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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Black Widow

Paul Teutul Sr. and his son Paul of Orange County Choppers create an incredible Black Widow theme motorcycle. They battle an impossible deadline, last-minute problems and each other as they race to complete this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


Episode 2 - Black Widow 2

With the deadline for the Black Widow theme motorcycle looming, the pressure mounts at Orange County Choppers. The crew races to finish it in time for one of New York City's biggest trade shows.


Episode 3 - Race Car 1

Sparks fly and tempers flare as Paul Jr. battles to create a $150,000 race-car-theme bike in just 10 days. Will the Orange County Choppers' crew reach the finish line in time or crash and burn?


Episode 4 - Race Car 2

The crew of Orange County Choppers struggles to finish the $150,000 bike. The tight schedule has left Paul Jr. in an explosive situation.


Episode 5 - Firebike 1

The boys from Orange County Choppers have some fun in the sun wrangling reptiles at a Florida gator farm. Then it's back to the cold reality of a New York winter where Paul Jr. dreams up a custom chopper to honor New York City's greatest heroes.


Episode 6 - Daytona Bike Week

When Paul Jr.'s dream of completing his Firebike goes up in smoke, the crew hits the highway and takes Daytona Beach by storm. It's 10 days of madness, mayhem and motorcycles at Bike Week, the biggest event in the world.


Episode 7 - Firebike 2

Tensions are high and deadlines are tight as Paul Jr. races to complete the Firebike. Father and son square off in a hot tempered battle to build this motorcycle homage to New York City's firefighters.


Episode 8 - Old School Chopper

Paul Sr. takes Cody under his wing and teaches him how to build a bike the old-school way. The family spends some quality time Teutul style.


Episode 9 - Old School Chopper 2/Comanche

As Paul Sr. and Cody complete their old-school bike, Paul Jr. dreams up a radical new design. This chopper is based on the top-secret Comanche helicopter.


Episode 10 - Comanche 2

It's a battle of wills and a war of words as time runs out on the Comanche bike project. The Orange County Chopper crew hits the highway for a trip to New Orleans.


Episode 11 - Comanche 3

Paul Jr. and Vinnie battle to complete their Comanche bike project in time to unveil it at Myrtle Beach Bike week. But a last-minute emergency leaves the project hovering on the brink of disaster.


Episode 12 - Mikey's Bike 1

As soon as he gets the chance, Mikey picks up a wrench and attempts to design and build his own custom chopper. But it doesn't take long before he soon clashes with Paulie, who has his own ideas for the bike.


Episode 13 - Mikey's Bike 2

Setbacks, stress and sibling rivalry threaten to derail the blues bike project. Passing his motorcycle driver's test is an even more pressing problem for Mikey.


Episode 14 - Tool Bike 1

The OCC crew gets down to the nuts and bolts of building bikes when Paul Jr. creates a custom chopper from the tools of the trade. But disagreements and last-minute delays ratchet up the tension and throw a wrench in the works.


Episode 15 - Tool Bike 2

Battle lines are drawn and accusations fly as father and son push each other to the breaking point. Tempers reach a fever pitch when Paul Sr. tightens the screws and the deadline closes in on OCC's latest creation.


Episode 16 - NY Jets Bike

The OCC crew kicks off a big-league project when they build a custom chopper for their hometown heroes, the New York Jets. But sparks fly and tempers flare between father and son as they reach to finish the bike for opening day.


Episode 17 - POW/MIA 1

Paul Sr. gets to work building a custom chopper in honor of America's forgotten heroes. But pressures mount and tempers rage when OCC's heartfelt project falls behind schedule and pushes Paul Sr. to the edge.


Episode 18 - POW/MIA 2

Hopes are high and spirits soar as OCC's battle to build the POW/MIA bike rages on. But design changes and last minute setbacks bring Paul Sr.'s patriotic tribute to a crashing halt.


Episode 19 - POW/MIA 3

With the deadline closing in on Paul Sr.'s POW/MIA bike, emotions run high. The OCC crew joins forces to complete the heartfelt tribute before its public debut. but last-minute delays and unexpected setbacks leave its fate hanging in the balance.


Episode 20 - Miller Electric 1

The boys visit the makers of leading welding equipment for inspiration for their latest chopper. Vinnie likes Paulie's ideas for a welder's mask on the gas tank and a serpentine set of exhaust pipes, but Big Paul is sizzling over the messy shop.


Episode 21 - Miller Electric 2

Paulie and the boys hit the hardwood for a game of hoops against the guys from OCC Ironworks. Back in the shop, Big Paul blows up at Vinnie, but once he takes a look at the Miller bike's paint job and the outrageous tow-behind welder, all is forgiven.


Episode 22 - Leno Bike 1

The Teutuls go Hollywood when Tonight Show host Jay Leno commissions a modern version of his favorite classic bike, the 1939 Brough Superior. The excitement fades when Paulie discovers that the bike's frame is too small to accommodate the oil tank.


Episode 23 - Leno Bike 2

Paulie and the shop prepare for the Leno bike's debut on the Tonight Show. When the parts return from the painter, the guys discover that the bike just won't fit together. Paulie and Vinnie are forced to burn the midnight oil for the King of Late Night.


Episode 24 - Liberty Bike 1

When a wealthy historian asks the guys to incorporate original copper fixtures from the Statue of Liberty into a custom chopper, Paulie gets stars (and stripes) in his eyes with innovative touches of a right-side drive line and a torch-shaped carburetor.


Episode 25 - Liberty Bike 2

In the midst of the uphill battle to finish the Liberty bike, Paul Sr. proposes a downhill adventure -- a spontaneous snow tubing trip. Back at the shop, the pressure mounts as Paulie realizes the bike's exhaust doesn't fit and the rear fender's a bender.


Episode 26 - Dixie Chopper 1

When the gang visits the Dixie Chopper company, makers of the world's most powerful lawnmowers, Paulie comes away with some cutting-edge ideas for OCC's latest bike - spinning mower blades incorporated into the wheels and a real chromed-out mower engine.


Episode 27 - Dixie Chopper 2

With business booming at Orange County Choppers, Senior splurges for an expansion to the cramped garage and a custom Harley for son Paulie. Back in the shop, the crew hustles to get the Dixie bike ready for its Daytona debut and the clock is ticking.


Episode 28 - Mikey Special

Mikey takes a joy ride down memory lane for a look at OCC's weirdest, wildest and wackiest moments. From the blowups and the bikes, to the deadlines and the drama, Mikey revisits the highlights, the low points and everything in between.


Episode 29 - Christmas Special

Paul Teutul Sr. and his son Paul Jr. of Orange County Choppers create an incredible Christmas-themed motorcycle -- Santa's sleigh! Paul Sr. refuses to allow grumpy crew members to ruin his jolly mood as he races to complete the one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


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