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Naked and Afraid Season 9 Episodes

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Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Category 5 Survival

In Florida, Amal and Duke cope with a category-five hurricane as well as spiders and predators.


Episode 2 - A Screw Loose

Survivalists contend with humidity, predators, torrential rainfall, and an injury in a Mayan jungle.


Episode 3 - Swamp Queen

In Mississippi, Gabrielle and Brian face snakes, mosquitos, predators, and a week-long thunderstorm.


Episode 4 - Forbidden Fruit

Bug swarms and a lack of food test Gary and Karra's survival in the savannah region of Brazil.


Episode 5 - Island of Tears

Max and Bianca face off with aggressive caiman, boa constrictors, spiders, and thorny mangroves.


Episode 6 - Thieves in the Night

One survivalist falls into a roaring fire after being depleted of energy due to a lack of food.


Episode 7 - Loaded for Bear

Survivalists must compete against black bears for resources in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.


Episode 8 - Pick Your Poison

In Brazil, a standoff with a poisonous fer-de-lance snake threatens to send both survivalists home.


Episode 9 - Love At First Fight

Instant attraction gives way to unforgiving conditions on a Nicaraguan island teeming with bull sharks and big cats; a brutal flood...


Episode 10 - Burnt To A Crisp

Tormented by crocodiles, howler monkeys and no tree canopy to protect them from the sun in this post-hurricane Nicaraguan jungle, one...


Episode 11 - Trouble in Paradise

Torrential downpours and windstorms push starving survivalists to their breaking points.


Episode 12 - Fan Down

A freak injury puts super fans Maci and Justin at risk in the Nicaraguan jungle.


Episode 14 - Blindsided

A dangerous burn and clashing survival strategies plague survivalists in the jungles of Panama.


Episode 16 - Fire and Fury

Stalked by leopards, survivalists fight the elements and each other in South Africa.


Episode 101 - Unsurvivable

Twenty new survivalists attempt the 21-day challenge, and face hurricanes, broken bones, unrelenting insects, bear encounters, deadly...


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