Street Outlaws Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Smoked in Memphis

The 405 heads Memphis, bringing everyone with them, which means racing on JJ's slick, asphalt road.


Episode 2 - Memphis Blues

The battle between OKC and Memphis continues; a rematch between Chief and JJ looms on the horizon.


Episode 3 - Shut Up And Drive

Chuck and Ryan look back at some of the biggest rivalries seen on the 405 list, while Farmtruck and AZN go head to head in a junky, clunker.


Episode 4 - Going for the Jugular

The first list race of the season; Shawn tries to jump on the No. 1 spot.


Episode 5 - Down is the New Up?

Chief commits to fall down the list on purpose in order to race everyone he missed.


Episode 6 - Bad Beets

With Chief out of town, Chuck takes over as racemaster; Farmtruck and AZN dig up a new kind of race.


Episode 7 - Rules Change

Ryan Martin gets ready to defend his crown in another list race; Big Chief is back.


Episode 8 - What's Up, Doc?

Shawn makes a tough decision regarding his spot on the list; Chief tweaks the rules on race night.


Episode 9 - Outlaw Armageddon

The fastest racers come to the OKC to compete for a $40,000 prize in the Outlaw Armageddon race.


Episode 10 - Armageddon To The End

After the first round of Outlaw Armageddon, 19 of the best racers in the country are left to fight it out for the $40,000 pot; the...


Episode 11 - Bottoms Up

New rules cause drama at the top and bottom of the list alike.


Episode 12 - Daily Battles

The 405 battle it out in OKC; Chief races AZN; Doc and Chuck meet up for the first time ever.


Episode 13 - 99 Problems

With only two list races left in the season, the drivers work to get their cars race ready.


Episode 14 - Who Made These Rules?

Murder Nova races Farmtruck for the first time; Ryan fights to reclaim the number one spot.


Episode 15 - Back of the Track

Street-style rules take over at the Boddie's Beyond 1320 race.


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