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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Mikey/Vinnie Bike 1

Mikey and Vinnie finally get the chance to build their own bike. After hitting the links for a little inspiration, the guys cook up some tasty ideas for their project: a super-stretch frame, a twin-cam motor and a unique, one-sided swing arm.


Episode 2 - Mikey/Vinnie Bike 2

With a week to go until the New Orleans show, Mikey and Vinnie hit the home stretch on their collaborative project. Friendship turns into frenzy when Mikey's tardiness gets him sent home, leaving Vinnie to wrap up work on the duo's signature hog.


Episode 3 - I, Robot Bike 1

Will Smith stops by Rock Tavern to help the boys of OCC design a custom chopper for the premiere of his upcoming action film, "I, Robot". The ambitious bike build finds the shop falling behind.


Episode 4 - I, Robot Bike 2

It's California dreaming as the boys of OCC get their latest creation ready for its red carpet debut out west. While they're waiting for paint and chrome work to be completed, Paulie and Vinnie get to work souping up Mikey's 50cc scooter.


Episode 5 - Lance Armstrong Bike 1

OCC visits Nike Headquarters in search of inspiration for their next project, a chopper tribute to six-time Tour De France Champion and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong and his Livestrong Foundation. When fabrication begins, the shop and Junior's ambitious designs suffer a setback as Rick sustains a serious injury after his hand gets caught in a drill press.


Episode 6 - Lance Armstrong Bike 2

Observe the Tour De France in its final stages as work continues on Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Bike. The deadline is looming and the team is struggling as they try to put the finishing touches on the exhaust system in time to get the chopper ready.


Episode 7 - Police Bike 1

The OCC is under the gun to create an all new kind of chopper -- a bike to honor the men and women of law enforcement. When the guys pay a visit to the New York State Police Academy, they learn first hand just how tough training is.


Episode 8 - Police Bike 2

Junior and Senior continue work on the police bike. With delays piling up, the guys give up their holiday weekend to meet deadlines. With lights and sirens blaring, the crew must fix the bike in time for a NYPD benefit.


Episode 9 - David Mann Bike 1

A trip down memory lane at the Sturgis Bike Rally inspires Senior to build a tribute bike to legend David Mann. Throughout the build Senior struggles with problems from Paulie showing up late to work and never-ending fights with Mikey.


Episode 10 - David Mann Bike 2

The OCC continues work on the tribute chopper for artist and legend in the biker world, David Mann. After a tragic phone call from Easyriders Magazine, Senior learns that David Mann has passed away, changing the bike from a tribute to a memorial.


Episode 11 - Christmas Sleigh

The OCC makes their Christmas build an annual tradition and fabricate a custom sleigh worthy of old St. Nick which will be pulled by last year's Christmas bike. In true holiday spirit, the team will use their creation to deliver gifts to families in need.


Episode 12 - Lincoln Mark LT Bike 1

The OCC starts their latest bike with a trip to the Motor City and a tour of the Ford/Lincoln plant. This time they're building a bike in honor of Lincoln's first pickup truck, and Mikey gives Senior a serious case of the giggles as the guys tour the plant.


Episode 13 - Lincoln Mark LT Bike 2

Mikey pitches in to get some extra features on the Lincoln bike done and to keep the guys on schedule. Also, Junior and crew travel to Washington, DC, to visit injured troops at Walter Reed Memorial Hospital.


Episode 14 - Junior's Dream Bike 1

Paulie challenges himself to design his best web-themed bike yet. It's the third in a series of web bikes, after the Spider Bike and Black Widow. Paulie pushes himself to the limit and creates the most outrageous bike.


Episode 15 - Junior's Dream Bike 2

Paulie finishes the final bike of the web trilogy, while Rick and Vinnie get the opportunity of a lifetime and take a ride in an F-16. Meanwhile, Senior and crew pitch in to create a new sign for Orange County Choppers.


Episode 16 - Gillette Bike 1

The OCC travels to Boston to visit Gillette headquarters for some inspiration for their Gillette-themed bike, while also getting in a close shave. When they return, the guys work on production bikes, while also making the Gillette bike.


Episode 17 - Gillette Bike 2

The OCC guys finish the bike for Gillette and unveil it at the Prudential Center. As an added bonus, Mikey babysits Vinnie's daughter, so that Vinnie and his wife can have a much needed night out.


Episode 18 - NAPA Drag Bike 1

The guys at OCC go to drag racing school in New Jersey to prepare to build a drag bike for NAPA. Junior designs a bike unlike any other, as it'll have a straight speed of 140 mph, and it will be used in actual races on the quarter mile drag track.


Episode 19 - NAPA Drag Bike Part 2

Orange County Choppers finishes the NAPA bike, and Vinnie races it down the strip in an actual drag race.


Episode 20 - Jr/Sr Military Tribute Bikes 1

Junior and Senior join forces to build a bike that will be auctioned off to benefit the families of wounded and fallen troops. Their father-son rivalry emerges as Senior builds an old school bike, and Junior builds a more modern bike.


Episode 21 - Jr/Sr Military Tribute Bikes 2

OCC takes a trip to a nuclear submarine, the USS Albuquerque, for more inspiration on their military bikes. Once they finish, the guys head to Walter Reed Memorial Hospital to show off the bikes to the wounded troops.


Episode 22 - Carroll Shelby Bike 1

The OCC visits legendary Carroll Shelby to discuss designs for a tribute to Shelby's car-racing career. Keeping with the theme, they use a classic Shelby Mustang as inspiration.


Episode 23 - Carroll Shelby Bike 2

There is pressure to finish the Shelby bike so the guys can move into their new shop on time. In true OCC spirit, they drive Senior's car through the walls of the old office to celebrate the end of an era. A major problem with the motor threatens the project.


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