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Too Cute! Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Mighty Mountain Puppies

Two Bernese Mountain Dog pups bond with their barnyard neighbors. A trio of Shiba Inu girls challenge their spick and span mom with their messy ways. And, in a litter of mixed breed Chatham Hill Retrievers, a young pup takes after his boisterous dad.


Episode 2 - Chilled Out Pups

Tempest, a hostess at a dog spa must teach her ten Whippet pups the path to tranquility. A mixed breed pup tries to find his place among his trio of sisters. And, a litter of 13 Black Russian Terriers turn their mom's serene life upside down.


Episode 3 - Pint-Sized Pups and a Ferret

A Miniature Schnauzer pup tries to befriend a high-spirited ferret. A Maltipoo pushes the boundaries set by her young parents. And, a German Shorthaired Pointer pup wants to prove the she's the ultimate hunting dog, but is shown up by a cat.


Episode 4 - Kittens in Wonderland

A litter of tabby kittens befriend a bearded dragon. A Burmese named Alice leads her brothers on an adventure to a kitty wonderland. And the runt of a litter of Siberian kittens pals around with a miniature horse called Kitty.


Episode 5 - Fluffy Pups and Tater Tots

A Chesapeake Bay Retriever is convinced he's the alpha dog, but his big cousin isn't about to roll over. Minature Poodle Tater Tot si determined to prove she's the equal of her bigger, louder brothers. And a snowy, fussy Samoyed befriends a Dalmation.


Episode 6 - Tiny Watchdogs

A litter of of Yorkshire Terriers squabble with a flock of Guinea hens. A Lagotto Romagnolo named Pippa deals with the sudden arrival of four newborn siblings. And, two young pups - a German Shepherd and a Labrador Retriever, train as seeing-eye dogs.


Episode 7 - Musical Kittens

A Turkish Van mom needs the help of a canine companion to keep her kittens in check. Six silky European Burmese born into a musical home make up for their small size with loud voices. And, a pair of Persians with different parenting styles raise a trio.


Episode 8 - Supersized Pups

A Rat Terrier pup troes to find his place on a ranch full of rambunctious siblings. A stylish Briard named Fresco has to learn to take care of her 10 supersized pups. And finally, a Japanese Chin named Carly tries to spin her way into the spotlight.


Episode 9 - Little Lion Pups

A Bullmastiff puppy sticks to his aunt's side as he tries to follow in her footsteps and become a guard dog. A pair of Lowchen pups seek out additional family members. And, an Old English Sheepdog finds himself being herded by tiny sister.


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