Punk'd Season 8 Episodes

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Season 8 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Celebrity Indecent Proposal, False Alarm, Domestic Dispute

Bucky Lasek’s wife gets an indecent proposal from a Tom Cruise look-a-like. Nelly Furtado gets her hands on a suspicious package. Heroes star Hayden Panettiere finds herself caught up in a domestic dispute.


Episode 2 - My Robot, Coma Kid, Table Hop

Hilary Swank gets a lesson in robotics. Ashley Tisdale brings a fan out of a coma. Chamillionaire gets the best seat in the house.


Episode 3 - Loud Speakers, Perils of Street Racing, Rob Rat & Roll

Things get loud for Lost’s Evangeline Lily. Extreme fighter Chuck Liddell learns the perils of street racing. Zac Efron points the finger at the wrong man.


Episode 4 - Dog Switch, Construction Trash, My Psycho Ex

Freddy Rodriguez finds himself with the wrong dog. Molly Simms car gets dumped on when a dumpster is emptied on it. Magic Johnson has a run in with the psycho ex.


Episode 5 - Grandma Scam, Sign Your Car, Meeting Michael

Meaghan Good gets her car jacked. Jewel gets a lesson in sign language. Frankie J meets the king of pop, or so he thinks.


Episode 6 - Bubble Girl Breach, Potty Pants, Hit By Pitch

JoJo meets the girl in the bubble. Kelly Roland gets taken for a ride. Jason Ritter pays a visit to the batting cages.


Episode 7 - Turkey Drive, Bikini Car Wash, Fashionably Late

Pitbull helps out at a turkey drive. Too Short finds himself in hot water at a charity car wash. Kelis learns that there is no such thing as fashionably late, especially when kids are involved.


Episode 8 - Don't Feed the Bears, Funeral Procession, U Break It U Buy It

Aly and AJ learn that you shouldn't ever feed the bears. John Cena gets caught up in a funeral procession. Kerr Smith learns that at the Punk'd store, you break it you buy it.


Episode 9 - The 1st Annual Punk'd Awards

The 1st Annual Punk'd Awards Show. Scheduled to appear: every star from every episode.


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