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Episode 1 - Kittens and Canines

A litter of orphaned kittens trail a pair of Dandy Dinmont Terriers. The only girl in a litter of four American Bobtails hunts for her place in the pack. And finally, a naughty Tonkinese kitten proves a handful for her prim and proper mom.


Episode 2 - Tubby Puppies

Dexter, a Bulldog who has aspirations to rise above his lazy siblings attempts to prove himself on the agility course. Then, a pack of pups who were rescued from the city streets find find themselves in a barnyard full of strange beasts.


Episode 3 - Chatty Kitties

A Siamese named Chester searches for a little peace and quiet away from his eight chatty siblings. While working mom Pippa tries to balance her litter of six tiny British Shorthairs with her job at a cat clinic.


Episode 4 - Muddy Puppies

At a small farmhouse an adventurous Cairn Terrier named Doogie attempts to befriend a finicky house cat. While a pristine pack of Samoyed pups have to decide whose rules they'd rather follow their tidy mom or their messy dad.


Episode 5 - Kitten Puffs

In a cozy cabin, a pair of Siberian soul mates' relationship is put to the test with the birth of their fireball son Calvin. While at a cats only grooming salon, a Turkish Angora kitten named Izzie has to balance her personal style with life in the salon.


Episode 6 - Puppy Giants

An English Mastiff puppy named Dot searches for a little independence from her tag-a-long sister Olive. And Niles, a Small Munsterlander, tries to live up to his breed's reputation as top notch hunting dogs, despite the distraction of his fun-loving mom.


Episode 7 - Puppies and Prickles

In the countryside, a German Shepherd mom is training her troop of seven pups to be Search and Rescue dogs. While in the big city an African Pygmy Hedgehog named Prickle is looking for a soft and cuddly companion in a house full of Havanese puppies.


Episode 8 - Sock Puppies

In a pack of nine Spinone Italianos, there's only one thing that keeps a timid pup named Wally calm, his security sock. While a few miles away, a mischievous Pug named Oskar is a constant handful for his orderly librarian mom.


Episode 9 - Puppy Posse

A Siberian Husky has declared himself the leader of a pack of seven pups, but he'll need to back up his bravado with some real sledding smarts. And in a litter of a dozen Irish Red and White Setters, a little runt named Lil has to prove she can keep up.


Episode 10 - Puppy Surprise

At an urban Animal Shelter, a Maltese mix named Coco has a surprise litter, led by bold, only-boy Ralphie. While in the country, a restless Ragdoll kitten named Jolene might be more than her laid-back mom can handle.


Episode 11 - Cuddly Kittens

A pair of Shetland Sheepdogs are concerned that their only pup is getting distracted by the farm's resident Pomeranian Gino. Plus, in a litter full of tailless Manx, one kitten named Charlie is born with a tail and needs to figure out he fits in.


Episode 12 - Fab & Furless Kittens

In a home full of crafting supplies, an Abyssinian kitten gets into absolutely everything.Meanwhile, a hairless Elf Kitten named Pixie finds herself left out by her five rambunctious brothers and searches for a friend in furrier places.


Episode 13 - Puppy Pros

In a small town, a dog about town named Izzy brings a rare litter of Portuguese Podengo Pequeno pups into the world, led by go-getter Gisele. Meanwhile, an octuplet of Cockapoos train to be therapy dogs.


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