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Shark Tank Season 8 Episodes

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Season 8 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Episode 1

Pitches include a teenager with an app to stop cyberbullying; two men from New Jersey and their ingenious at-home beer dispenser; and Pittsburgh Steelers star Antonio Brown touts the benefits of personalized shoe slides.


Episode 2 - Episode 2

A man from Reno, Nevada pitches a line of heat and eat paleo meals; a father and son from Louisiana show off a high-tech device for catching fish; and an entrepreneur from Miami, Florida sells the Sharks on how he can turn a suit jacket into a tuxedo.


Episode 3 - Episode 3

Cookie legend Wally Amos hopes his new brand of cookies duplicates his past success; two sisters from St. Cloud, Florida, share an emotional story while pitching their swimsuits for moms; two men from Broomfield, Colorado, drop their own cell phone into a toilet to prove their invention can save damaged tech devices; and a bidding war ensues among the Sharks with a married couple from Orlando, Florida, who stumbled upon the bright idea to put safety light clips on running shoes.


Episode 4 - Episode 4

Two sisters from Memphis, Tennessee pitch body sprays and lotions for tween and teen girls; a third-generation chocolatier from St. Augustine, Florida has a family business that manufactures chocolate candy with a toy inside; a veteran food entrepreneur from Austin, Texas has a device that turns a stick of butter into spray; and two entrepreneurs from New York plug their invention that makes high heels more functional and comfortable.


Episode 5 - Episode 5

A mom from Milwaukee, Oregon, has a stylish clothing line for little ones; an 18-year-old from Canton, New York, hopes the Sharks can help spread his maple syrup products to tables across America; a woman from Houston, Texas, risks everything for her multi-use kitchen accessory; and a young man from Milwaukee, Oregon, creates a new type of tags for dog lovers.


Episode 6 - Episode 6

Business partners from Carrollton, TX, pitch a business that delivers an unusual twist to a common vegetable; a Shark loves the taste of a unique barbecue sauce inspired by the mother of two sisters from Philadelphia, PA; two millennial entrepreneurs have an idea to alleviate the hassle of luggage and packing when travelling; and a biochemist from Chapel Hill, NC, can make the invisible visible with a device ensuring one is always protected from the sun.


Episode 7 - Episode 7

Two men from Sausalito, California, pitch a technology to test mercury levels in a piece of fish; a former corporate executive from Houston, Texas, has a platform to help people pursue their passions and brings in World Cup soccer winner Kristine Lilly and extreme sports expert Travis Brewer to convince them; and a millennial from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is looking to finance her fashion brand geared toward the social media generation.


Episode 8 - Episode 8

A Dallas, Texas, real-estate broker's pitch leads to a battle of billionaires about his business model for a technology that makes house hunting more convenient; an impressive 10-year-old kidpreneur from Broomfield, Colorado, creates a lemonade-stand business to help other kids start their own businesses; and a mother from Allen, Texas, designs Made in America multi-functional covers for infant car seats.


Episode 9 - Episode 9

An entrepreneurial couple from San Francisco ply the Sharks with adorable puppies in hopes of getting them to invest in their subscription service for puppy products; a woman from Boston is passionate about popularizing algae as a nutritional health supplement in America; and an avid fisherman from Hudson, Wisconsin, peddles his fishing line cutting tool.


Episode 10 - Episode 10

When an entrepreneurial team from Santa Cruz, California, leaves the Tank to discuss an offer for their electric skateboard business, they get a surprise from the Sharks upon their return; an MIT grad from San Francisco, California,makes human-quality pet food delivered fresh to your door; a duo from San Francisco, California, has a new generation of chewable coffee products made to optimize physical and mental function.


Episode 11 - Episode 11

Pitches include an entrepreneurial single mom who works with Santa Claus to ensure he personally replies to the letters he receives; an 83-year-old Ironman triathlon competitor from Malibu, California, and his millennial-aged business partner from Sandy, Utah, invent a more functional winter glove; and two men from Glendale Heights, Illinois, aim to make gift-giving more personalized.


Episode 12 - Episode 12

A couple from Homestead, Florida, create a line of dolls; a cat-loving couple from Portland, Oregon, pitch their innovative cat companion products; a husband and wife team from New York have an online shop for replacing men's outworn undergarments; and a former Navy SEAL from Austin, Texas, looks for a deal to take his coffee business nationwide.


