Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits Season 7 Episodes

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Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Broken Spirits

Amy, Adam and Chip visit a former poor farm in Pennsylvania where intense paranormal activity is terrifying employees and guests. Can the team rectify the horrors of the past and bring peace to this haunted place?


Episode 2 - What Lies Below

Amy, Adam and Chip are called to the haunted town of Palmyra, New York, to investigate aggressive paranormal activity at a museum. Has a recent fire triggered a family of spirits? Or is the ghost of a barbaric doctor behind the haunting?


Episode 3 - Beware the Occult

Amy, Adam and Chip undertake a case of biblical proportions when a distressed widow calls for help after an explosion of paranormal activity in her Pittsburgh home. Are spirits attached to an old bible, or is her late husband to blame for the haunting?


Episode 4 - Ghost Ships

Amy, Adam and Chip investigate a freighter that once sailed the Great Lakes. Something lurks onboard the massive ship, and it's becoming more aggressive. Could the ghostly activity be tied to artifacts from one of the worst shipwrecks in American history?


Episode 5 - The Angry Ghost

Amy, Adam and Chip answer a desperate family's plea for help in rural New York. Dark apparitions are showing extreme aggression in their home, scratching and attacking all who live there. Can the team get to the bottom of who is haunting the house?


Episode 6 - Ghost Wars

Amy, Adam and Chip go to Rhode Island to investigate a haunted library that began displaying paranormal activity decades ago. Books fly from shelves, objects launch off desks and names are called out in the night. The spirits seem angry, but why?


Episode 7 - Living With the Dead

Amy, Adam and Chip rush to help a family in need. An aggressive spirit lives in their home and will not leave them alone. The haunting is so bad that they've sealed off part of the house to contain it. Can the team find answers before it's too late?


Episode 8 - Shadow in the Night

Amy, Adam and Chip help a mother and her children who are haunted by a terrifying shadow figure. The family fears it might have entered their home through a portal, but could the entity be tied to a nearby penitentiary? The team is determined to find out.


Episode 9 - The Undertaker’s Return

Amy, Adam and Chip embark on a terrifying case in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, when they investigate an early 1800s home haunted by a tall shrouded figure that is obsessed with the caretaker. Who is this spirit? And why did it suddenly appear?


Episode 10 - The Country Club Murders

Amy, Adam and Chip investigate a West Virginia country club notorious for an unsolved double homicide on a secluded lovers' lane. Do the murdered lovebirds now haunt the halls of this grand establishment? Or is there something more sinister at play?


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