Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits Season 3 Episodes

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - No Salvation

Amy and Adam are called to Liberty, MO, to investigate the Odd Fellows Home, a massive compound where more than 10,000 people died. Now their pain has fostered a malevolent entity.


Episode 2 - Satanic Panic

Amy and Adam investigate a Connecticut home where lives are at stake. Their client believes an evil entity is responsible for killing her children, and it's living in her home. Is the rest of her family safe?


Episode 3 - A Haunting in Gettysburg

Amy and Adam investigate a haunted mirror in Gettysburg, PA, one of the most paranormally active places in America. Abnormal activity turned to unrest when an entity suddenly became physical. Is the mirror a portal?


Episode 5 - The Shadow of Death

Amy and Adam visit Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY. Considered the most haunted location in America, the massive building houses countless spirits, but a dangerous entity on the fourth floor is cause for major concern.


Episode 6 - Blood in the Water

Amy and Adam head to Tennessee to investigate Hales Bar Dam, a location cursed by a chieftain warlord. Centuries later the curse still wreaks havoc on the land, and the current owner fears an evil entity is out for revenge.


Episode 7 - Dying Regrets

Amy and Adam fear the spirit of an evil overseer has returned to a Virginia plantation, and they're worried what he's capable of. Can they help the new owner reclaim her home?


Episode 8 - Ghost Train

Amy and Adam investigate violent spiritual activity that's threatening a young family who resides in one of the oldest homes on Cape Cod. They break new ground as they unveil a never-before-seen paranormal experiment.


Episode 9 - The Villisca Axe Murders

Amy and Adam investigate an Iowa farmhouse where a family was brutally murdered by an unknown assailant in 1912. They fear the killer's spirit haunts the home and is trying to continue his death toll in the afterlife.


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