Episode 13 - Episode 13

A single mom from Texas, believes her eco-friendly grease disposal method will be enough to cook up a deal; a 21-year-old from Ukraine and now living in New York, makes the Sharks speechless with his epic display of block toys and his knowledge about the toy industry; a mother from Pennsylvania, zealously pitches her stylish apparel for breastfeeding moms; and a yoga enthusiast from New York, admits she has limited fashion or business experience, yet hopes the Sharks will want to invest in her modern take on legwarmers.


Episode 14 - Episode 14

Entrepreneurs from Massachusetts rent tiny houses in the woods where people can unplug, recharge, and rebalance their lives; former Harvard University classmates hope the Sharks agree that snack chips made with cricket flour are the future; a concertgoer from Minnesota pitches earplugs that filter out damaging levels of sound; and a Texas couple creates a modern version of a favorite childhood toy.


Episode 15 - Episode 15

A professional body builder from Henderson, Nevada, demonstrates a unique cooler that keeps multiple drinks separated inside one cold container; a mom from West Hartford, Connecticut, pitches her stylish version of baby mats; two surfers from Carlsbad, California, shop their portable pressurized shower kit; and an entrepreneur from Hermosa Beach, California, looks for an investor in his specialty folding smart cart business.


Episode 16 - Episode 16

A firefighter and his wife create bags made from gear that protects on the front lines of firefighting; a pediatric nurse from Boston showcases a vibrating mat that can calm a crying baby in seconds; a former Army intelligence officer and his business partner from Portsmouth, Ohio, heal wounds with an ointment made from essential oils; and a Peace Corps volunteer who spent time in the Amazon rain forest produces a natural fruit snack made with acai.


Episode 17 - Episode 17

Two former Google employees show off a subscription service that teaches kids how to code; a woman from New York designs an app where children can use an animal plush toy to send and receive voice mails; a self-proclaimed serial plant killer takes the guesswork out of growing indoor plants with software that automates water, light and plant food; and two men change a dynamic of the hotel industry with an app and website that allows customers to book a day room.


Episode 18 - Episode 18

In a special episode featuring millennial entrepreneurs, one makes the deal that takes Shark Tank across the $100 million threshold of deals made in the Tank.


Episode 19 - Episode 19

An entrepreneur from Santa Maria, California, shows the Sharks his product that takes the love of wine to the next level; a working mom from San Diego, California, impresses with a special tool that helps women everywhere; two brothers from Agoura Hills, California, recycle old billboards to make one-of-a-kind accessories; and a man from San Francisco, California, showcases lozenges that can prevent overeating and curb snacking.


Episode 20 - Episode 20

A former pet food company salesman creates a wine for cats; a soccer dad shares his gut-wrenching story about how he designed a portable shelter that ensures you're covered wherever you go; an architect and environmentalist uses his skills to design a way to make anyone a gardening guru; and an entrepreneurism teacher pursues her own business idea of a reinvented chopstick.


Episode 21 - Episode 21

Two entrepreneurs from Chicago, Illinois, bring a live guard llama into the Tank; two entrepreneurs from Irvine, California, deliver a safer take on the bicycle by innovating the brake system; a trio from Seattle, Washington, have an app that helps shoppers and diners earn free parking in exchange for their business; and business partners from Santa Clarita, California, hope to convince the Sharks to take a shot with their free photo-printing service.


Episode 22 - Episode 22

Newlyweds and bodybuilders from Dallas, Texas, create a fitness apparel line that caters to woman; two friends from San Marcos, California, need the Sharks' help to grow their wine glass business; a scientist and surfer from Honolulu, Hawaii, invents a rescue signal; and two entrepreneurs from New Albany, Ohio, have a unique slash-proof and water-resistant backpack.


Episode 23 - Episode 23

Two entrepreneurs from Placentia, California, pitch their solution to underarm sweat marks and stains; brothers from Walnut Creek, California, believe their belt buckle that doubles as a wallet is the most convenient way to carry your essentials; U.S. Army veterans from Chicago, Illinois, hope to empower farmers by helping them cultivate and harvest saffron; and a former executive chef from Colorado Springs, Colorado, thinks his multi-purpose mixing bowl will become the next go-to kitchen gadget.


Episode 24 - Episode 24

A husband and wife from Raleigh, North Carolina, show how their franchised art studios work; two men from Melrose, Massachusetts, have a futuristic version of a notebook that sends writing wirelessly; two entrepreneurs from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, create hair-care products infused with pheromones; and a divorced mom from The Poconos, Pennsylvania, has an idea for how brides can bag up their wedding gowns and use the bathroom on their own.


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