Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits Season 6 Episodes

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Season 6 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - The Undertaker's Secret

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry investigate an old Masonic temple shrouded in mystery and local lore. Their hair-raising paranormal investigation with psychic medium Chip Coffey leads to the daunting realization that they may be investigating a cold case murder.


Episode 2 - Watch Over Me

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry visit a home suddenly plagued by paranormal activity. The discovery of an old shoe might have triggered the haunting, but the homeowner can't be sure. They, along with psychic medium Chip Coffey, unseal the attic to find answers.


Episode 3 - The Lurker

Amy Bruni, Adam Berry and Chip Coffey investigate an 1850s manor where an eyeless entity looms over sleeping guests. Amy and Adam attempt an off-the-cuff experiment that bends paranormal reality so much they shock themselves.


Episode 4 - Tripwire

Amy Bruni, Adam Berry and Chip Coffey investigate a tiny house with a huge paranormal problem. The mother and daughter who own the home tell stories of a ghastly traveler with eternal ties and of another, much darker, spirit.


Episode 5 - Toxic Relations

Amy Bruni, Adam Berry and Chip Coffey investigate a century-old house stricken by tragedy. The former occupants met a series of unfortunate deaths, and their spirits still linger in the home. This is more than a haunt -- it's a Victorian mystery!


Episode 6 - Carriage House Creeper

The second oldest structure in Vermont is no doubt haunted, but a fresh set of owners are experiencing paranormal problems for the first time in their lives. Aggressive spiritual behavior urges them to call in Amy, Adam and Chip to investigate.


Episode 7 - Tradition Dies Hard

Amy, Adam and Chip investigate an iconic mansion that was converted into a museum at the request of a dying matriarch. Now, her family's spirits haunt the museum. The team attempts to cross over into the spiritual realm to find answers.


Episode 8 - Disorderly Conduct

Amy Bruni, Adam Berry and psychic medium Chip Coffey investigate escalating paranormal problems at a home undergoing renovations. The entities within are fiercely protective of the property and lash out when the team attempts to communicate.


Episode 9 - Death Alley

Amy Bruni, Adam Berry and Chip Coffey investigate a century-old theater haunted by a menacing shadow figure. Employees worry the uninvited guest may have come from a nearby alley rumored to be the site of many murders.


Episode 10 - Death Interrupted

The caretaker of a defunct insane asylum calls on Amy Bruni, Adam Berry and Chip Coffey to help with a troubling new development. Recent renovations have awakened a ghastly presence, and it is stirring up unrest amongst the building's resident spirits.


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