Anthony Bourdain - No Reservations

Anthony Bourdain - No Reservations Season 16 Episodes

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Season 16 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Whole Roasted Piggie

It's all about the pig, all of the pig. From pork chops to hooves, Tony travels the globe eating one of his favorite animals. Includes shooting a boucherie hog in Louisiana and feasting on crispy suckling pig in the Philippines.


Episode 2 - Bar Hopping

Need a drink? Tony takes us around the world, one cocktail and spicy tuna roll at a time. Includes sipping on fermented cactus sap in Mexico, arm wrestling a woman in Missouri and filling up on shrimp and sake in San Francisco.


Episode 3 - Travel Buddy

No one should travel alone. Thankfully, Tony has his friend Zamir to accompany him. They drink vodka and visit Chernobyl in Ukraine, compete in a game of feather bowling in Detroit, then Zamir takes the show hostage in Missouri.


Episode 4 - Street Food

Fast, cheap, and very, very tasty. Tony eats his way across the world, one street vendor at a time. He chows down on juicy jerk chicken in Jamaica, a heart attack-inducing tamale in Chicago, & fresh, blue tortillas in Mexico City.


Episode 5 - Eccentric Seafood

Strange, unusual and out-right weird. Tony's appetite is as big as the ocean, and he loves the sea. He tears through wriggling octopus and Korean beer in Queens, feasts on red snapper in Japan and cracks open sea urchin in Italy.


Episode 6 - Extreme Games

Tony lives out his adrenaline junkie fantasies, sliding down a luge run during a blizzard in China, watching a bull fight in Mexico, and finding himself face-to-face with 250-pound sharks in Australia.


Episode 7 - The Meat, the Fire

A juicy cut of meat, the open fire, and repeat. Tony devours steak and butterfly larvae on a stick in China and a whole roasted cow in Uruguay. After target practice, he dines on bacon-wrapped venison & pork chops in the Ozarks.


Episode 8 - Cookout

Some food just really isn't right to eat in a restaurant. Tony joins El Gato in Colombia for a rooftop party full of stew, blood sausage and a drunk chicken. Then he enjoys grilled local onions & mass amounts of wine in Barcelona.


Episode 9 - Transportation Gone Wild

Tony rides an elephant in Laos, takes the bus to breakfast in Columbia and goes on a fancy gardenia-covered carriage ride in Malaysia.


Episode 10 - Between the Buns

Tony bites into a foie gras dog in Chicago, examines the finest kind of beef in New York City and inserts a polish sausage into a tunnel of toppings in Hawaii.


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