Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits Season 2 Episodes

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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Uninvited Guests

A terrified couple calls for help after witnessing a chair levitate in their home. Amy endures a chilling paranormal experience in a bedroom, and a psychic's visit reveals a horrifying truth that leaves Amy and Adam shocked.


Episode 2 - Home Sweet Holmes

A full-bodied apparition terrorizes two young girls at night, and Adam and Amy catch it on camera. A heinous murder committed more than 100 years ago might help close this investigation.


Episode 3 - The Legacy of Lizzie Borden

Adam and Amy investigate one of the most infamous places in America -- the Lizzie Borden House. They soon discover there's a life hanging in the balance after a tour guide reveals her terrifying paranormal experience.


Episode 4 - The Strangler

A family is paralyzed by fear after a spirit strangles one of the children. The entity visits the other two at night and speaks to them. Adam and Amy must find out if it's passing along a message or targeting its next victim.


Episode 5 - The Executioner

Adam and Amy investigate the home of a former executioner who killed hundreds of criminals. Now something's trying to kill the current homeowner. Is it the late executioner? Or is one of his murderous victims responsible?


Episode 6 - The Neighbor

Amy and Adam investigate two properties afflicted by the same entity. A cache of haunted objects is key to solving this case, but the objects belonged to different people, making it difficult to determine the culprit.


Episode 7 - Shadow of a Doubt

No one feels safe on the second floor where a shadowy mass haunts a child's room. The entity scares the child at night and growls at his mother from the closet. Amy and Adam are called in to end the constant turmoil.


Episode 8 - Fire Starter

Amy and Adam launch a unique investigation to find out if a dark presence is responsible for a recent house fire.


Episode 9 - Native Roots

An aggressive spirit torments a woman everywhere she goes and lashes out by poking her and breaking items in the house. Amy and Adam launch a full-scale investigation to determine the culprit.


Episode 10 - Don't Go in the Attic

A family lives in fear because of airborne box cutters, hair pulling and other unexplained paranormal activity. Adam and Amy discover that one of the spirits haunting the home has a vital message to deliver.


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