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Episode 1 - Punk'd 701

Rob Thomas proves his love after his wife gets locked inside a closed restaurant while taking a Punk'd potty-break. An afternoon rendezvous turns wild when Ashley Parker Angel and fiancé come face to face with a frisky gorilla. Actress Kate Beckinsale's dinner quickly turns into a Punk'd pool party when a case of mistaken identity causes an innocent patron to go off the deep end.


Episode 2 - Punk'd 702

Hoobastank's, Doug Robb goes postal while trying to help a friend who has lost his keys in a mailbox. Neyo finds himself at the scene of the crime after discovering a giant bag of money. Laguna Beach's Stephen Colletti bares witness to a couple of peeping construction workers at a tanning salon.


Episode 3 - Punk'd 703

Academy Award winners, Three 6 Mafia learn what it takes to make it in Hollywood while attending an interesting dinner party. Dancing with the Stars, Stacy Keibler gets an unexpected lesson in crowd control when her fans get hosed. 24's Elisha Cuthbert gets a special delivery when she discovers a baby left unattended.


Episode 4 - Punk'd 704

Chris Brown gets served the Punk'd lunch special after his mom gets food-poisoning.  P.O.D's Sonny Sandoval has to clean up his act when he encounters a toxic spill.  E-40 gets caught in the middle of a Punk'd love triangle after stopping to help a woman get into a locked car.


Episode 5 - Punk'd 705

NFL star Matt Leinart scores big when the Punk'd police catch him in the act. Elijah Wood learns firsthand the dangers of smoking when a cigarette causes a huge explosion. Actress Olivia Wilde hits the jackpot when her parking meter breaks.


Episode 6 - Punk'd 706

Michelle Trachtenberg learns that size does matter when her car breaks some pipes in a parking garage. Things turn desperate for housewife Nicollette Sheridan when she tries to help someone pop the question. X Games motocross star, Travis Pastrana gets taken for a ride when he is confronted by an angry husband in his hotel room.


Episode 7 - Punk'd 707

Emma Roberts gets a crash course in puppy love when a friend's dog trips a waiter causing him to spill food all over a customer.  Boxing legend, Sugar Ray Leonard goes toe to toe when his son is involved in an accident that causes a telephone pole to crash onto a car.  Olympic snowboard champion, Hannah Teter goes for the gold when a street magician tries to scam her brother's watch.


Episode 8 - Punk'd 708

Rihanna gets caught red handed when she's accused of taking money from a couple of young street performers. Hugh Jackman gets burned when he's found responsible for burning down Brett Ratner's beautiful home. The Click Five's Eric Dill strikes out after his bowling ball causes serious damage.


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