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Episode 1 - Puppies and a Piggy

Twelve Goldendoodles take over the household, including the bed of of their piggy housemate, Trouble. A Westie pup tries to keep up with her twin brother who is always wandering off. And a batch of Swiss Mountain puppies take a while to find their stride.


Episode 2 - Tiny Puppies, Big Paws

A foursome of Neo Mastiffs have big paws to fill if they're going to be be guard dogs like Mom. A shy chihuahua puppy learns that her tiny family has big hearts. And a litter of seven English Setters compete for first place.


Episode 3 - Mischievous Puppies

A clan of Irish Terriers with an artistic streak meet their troublesome teenage brother. Eight wobbly Corgis lend a helping paw on the farm they call home. And, in a winter wonderland, a gentle Akita pup finds her place among her three burly brothers.


Episode 4 - Puffy Beach Kitties

A pack of spotted Bengal kittens are bowled over by a lumbering Newfoundland. Four fluffy Norwegian Forest Cats dip their toes in the surf at their neighborhood beach. And, at a rescue home, two kittens find their way into the den mother's heart.


Episode 5 - Perfectly Precious Puppies

Standard Poodle Bebe wants to explore her country home, but brother Percy keeps holding her back. Basset Hound Max follows his nose to an unlikely friendship. And a hapless bull terrier mother tries to reign in her pups' boundless energy.


Episode 6 - Rainbow Colored Kittens

In a litter of six Maine Coon kitties, only boy Maurice struggles to fit in with his sisters. A quiet kitten with a limp tries to find his voice in a litter of super-chatty Siamese cats. And a shy black kitten tries to befriend an older butterscotch tabby


Episode 7 - Roly-Poly Puppies

A shy Papillon puppy named Kitty comes out of her shell with the help of her siblings. A trio of St Bernard puppies follow their noses to big adventures. And finally, an Airedale Terrier named Merlin tries to disappear from her eight brothers and sisters.


Episode 8 - Little Wildcats

A black and white kitten named Moo goes head to head with his adopted brother, a baby skunk. Gus, an orange tabby kitten, tries to befriend his canine housemate. And an adventurous Savannah kitten seeks out an equally brave playmate.


Episode 9 - Big Jobs, Little Paws

Four tiny Tibetan Spaniels - all boys - are born into a family of watchdogs. A extra large litter of Newfoundland puppies take to the water as they train to be rescue dogs. And a patchwork puppy tries to blend into a family of Retriever Mixes.


Episode 10 - Animal BFFs: Cuddly Bear, Cautious Kangaroo

A bear cub befriends a lonely German Shepherd. A deer and a kangaroo have their world turned upside down by a mischievous lemur. And a pygmy coat has a hard time fitting in until he meets a shy puppy.


Episode 11 - Animal BFFs: Baby Baboon, Teacup Pig

A baby Baboon is taken under the wing of a Golden Retriever. A Teacup Pig and a Flemish Rabbit sneak away from their day jobs and get into trouble. And an adventurous goat and a timid lamb break out of their everyday routine.


Episode 12 - Fuzzy Puppy Stars

Star-struck Snow is a Great Pyrenees puppy who dreams of following in her movie star mom's paw prints. A pair of Border Collie pups will need to be brave if they're going to be champion herders. And a Scottish Terrier tries to win over the resident cat.


Episode 13 - Puppy and Kitten Holiday Special

The first Noel: this holiday season, follow three litters of puppies and kittens as they celebrate their very first Christmas!


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