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Season 8 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Panama

Anthony Bourdain unravels Panama, a country that, in the modern day, seems to be described simply by "abundance" and truly embraces crossroad cultures and adapts them for their own. Tony examines the effects of a land ruled by a former dictator.


Episode 2 - Istanbul

Istanbul has been subjected to stereotypes that minimize the food to lamb-on-a-stick and the culture to belly dancing; Tony soon discovers the faults in these misconceptions as he encounters food and culture inspired by history and religion.


Episode 3 - Brittany

Anthony Bourdain has come to Brittany to experience not only the cuisine, but also both the ancient cultures and traditions that have influenced this area as well as the achievements of the contemporaries that define it today.


Episode 4 - Prague

Tony visits Prague, capital of the Czech Republic - the world's capital for beer, birthplace of the Velvet Revolution and now one of the cultural centers of Europe.


Episode 5 - Hudson Valley, Ny

Only sixty or so miles up the Hudson River from Manhattan, the Hudson Valley is a luscious land rich with history. While Henry Hudson once searched for a path to China, Tony will seek good food, good drink and good people.


Episode 6 - Ecuador

Tony savors all the simple stews, fresh fish, and exotic fruits that Ecuador's eateries and street vendors have to offer.


Episode 7 - Obsessed

In his exploration on obsession, Anthony meets many food-obsessed individuals who encapsulate the beautiful and eccentric results devotion has on one's life. Anthony talks to chefs and bloggers whose obsessive love for food propels them to noteworthy feats.


Episode 8 - Harbin, China

Tony visits China for the fourth time, this time to China's northeastern area formerly known as Manchuria. Arriving in the cold of winter--Tony savors stews, vegetables and dumplings influenced by Russian and Korean cuisine.


Episode 9 - Provence

Provence is a region of France characterized by its impoverished history and hard labor. Throughout his journey in Provence, Tony becomes enamored with the Provencal culture and cuisine glorifying the region as the ideal escape.


Episode 10 - Techniques Special

Want to cook something extraordinary for that special occasion? This episode features famed chefs Jacques Pepin, Thomas Keller, Scott Conant, Dave Pasternak, and Laurent Tourondel as they demonstrate how to create some very simple and classic dishes.


Episode 11 - Maine

Tony travels to Maine with his longtime cameraman and native Mainer- Zach Zamboni. Zach exposes Tony to the food and people of the "two Maine's;" the civilized coastal area and the sparsely populated, untamed, interior region.


Episode 12 - Food Porn 2

Now that the euphoria has finally worn off from Tony's last food porn romp, he's ready to gear up for an even steamier round two with the help of a few friends... including the illustrious Ron Jeremy.


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