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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - LUGZ Bike 1

The Teutul's lace up their work shoes and step into their next project -- a boot-themed bike for the Lugz footwear company. As fabrication gets under way, OCC bids farewell to a valued employee, leaving the guys on their own to finish the frame.


Episode 2 - LUGZ Bike 2

The OCC crew hits their stride as they work to complete their boot-themed bike for the Lugz Footwear Company. With fabrication well underway, the custom leather design poses new challenges so OCC teams with leather craftsman Danny Gray to help.


Episode 3 - Eragon Bike 1

OCC suits up and lays siege to their latest project, a dragon-rider bike inspired by the movie Eragon. After a visit from the film's cast, the guys begin to battle with the bike's design, and they take a trip to the New York Renaissance Faire for inspiration.


Episode 4 - Eragon Bike 2

OCC continues to battle with the dragon-themed Eragon bike. As the Eragon bike nears completion, an oversight by Cody, and unexpected news about the bike's planned debut threatens to send this project up in smoke.


Episode 5 - Senior vs. Junior 1

Orange County Choppers begins a new chapter as they break ground on a massive, new world headquarters. With the family business expanding, Senior challenges Junior to a build-off that will determine the future of OCC's next dealership bike.


Episode 6 - Senior vs. Junior 2

It's old school vs. new school as Senior and Junior continue their competition to build OCC's next production bike. With OCC's expansion underway, Senior keeps it all in the family as he approaches the third Teutul son, Danny, to get him on board with the construction of the new building.


Episode 7 - Go Daddy 1

OCC goes online for their latest project, a high-tech, low-slung chopper for Go As the bike design gets underway, Jason Pohl and Junior can't agree on the project's direction, forcing Senior to step in and keep this build on track.


Episode 9 - Flowjet Bike 1

OCC starts in on their latest creation, a chopper for the FLOW Corporation, and Mikey starts in on a secret project that has Senior pointing the finger at everyone.


Episode 11 - HP 1

OCC boots up their latest custom chopper -- a computer-themed creation for the HP Corporation. With the build underway, the OCC crew makes a call to the tattoo artists of "Miami Ink" to discuss getting some new tattoos.


Episode 12 - HP 2

OCC continues on their computer-themed chopper for the HP Corporation. Meanwhile, Ami and Chris from Miami Ink continue their custom body art on Senior and Beth. The guys encounter problems at the bike's reveal and Senior narrowly avoids a mishap.


Episode 13 - Peavey 1

OCC amps it up as they start on their latest custom creation -- a guitar-themed chopper for Peavey Electronics. When Senior brings in a second build for the Go Fast Energy Drink company, the work piles up, and the company's resources are spread thin.


Episode 14 - Peavey 2

OCC continues on their custom chopper for Peavey Electronics. The double build winds down as the guys travel to Las Vegas to unveil the Go Fast bike and then on to Anaheim for the Peavey reveal.


Episode 16 - Intel 2

OCC continues work on the wide-bodied, high-tech chopper for the Intel Corporation, and Senior and Junior confront Mikey over his work habits. 


Episode 17 - Mikey Special

Mikey's never-ending quest for sanity leads him to plan the ultimate road trip with Vinnie -- a scooter adventure for lobster off the New England Coast. Back at the shop, lobster-mania takes hold, and the OCC crew prepares for the big feast.


Episode 18 - Australia 1

It's another OCC family vacation as the Teutuls go walkabout in Australia. They get a surprise invitation from Russell Crowe to tour his farm, where they saddle up for some back-country bushwhacking and receive a proposal from Russell to build an Australia themed chopper.


Episode 19 - Australia 2

The Teutuls continue their adventures in the Great South Land. After arriving at Uluru, the guys find themselves immersed in Aboriginal culture. Then it's back to Sydney, where they have a go at the game of rugby with Russell Crowe and his team.


Episode 20 - Australia 3

The Australian adventure continues as Mike and Vin head to Melbourne where they get some Jackaroo training from some hard-working sheilas on a sheep farm. Meanwhile back at OCC, Junior and Pohl get started on the Australia-themed bike for Russell Crowe.


Episode 21 - EDS/Byron Nelson Championship Bike 1

OCC hits the links for their latest project -- three EDS sponsored choppers honoring the career and charitable work of golf legend Byron Nelson.


Episode 22 - EDS/Byron Nelson Championship Bike 2

OCC's triple build continues, as the crew enters the back nine on the three EDS / Byron Nelson Championship Bikes. Last minute delays with chrome threatens to stall progress, and Senior looks for some straight answers.


Episode 23 - Iowa Farm Bureau Bike 1

OCC shucks some corn and plows into their next project -- the world's first renewable fuel chopper for the Iowa Farm Bureau. The Teutuls check in on OCC's new world HQ, and NASCAR champ Tony Stewart stops by to check on his bike.


Episode 24 - Iowa Farm Bureau Bike 2

OCC continues on their innovative ethanol powered bike for the Iowa Farm Bureau. The mood in the shop quickly turns somber when a long-time member of the crew calls it quits.


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