Punk'd Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Punk'd 601

If you're a celebrity on a teen show you must know at some point you're going to be on Punk'd and mistakenly get someone fired. Apparently nobody told Mischa Barton.


Episode 2 - Punk'd 602

Kelly Monaco can't dance her way out of this one when her car gets towed then smashed.  It's lobsters, lobsters everywhere when Brittany Snow punks Sophia Bush.


Episode 3 - Punk'd 603

TV Vampire, David Boreanaz, freaks at the sight of blood when his wife bites into a salad of broken glass.  It's dunzo for Kristin Cavalleri when road rage takes a hold.


Episode 4 - Punk'd 604

It's viva la scam when Bam Margera gets stuck in a botched liquor store hold up. The beautiful and svelte Amber Valletta gets accused of hating fat people.


Episode 5 - Punk'd 605

If you're on That '70s show, rest assured, Ashton is gonna punk you. Danny Masterson is no exception.  Ashton screams for Neve Campbell when she gets the lost kid punk.


Episode 6 - Punk'd 606

It's an anatomy of a punk as Ellen Pompeo gets bamboozled in a restaurant, then it's advantage Serena when she turns the tables on sister Venus and punks her.


Episode 7 - Punk'd 607

Macy Gray is convinced her studio is filled with dangerous black mold, and the Pussy Cat Dolls ruin a surprise party.


Episode 8 - Punk'd 608

Ashton pulls the wool over Sean Paul's eyes when he is accused of knocking down a blind woman.  It's all over now Baby Blue when his hotel room is ransacked.


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