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Episode 1 - Frankly, It's Becoming A Habitat. Episode 4187

A real estate agent (Lin-Manuel Miranda) tries to convince Big Bird to migrate to a new, warmer habitat: the rainforest. Will Big Bird really move away from Sesame Street? Also in this episode: Cameron Diaz explains the word “habitat” and Elmo’s World is all about frogs. Don’t miss a special visit from First Lady Michelle Obama, who stops by to talk about healthy eating. The fun continues with Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures and Abby's Flying Fairy School, while Murray introduces the number 40 and the letter H.


Episode 2 - Wild Nature Survivor Guy. Episode 4190

Join Wild Nature Survivor Guy, Jimmy Fallon, as he drops by Sesame Street to show us that nature is all around—even in the city. Actress Debra Messing explains the word “nature,” and Ziggy Marley sings about the joys of being barefoot. Plus, Abby and her Flying Fairy School friends get ready for a dance recital, while Elmo’s World is all about helping. Finally, Murray hits the street to find out the word of the day. Brought to you by the letter D and the number 5.


Episode 3 - Bears try to Hibernate. Episode 4193

There’s a porridge shortage on Sesame Street! Baby Bear and his family are getting ready to hibernate until spring, when there will be porridge again…but will they be able to get to sleep? Guest star Meredith Vieira talks about the word “hibernate,” and it’s nap time in Elmo’s World. Abby and friends learn to recycle in Abby’s Flying Fairy School, while Bert and Ernie fly off on another adventure. Finally, Murray introduces the letter K and the number 9.


Episode 4 - Stinky's Annual Birthday Flower. Episode 4194

It’s Stinky the Stinkweed's birthday! The Sesame Street friends decide to surprise him with lots of presents that they would like—but none of the gifts are quite right for a plant. Tune in for dancing in Abby’s Flying Fairy School, Elmo’s World of birthdays, and a toe-tapping High School Musical spoof. Ernie sings “In My Book” to Bert, and Maggie Gyllenhaal gets a surprise from Elmo and friends. Finally, Murray’s on the street finding out about the letter B and the number 17.


Episode 5 - Elmo Finds a Baby Bird. Episode 4195

Peep, peep! Elmo and Rosita find a baby bird. They want to help it, but can they figure out what the bird needs? Plus: Bert and Ernie are off on a great adventure to stop a bird trapper, and Elmo’s World is all about pets. Paul Rudd and Grover explain the word of the day, “brilliant.” Learn about chickens and eggs, and go wild for the letter W and the number 11.


Episode 6 - The Cookie Tree. Episode 4197

Cookie Monster and Elmo wish that cookies would grow on trees, just like apples…so they try to plant a cookie tree! Find out what happens with a little help from Abby’s magic. Plus: Adam Sandler drops by to talk about the word “crunchy” with the help of a cookie-crunching monster. Bert and Ernie go in search of a wise old duck in their latest adventure, and it’s clean-up time at Abby’s Flying Fairy School. Cameron Diaz teaches Grover about trees, and Elmo’s World is all about wonderful plants, flowers, and trees.


Episode 7 - Squirmadega Car Race. Episode 4203

The word on the street is “speedy” as Slimey competes in a worm car race hosted by NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon. Cheer along with Elmo and find out who wins! Plus, Brendan Fraser visits the street to introduce the word of the day. Abby’s Flying Fairy School is all about growing, and Bert and Ernie are busy fixing cars in a new adventure. Plus, Elmo explains the difference between “fast” and “slow” in Elmo’s World. This episode is brought to you by the lovely letter L and the fantastic number 5.


Episode 8 - Jack's Big Jump. Episode 4204

Jack Be Nimble is ready for his big jump over eight candlesticks! However, it doesn’t go according to plan. Will Jack be able to jump again? Plus: Special guest Ricky Gervais explains the word “stumble”—with a little help from Grover. Ernie is up to mischief, singing a “Wake Up” song to his sleepy pal Bert, and Abby has an enchanted session of show and tell in Flying Fairy School. Finally, get up and jump with Elmo’s World! This episode is brought to you by the letter J and the number 8.


Episode 9 - The Planet G. Episode 4207

Maria helps Elmo write a story about the letter G, but Elmo has trouble thinking of "G" words. Join the Sesame Street friends as they help him finish the tale! Also in this episode: Anderson Cooper fills in for Oscar to report on the letter G. Lakers star Kobe Bryant stops by to help Abby explain the word “miniature,” and Murray limbers up to learn some gymnastics. Finally, Elmo’s World is all about the sky. Brought to you by the number 15 and the letter G.


Episode 10 - Abby's Tricycle. Episode 4210

Gordon is helping Abby learn to ride her very first tricycle! Find out what happens with hard work and practice. Also in this episode: Learn all about bicycles in Elmo’s World and explore the word “spectacular” with Judah Friedlander and Telly. Plus, Murray learns to ice skate, and it’s macaroni art day in Abby’s Flying Fairy School. This episode is brought to you by the marvelous letter M and the terrific number 3.


Episode 11 - The Counting Booth. Episode 4208

When The Count has to leave his Counting Booth, Elmo and Abby agree to become the official Counting Booth Counters. Find out what happens as they count by 2, 5, and 10! Also in this episode: Christina Applegate and Elmo talk about the word “booth”… and Elmo might even get a kiss. Tune in for a special double helping of Bert and Ernie as they sing “A Ding Along Song” and add numbers. Plus, Abby’s Flying Fairy School takes a trip to Colonial Trolliamsburg, and Elmo’s World is all about eyes! Brought to you by the letter V and the number 18.


Episode 12 - Jack Grows His Own Beanstalk. Episode 4211

Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk shows up with a problem: He has a cow, but he needs a beanstalk! He knows he's supposed to trade the cow for something, but doesn't know what. Can Leela and Telly help him figure out what to do? Plus: Debi Mazar visits the street to talk about the word “humongous.” Murray learns to play soccer and Super Grover tries to help Sarah Jessica Parker as she waits for a mysterious “Big” on Sesame Street. Brought to you by the letter Z and the number 1.


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