Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits Season 1 Episodes

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Breaking and Entering

A frightened homeowner calls on Amy and Adam to solve what's haunting her New England home after her security system captures unexplained voices.


Episode 2 - Cabin in the Woods

After an aggressive ghost scratches a person and breaks objects at a desolate cabin, Amy and Adam head deep into the Pennsylvania woods to uncover answers and find the spirit stalking a family.


Episode 3 - Trapped in the Attic

A shadow man terrorizes a small boy, and his mom is so frightened by the activity that she won't use their living space. The case takes a dark twist when the ghost is not who Amy and Adam expect.


Episode 4 - Lost Amy

An investigation into a shadow figure takes an emotional turn for Amy when a psychic makes a shocking discovery. A growling voice makes the team fear the ghost is more negative than they were led to believe.


Episode 5 - Shadows

A young girl refuses to sleep in her room after a menacing ghost frightens her. Amy and Adam uncover whether the disturbed grave of Native American man is at the root of the haunting when they come face-to-face with shadow man.


Episode 6 - Shoebox Murder

A hostile spirit attacks a homeowner and smashes objects. This sinister ghost preys on Amy and Adam's fears to get them to leave the house, but a stunning breakthrough leads the investigation toward an infamous unsolved murder.


Episode 7 - Buried Alive

A teenager is afraid to live in his own home after an unknown entity torments him. Amy and Adam investigate to see if the activity could be linked to the tragic death of the boy's grandfather, who was buried alive.


Episode 8 - The Basement

Amy and Adam capture shocking paranormal evidence on camera while investigating the scene of a brutal murder.


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