Street Outlaws Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Story of Street Outlaws

The Outlaws describe what happened when TV producers came to Oklahoma for the very first time.


Episode 2 - Playing Dirty

A dirt race challenge involves the whole 405; everyone tries to prove they can be king of the dirt.


Episode 3 - Make My Cash Days

Thirty-two racers gather in OKC for the biggest street race of the year, Cash Days.


Episode 4 - Tech and Tune

It's finally time to test the cars and see who's ready to dominate the list this season.


Episode 5 - The Doc Amendment

The 405 comes together to reassess the rules; they all agree to a list shakeup.


Episode 6 - No More Stalling

After an unfinished list shakeup, Ryan and Chief finally line up to race off for number one.


Episode 7 - Deja Vu

It's a mad dash to make repairs as the top racers scramble to get ready to race.


Episode 8 - Top Dom

The racers of the 405 struggle to get their cars ready after a tough few weeks of list racing.


Episode 9 - Flor-I-Do

With Florida racers coming to OKC, everyone prepares for the season's first out-of-town race.


Episode 10 - Asphalt Eruption

The top three racers rush to get their cars ready for race night; tensions boil over.


Episode 11 - Clashes and Crashes

Racers wonder who they can trust; Farmtruck and AZN find a fish in their callbox.


Episode 12 - Oh, Canada!

When a group of Canadian racers decide to come to OKC, the 405 has to prepare to defend the USA.


Episode 13 - Tired of Chief

Dave and Ryan struggle to get their cars switched back to big tires.


Episode 14 - Down but Not Out

Racers struggle with broken cars; when it's time to race, Shawn makes a stand.


Episode 15 - Chuckmate

With only a few list races left, everyone in the 405 hurries to get broken cars ready in time.


Episode 16 - Unfriended

It's the last list race of the season; racers get ready for their last chance to move up the list.


Episode 17 - Grudge Wars

After a season of infighting and game playing, the racers come together for a grudge race night.


Episode 18 - Cash Days: The Daily Driver

Farmtruck and AZN host another daily driver race; they invite racers from all over the country.


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