Chicago P.D.

Chicago P.D. Season 9 Episodes

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Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Closure

Burgess fights for her life as the team scrambles to find her kidnapper.


Episode 2 - Rage

When a P.D. informant is murdered, the team digs in to track down the perpetrator.


Episode 3 - The One Next to Me

Halstead's past resurfaces when a former Army colleague is implicated in a deadly blast.


Episode 4 - In the Dark

Upton and Ruzek's investigation into an abandoned house leads them down a dark path.


Episode 5 - Burnside

As the team works to solve a shooting in Burnside, Atwater realizes he has a connection to the case.


Episode 6 - End of Watch

Ruzek reunites with an old colleague to take down a crime ring, but things don't add up.


Episode 7 - Trust Me

As the team works to bring down a drug ring, Voight builds trust with a new informant.


Episode 8 - Fractures

The investigation into Walton's death intensifies while Voight, Upton and Halstead feel the heat.


Episode 9 - A Way Out

With the FBI closing in on the Roy Walton investigation, Voight and Halstead strategize a way out.


Episode 10 - Home Safe

The team searches for a missing child in what turns out to be a very complicated case.


Episode 11 - Lies

Atwater, who struggles to reconcile his personal and professional life, reaches a decision.


Episode 12 - To Protect

The team works together to identify the head of the brutal Los Temidos gang.


Episode 13 - Still Water

While out for a jog, Upton witnesses a car crash and risks her own life to save the passengers.


Episode 14 - Blood Relation

Burgess and Ruzek double down in their fight to retain custody of Makayla.


Episode 15 - Gone

The unit scrambles to search for one of its own who is in grave danger.


Episode 16 - Closer

When a young man is shot, the team works to connect the shooting to bakery owner Javier Escano.


Episode 17 - Adrift

Ruzek's search for the daughter of an old friend leads the team into a serious drug investigation.


Episode 18 - New Guard

Halstead takes a new recruit under his wing during an investigation.


Episode 19 - Fool's Gold

After the murder of a wealthy Chicago man, Atwater and the team dig in to uncover the truth.


Episode 20 - Memory

Voight and the team delve into a cold case in search of clues to solve a shocking new crime.


Episode 21 - House of Cards

Voight is forced to lie to his undercover informant Anna to keep her on track.


Episode 22 - You and Me

After an explosion rocks the case, the team scrambles to finally take down Escano.


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