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Anthony Bourdain - No Reservations Season 4 Episodes

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Season 4 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Singapore

Singapore is a country devoted to food. Located in the midst of a gastronomical crossroads, Singaporeans have adapted Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, and Indonesian cuisines into plentiful, cheap, but exquisite foods that can be found everywhere you look.


Episode 2 - Berlin

Tony says "guten tag" to the food and culture of Germany's capital city.


Episode 3 - Vancouver

Tony is in Vancouver, British Columbia - home to a thriving film industry, gorgeous scenery, and an evolving food scene.


Episode 4 - Greek Islands

Supposedly, Greece has the world’s healthiest diet. From Crete to Ithika, Tony heads off on his own personal odyssey to find out if that is truly the case…or if it’s just an ancient myth.


Episode 5 - New Orleans

New Orleans, a city known for its love of food, music, and life, was forever changed by the storm of Hurricane Katrina; yet today, New Orleans is still a vibrant and spectacular town, full of intrigue, and who better to explore the true impact of Katrina on this unique city than Anthony Bourdain.


Episode 6 - London / Edinburgh

Something alluring and menacing lurks in the air throughout the UK when it comes to the people, the scenery, and especially the cuisine, and Tony is off to investigate.


Episode 7 - Jamaica

Jamaica is a vibrant, colorful land known for its resorts and reggae music. But Tony Bourdain seeks to uncover the lesser-known Jamaica, a country of gang-torn streets, run-down fish shacks, and political strife.


Episode 8 - Romania

Tony and his friend, Zamir, are off on another adventure, this time to celebrate Zamir’s 50th birthday in Romania, a land of vampire tales, Communist regimes, and an intense culinary history.


Episode 9 - Hawaii

Arguably the most exotic of “The States”, is Hawaii all just leis and luaus? Or does this archipelago in the middle of the Pacific offer something more? Tony doesn’t want the tourist brochure experience… is there a different one to be had?


Episode 10 - Into the Fire NY

Tony accepts the challenge to return to Les Halles to work his old Tuesday double shift! A behind-the-curtain look at the workings of a restaurant and man who used to cook for a living.


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