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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Space Shuttle Tribute Bike 1

The OCC heads to the Johnson Space Center in Houston to get some inspiration for a NASA-themed bike. The bike will be a tribute to the space shuttle program and a memorial to the two crews that were lost in space.


Episode 2 - Space Shuttle Tribute Bike 2

The guys of OCC watch the launch of the space shuttle Discovery for more research in building the NASA-themed bike. In the shop, Junior continues to work on the bike while Senior and Mikey build a model space shuttle together.


Episode 3 - Rick's Bike 1

As Senior and Rick finish a production bike together, Senior decides to surprise Rick and tells him that the next bike that they build will be for him. Mikey comes in to help Rick and acts as his inspiration.


Episode 4 - Rick's Bike 2

Fabrication continues on the Rick bike, as the guys pitch in to finish this old school bike for Rick to keep. The bike heads to paint, and Nub gets to work on the bike to give it a real old school feel.


Episode 5 - FANtasy Bike - Jeff Clegg

The first of four FANtasy bike winners is revealed as a dream comes true for one lucky fan. OCC heads to Phoenix, Arizona, to surprise the winner, and they get the chance to know him and get inspiration for this chopper.


Episode 6 - FANtasy Bike - Susan Morisset

The second of four FANtasy bike winners is revealed as the guys head to Texas. OCC spends some time with this lucky lady, and she gets a chance to tour OCC and shop at the store.


Episode 7 - FANtasy Bike - Joseph McClendon

The third of four FANtasy bike winners is revealed as OCC heads to California to surprise a lucky fan. After having sold his motorcycle to pay for his mother's medical treatment, this winner will finally have a bike again.


Episode 8 - FANtasy Bike - Bryan King

The final of four FANtasy bike winners is revealed as the guys head to California. After a car accident left this fan a paraplegic, OCC faces the challenge of creating a trike.


Episode 9 - Senior's Vintage Project 1

Senior's trip to Europe inspires him to start his own collection of vintage bikes. The guys try to restore an old classic while Senior builds a chopper with a vintage feel.


Episode 10 - Senior's Vintage Project 2

The guys of OCC continue working on Senior's vintage chopper, while Chris Matthews finishes restoring an old classic. When the front end of the vintage chopper comes back the wrong color, the guys rush to finish the bike on time.


Episode 11 - Wendy's Bike 1

The guys go to Wendy's headquarters in Dublin, Ohio, to do research for their next build that will be auctioned off to benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Next, the crew works on a bike unlike anything OCC has seen.


Episode 12 - Wendy's Bike 2

The OCC crew continues working on their latest build, a bike for Wendy's to be auctioned off to benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Then, the guys head to Hunter Mountain for some fun on the slopes.


Episode 13 - Sunoco Bike 1

OCC teams up with Sunoco and NASCAR driver Kyle Petty to build a bike that will benefit the Victory Junction Gang Camp. The guys head down to North Carolina to meet Kyle Petty and to tour the camp.


Episode 14 - Sunoco Bike 2

OCC continues working on their latest build to benefit the Victory Junction Gang Camp. When the bike is sent to paint and powdercoat, the guys head to Lowe's Speedway and take turns going around the track.


Episode 15 - Bill Murray Bike 1

Actor Bill Murray contacts OCC to build him a chopper inspired by his Caddyshack character, Carl. Later, Bill comes to the shop once fabrication gets under way to pitch in and help the guys.


Episode 16 - Bill Murray Bike 2

OCC continues working on the Caddyshack-inspired bike for actor Bill Murray. Everyone pitches in during final assembly, and the unique chopper is auctioned off at a golf tournament to benefit the St. Vincent's Mobile Hospital.


Episode 17 - OCC Production Bike

OCC takes a new direction as they decide to mass-produce a bike for the public. Design and fabrication get off to a slow start, but Vin kicks into high gear after finding out some personal news.


Episode 18 - OCC Roadshow

OCC gets ready to do something they've never done before -- build a bike on stage in front of their fans. As the guys start to rehearse, the pressure builds when they realize that they may not be up to the task.


Episode 19 - On The Road - Europe - Part 1

Adventures and cultural differences await the Teutuls as they travel across the Atlantic for the first time ever and head to Europe. They take in the sights of London and head out on the open road in Ireland on bikes.


Episode 20 - On The Road - Europe - Part 2

The guys of OCC continue their vacation through the UK and France as the Teutuls go to Omaha Beach to pay their respects and learn the history behind the famous World War II site. Later, the guys do some riding with Ewan McGregor.


Episode 21 - Make-A-Wish-Bike - Special

After winning the coveted "Favorite Wish Maker Award" from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the guys decide to build a bike for the kids. Since it's Christmas time and the kids are coming to the shop, OCC leaves the bike on display.


Episode 22 - Behind the Scenes - Special

Mikey gives America a look at what goes on behind-the-scenes of the OCC shop. He goes on a tour of the shop, the OCC store and back to the production offices in LA and learns just how much work goes into the show.


Episode 23 - History of the OCC - Special

The Teutul's family history is explored, and find out how they got where they are today. Family photos and home movies explore Senior's childhood and his beginnings at Orange County Ironworks.


Episode 24 - Never Before Seen - Special

From drag racing, a trip to Sturgis to Senior dressing up in a spacesuit. It's a fun ride as Mikey and Vinnie show viewers some of their favorite scenes that never made the show.


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