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Episode 1 - Meet the Aliens

Bert & Ernie are out camping when they are visited by a UFO! They meet a couple of aliens who just love Rubber Duckie, so they take it back to the ship with him. Bert & Ernie have no choice but to follow them onto the ship and try to convince the aliens to give Rubber Duckie back.


Episode 2 - Magicians

Presto! Magicians Ernesto & Bertini's rabbit has snatched their magic wand and disappeared with it into their magic hat! They give chase and find themselves in the magic land where disappearing things disappear to. It turns out the rabbit isn't too fond of being a disappearing object all the time. Bert & Ernie need to figure out a way to make him feel more useful so they can get their magic wand back,and return to their magic act!


Episode 3 - Bird Games

Bernice and Rubber Ducky are competing in the Bird Games, and Bert & Ernie are their coaches! Unfortunately, Bernice needs to learn to believe in herself before she can truly do her best.


Episode 4 - Meet the Loch Ness Monster

No one has ever been able to capture a photograph of the legendary Loch Ness Monster. Always up for a challenge, Bert & Ernie are in Scotland, trying to do just that!


Episode 5 - Butterfinger

Bert & Ernie are Secret Agents. Their mission brings them to an outdoor market, where they have to get to Butterfinger before he breaks everything he touches.


Episode 6 - Computer Bug

Bert & Ernie are computer repairmen who encounter a computer bug like nothing they've seen before! To get it out of the computer, they must first enter the computer and chase it down!


Episode 7 - Puzzle Planet

Bert & Ernie are astronauts in search of new worlds, and they've landed on a particularly strange planet! It's a planet made of quicksand, and their ship is sinking! The only way they can get off is by playing, and winning, Puzzle Planet games.


Episode 8 - Maltese Ducky

Bert & Ernie are Duck Detectives! Their detective agency is visited by Veronica Lambshanks, whose duck friend talks, but never quacks. She wants them to solve the mystery of his missing quack!


Episode 9 - In Search of Platypus

Bert & Ernie are in the Australian Outback in search of a platypus, butthey run into a kangaroo and her joey that end up being quite a handful!


Episode 10 - Raincloud

Bert & Ernie are farmers who can't grow a thing because it just won'train. When Ernie asks a lonely little raincloud in the sky to help them out, their problem is solved! But now they have a new problem: getting the raincloud not to follow them everywhere...especially not inside!


Episode 11 - Invent the Wheel

Bert & Ernie are cavemen, and they're building their pet dinosaur Spot a dino house! In the process, they invent a few things along the way.


Episode 12 - On the Island

Bert & Ernie are in Hawaii, sunbathing on an air mattress, when they discover that they've drifted out to sea! They manage to paddle themselves to a small deserted island, and now need to figure out how to get back to mainland!


Episode 13 - Car Mechanics

Bert & Ernie are mechanics who need to fix a customer's car, but can't seem to figure out the problem. While Ernie sings as he works, they discover that this car will fly when sung to! So, Bert & Ernie cleartheir throats and take it for a test drive!


Episode 14 - Walking Buttercup

Bert & Ernie are dog walkers, who have been given the job of walking Buttercup, a dog who has never been allowed out of her house before. They take the scared and unhappy puppy to the park, where Bert & Ernieshow her how much fun making a mess can be!


Episode 15 - Amazing Frog

Bert & Ernie are at a county fair, where Ernie is training Froggy for the big frog hopping event. But Froggy isn't a very attentive athlete. She keeps on getting distracted by things. Bert & Ernie need to figure out how to get her to concentrate so she can win the event.


Episode 16 - Get the Yeti

Bert & Ernie are in the Himalayas in search of the rare Purple PigeonPosey. But look out! Legend has it that the big footed Yeti also livesin these mountains!


Episode 17 - Bert the Pigeon

Ernie has hypnotized Bert to think he's a pigeon, who has now run off into the Park! Ernie recruits Bernice to help chase Bert down in orderto break the hypnotic spell.


Episode 18 - Lost Elephant

Bert & Ernie are on a safari in East Africa when they happen upon a lost baby elephant. They must act like elephants in order to get the baby to follow them, and then follow elephant tracks to help the babyget back to her herd.


Episode 19 - Flower Shop

Bert & Ernie are excited by their new job at an exotic flower shop, butthe boss has lots of instructions for them on how to care for thesespecial plants! Of course, Ernie doesn't listen very well, and mayhem ensues. Bert & Ernie need to work their hardest getting all the plants back in order before their boss returns to the shop!


Episode 20 - The Three Duck-Keteers

Whoops! The King has eaten all the Queen's birthday cake, and she'svery, very angry. She has locked him out of the palace! DuckketeersBert, Ernie and Rubber Duckie now need to figure out how to get the King back into the palace so that he can apologize to her.


Episode 21 - Raiders Of The Lost Duckies

Bert & Ernie are in search of the Duck Cave where the Wise Old Duckresides. The Wise Old Duck is said to be able to answer any question,and Rubber Duckie has a very important one for him. Finding the cavedoesn't pose too much of a problem, but getting past all the obstacles in the cave does!


Episode 22 - Dustbusters

Bert & Ernie are Dustbusters, professional cleaners whose job it is to bust your dust! On this particular job however, they may have met theirmatch. The dustbunnies in this house are particularly large and dusty!


Episode 23 - Dr Birdwhistle

Secret Agents Bert & Ernie parachute into the Guatamalan jungle with on the mission of stopping Dr. Birdwhistle from trapping the rare Quetzal bird.


Episode 24 - Under The Sea

Bert & Ernie go scuba diving and meet Bob, who's dumping garbage into the sea, and Ethel, a mermaid who's getting trapped in the garbage! They must save Ethel, as well as get Bob to stop his polluting ways!


Episode 25 - Donnie Quixote

Bert & Ernie are squires to the famous knight, Donnie Quixote. Unfortunately for them, Donnie happens to be quite old and, withouthis glasses, blind as a bat. When Donnie loses his glasses, and startsthinking all the blurry shapes around him are monsters and dragons, Bert & Ernie need to figure out how to get those glasses to stay on Donnie's face!


Episode 26 - Gopher Broke

Bert & Ernie have just finished a leisurely picnic, and Bert has dozed off for an afternoon nap. Ernie discovers that there's a gopher digging tunnels under them! Unfortunately, Rubber Duckie falls into one of those tunnels, and Ernie must go underground in order to get him back.The job ends up being a little more difficult that he'd expected, and heneeds to wake Bert to help in the search and rescue.


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