Street Outlaws Season 13 Episodes

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Season 13 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Rise of the Crow

Big Chief relinquishes his racemaster duties; Tina drops out; Azn is stopped by the police.


Episode 2 - Go Back to Tulsa

Track racers from Tulsa want to take down the fastest cars; Farmtruck and AZN try a garage sale.


Episode 3 - Top 5 List Shake-Up

Farmtruck wants the top five racers to battle in order to shake up the top ten list.


Episode 4 - The Mouthy Dirty South

The drivers travel to New Orleans to take on street cars; Big Chief resurrects an El Camino.


Episode 5 - What's Up Doc?

Doc wants to make a comeback with the Street Beast; Kamikaze wants to race the El Camino.


Episode 6 - Dallas Cash Days

OKC racers compete at the annual Cash Days race; Farmtruck and AZN meet their match.


Episode 7 - Big Chief vs. Murder Nova

Big Chief calls out Murder Nova in hopes of taking the number one spot from Daddy Dave.


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