmer

A transgender Vet and a South African farmer tackle the deadly bush of Zambia where territorial elephants, baboons and crocodiles threaten their every move.


Episode 4 - Sibling Survival

After his brother is medically tapped, a South African sibling seeks redemption in Zambia, paired with an endurance athlete from Louisiana. But vindication proves harder than expected.


Episode 5 - Night Stalkers

A wilderness guide and a software engineer try to endure 21 days in the Botswana desert. But at night, their safety is threatened by roaming lions and aggressive elephants.


Episode 6 - Next Gen Survival

For the first time, two young adult kids of veteran survivalists try to prove they are as good as their parents when they take on 21-days in a dense Mexican rainforest where they face pumas, jaguars and deadly fer de lance snakes.


Episode 7 - Valley of the Leopards

Fan survivalist Matt, notorious for his former partner sharting in their water source, teams up with environmentalist, Kerra, to take on 21-days in Zambia. Dropped in a valley teaming with leopards, will he have another environmental disaster?


Episode 8 - Opposites Don't Attract

A wilderness EMT and a hard-headed homesteader try to survive in a coastal Colombian jungle. But when their priorities clash, their partnership becomes volatile.


Episode 9 - Legends and Rookies

Legend survivalists Max and Rylie are dropped in the South African bush with two novice fans to try and survive 21 days with spitting cobras, aggressive warthogs, rhinos and leopards.


Episode 10 - Battle of the Sexes

Two women and two men face off in South Africa to see who can survive 21 days. Pursued by leopards, lions and hyenas, who will tap first -- the men or the women?


Episode 11 - Abandoned Village

Two survivalists try to endure 21 days in the wreckage of an abandoned village in Botswana's Okavango Delta, where aggressive hippos have claimed the territory.


Episode 12 - The Labyrinth

An anthropologist and mountaineer take shelter in a labyrinth of caves in Colombia, but are plagued by bats, swarming bees and unpredictable storms.


Episode 13 - Lost in Translation

An American and a Brazilian survivalist are dropped into the unforgiving South African bush for 21 days only to discover that neither of them speaks each other's language.


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