Chicago P.D.

Chicago P.D. Season 5 Episodes

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Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Reform

A young bystander is shot during a difficult operation; Chief Lugo reviews the shootout.


Episode 2 - The Thing About Heroes

A patrol officer becomes a suspect when a van explodes during a Chicago street festival.


Episode 3 - Promise

The investigation into an illegal immigrant's murder is stifled by the city's perception of police.


Episode 4 - Snitch

The investigation into a drug-related homicide is hampered by the neighborhood's no-snitch culture.


Episode 5 - Home

A meth lab bust uncovers a scam in which children adopted from foreign countries are sold online.


Episode 6 - Fallen

A family is killed, and the team searches for a drug dealer with a likely connection.


Episode 7 - Care Under Fire

Halstead goes undercover to stop an ex-military kidnapping crew from killing an innocent child.


Episode 8 - Politics

One of Voight's friends is found passed out in his hotel room with a dead Ukranian girl.


Episode 9 - Monster

The death of Judge Tommy Wells' daughter puts Intelligence on the track of a pill mill.


Episode 10 - Rabbit Hole

Halstead puts his career on the line to help solve a case; Voight discovers the mole in his unit.


Episode 11 - Confidential

Burgess works with her first criminal informant to track down a ruthless pimp.


Episode 12 - Captive

The intelligence unit rallies to rescue Atwater when he disappears from a convicted felon's house.


Episode 13 - Chasing Monsters

The team works with a visiting detective to put an end to a gang's brutal tactics.


Episode 14 - Anthem

A basketball star is found murdered after an anti-police rally; the team searches for the killer.


Episode 15 - Sisterhood

Burgess begins to question if the men who attacked her sister truly paid for their actions.


Episode 16 - Profiles

A string of bombings is targeting members of the media; the team enlists Firehouse 51 to help.


Episode 17 - Breaking Point

A prominent alderman who is known for his urban revitalization efforts is killed.


Episode 18 - Ghosts

Upton tries to take down a meth ring spearheaded by a former contact.


Episode 19 - Payback

Robberies lead to an unlikely individual; Voight confronts a witness in the Bingham investigation.


Episode 20 - Saved

Voight witnesses the kidnapping of a young woman with a mysterious connection to his past.


Episode 21 - Allegiance

Halstead and Atwater go undercover to prevent military-grade weapons from hitting the street.


Episode 22 - Homecoming

Olinsky is stabbed in prison; Woods looks to take down Voight once and for all.


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