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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Bling, Bling, Bling, Driving School, Shoplifting Shakedown

Missy Elliott finds herself caught up in a bling sting when her jewel-encrusted dog tags are given to the wrong messenger, Hilary Duff (Lizzie McGuire) gets a driver’s education when her car seems to get jacked by the Punk’d crew and we find out exactly how far Usher will go for his family when his brother is picked up for shoplifting and he has to bail him out.


Episode 2 - Crash Test Nick, Crash Test Tommy, Vibe This

Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys) thinks he’s punking his good friend Tommy Lee, only to find out the tables have been turned on him, Tommy Lee (Motley Crue) thinks he and his friend Nick Carter are going for a test drive only to find that they’ve been involved in a hit and run Punk’d style and Bow Wow is on the hook when borrowed ice disappears from a photo shoot.


Episode 3 - Charity Lunch Date, Directors Suite, Repossessed

Mya gets up close and personal with her biggest fan, Katie Holmes (Dawson's Creek) gets involved in a torrid love triangle and Tracy Morgan (The Tracy Morgan Show) gets his car towed when the Punk'd valet crew parks his ride in the red zone.


Episode 4 - Shopping Spree for Free, Roadside Assistance, Get Outta My Jacuzzi

Lara Flynn Boyle (The Practice) gets the anti-Hollywood treatment, Ashanti rides the tour bus from hell and Omarion (B2K, You Got Served) makes every father's nightmare come true.


Episode 5 - Senior Waiter, Gothika Premieire, Bend & Cough

Rachael Leigh Cook (She’s all That) blows the whistle on an old man beat-down, Halle Berry (Gothika, Catwoman) is denied entrance into her own movie premiere and Taye Diggs (Brown Sugar) gets a touchy-feely examination from Dr. Punk'd.


Episode 6 - Candlelight Dinner, Sweaty Lingerie, Red Carpet

Travis Barker (Blink 182) gets ready to throw down at dinner when his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend serves them up, Jaime Pressly (Not Another Teen Movie), fashion entrepreneur or sweat shop slave driver and the Punk'd Foreign Press asks celebrities "important" questions on the red carpet.


Episode 7 - Money Man Into Thin Air, Car In Window, His Name Is Cuddles

The Punk'd Feds get extreme on Dave Mirra (BMX pro), OutKast deals with the costs of a totaled luxury rental car and Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia) sits for a stranger's ooch and gets Punk'd doggie style.


Episode 8 - Limo Driver, X-Mas Tree, Chopper Test Drive

Lindsay Lohan (Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen) gets caught up in her driver's special delivery, Beyonce's addition to the Christmas tree has disastrous results and Goldberg's (Pro-Wrestling Superstar) new motorcycle is the victim of a "punk" gone bad.


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